List of companies that use erp systems, two things that help you sell your ERP better.

  1. Knowing your competitors
  2. Knowing your audience

When you study and know your competitors in and out, you can understand the good and bad about the products they offer. 

When you study your audience and understand them better you can understand what they are looking for from their ERP providers, what are the things they want their providers to improve, what more they expect ERP to perform, and so on.

And that’s when knowing which companies using ERP systems comes into the picture. If you know the companies that are already using ERP, you can 

  • Identify potential customers interested in complementary product
  • Customize your message accordingly
  • Understand the company’s adaptability to the sophistication of technology

And to help you achieve this, we are going to give you a list of the companies that use enterprise resource planning. Read the blog till the end to get answers to all your query about ERP marketing.

List of companies that use ERP systems

Despite strong competitors like Microsoft, SAP, Deltek, Oracle, and Sage, you have enough opportunities to grow your ERP business. This is because of the continuously evolving and expanding technological landscape of the business. As per the report, the ERP market is expected to become $60.47 billion by 2027, and $123.41 billion by 2030. 

This is because more and more companies are implementing ERP in storing, collecting, and interpreting data. This helps them in product planning, marketing and sales, shipping, manufacturing, managing inventory, and so on.

Intrigued to know which are these companies? Take a look at the list, we have shared some of the companies that use ERP systems.

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CompanyEmployee sizeRevenue
Confidential Records, inc25$0-1Million
Houlihan Lokey1574$10000 Million
J&J snack food4300$1000 Million
JAS forwarding inc4200$1000 Million
Brookings Institution300$100-200 Million
Data inc334$100-200 Million
Zimmerman Advertising LLC380$100-200 million
Aberdeen group104$10-50 Million
Lorven Technologies33$10-50 Million
MWW Group LLC177$10-50 Million
Lewis, inc450$1-10 Million
RampRate, inc49$1-10 Million
Univera inc51$1-10 Million
Zendesk,inc5860$200-1000 Million
TerraCycle, inc380$50-100 Million
The durst organization inc945$50-100 Million
Miami Valley Gaming450$83 Million
Broadcom inc20,000>$1000 Million
Enterprise Holdings80,000>$1000 Million

Now let’s see how to find the companies using ERP.

How to find the companies that use ERP?

You can effectively identify companies that are using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems by employing various strategies and tools. Here’s a creative, detailed, and concise answer:

1. Researching industry reports and publications: 

You can analyze industry-specific reports, magazines, or online journals that often feature articles highlighting the adoption of ERP solutions by different companies. These sources may provide valuable insights into which organizations have implemented ERPs.

2. Monitoring technology news portals: 

Keeping an eye on renowned technology news portals enables you to stay updated with recent announcements and press releases regarding ERP implementations.

Companies often share their digital transformation initiatives in these platforms, allowing marketers to identify potential customers.

3. Leveraging social media platforms: 

By monitoring social media networks like LinkedIn or Twitter, you can track discussions around ERP systems within specific industries or communities.

This approach provides an opportunity to discover organizations discussing their experiences with ERPs or seeking recommendations for implementation partners.

4. Analyzing job postings: 

Examining job advertisements posted by companies can offer insight into whether they are searching for professionals experienced in managing or implementing ERP software solutions.

Such requirements indicate that a company either has an existing system in place or is planning its deployment soon.

5. Attending industry conferences and events: 

Industry-related conferences and seminars focused on enterprise resource management frequently attract professionals associated with ERPs from various organizations.

Attending these events allows marketers to network directly with individuals knowledgeable about their company’s technological infrastructure.

6. Engaging with online communities/forums: 

Active participation in relevant online forums like Quora, Reddit, or dedicated ERP user groups helps you connect directly with users who discuss their organization’s usage of particular software solutions openly.

7 Utilizing third-party data providers: 

Some marketing firms specialize in collecting comprehensive business intelligence information such as technologies utilized by companies worldwide from publicly available sources like websites and government filings.

By partnering with such providers, you can gain access to accurate data sets enabling them to identify ERP users.

8. Collaborating with ERP vendors or partners: 

Establishing partnerships or collaborations with ERP software providers, implementation consultants, or system integrators grants you access to valuable information about their client base.

These industry insiders often have exclusive insights into companies currently using ERPs.

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To summarize, marketers can effectively identify companies using ERP systems by conducting 

How to Get Contact Information of Companies that Use ERP

Once you know which companies are actively using ERP, next comes reaching out to them. 

To reach out to them, you need to have their updated and accurate contact information.

To find the information of someone whom you don’t know is a challenging task.

Because first, you need to find the right key decision-maker for the company. Then you have to find the contact information of that particular person. 

There are several ways of finding the contact information of the right decision-maker of the company.

One of them is checking the company’s website. Often some companies mention their team members on the website along with their email addresses. For that, you can check their About section or our Team section.

The other way is to do a Google search. Type the name of the person and write the email address, if you are lucky, you can get to see their email address.

Another effective way to find the email address of your prospect is to use LinkedIn. On LinkedIn people often share their email addresses, to get the lead on their inboxes. For this, you can check their about section, banner, or contact information section. 

And if nothing of the above works, then you can think of using some tool. There are many tools like, get prospect and many others that help you to get the email address of your prospect.

The other way is to use readymade customized data by data providers. These data providers will provide the email list of your prospects at your fingertips.

Among all these methods one of the fastest methods of getting the contact information of your prospect is getting data from a data provider. This saves a lot of the time and effort that go into searching contact information for your prospect.

While you choose the data provider to get contact information of your prospect, you need to take care of several factors, the data should be accurate, real-time updated, and compliant with all the security standards. If any of the criteria the data provider is not able to fulfill, then you should not rely upon him, otherwise, it will do more harm than good.

When it comes to these attributes Ampliz is the best platform to rely upon, why? Let’s discuss this in the next section.

Why Ampliz is the Best Choice When it Comes to Choose a Dataset Provider

Amidst so many B2B data providers, Ampliz is the platform on which you can trust for your need of contact information of your prospects.


Ampliz collects the data from 100+ credible sources and gets them validated by 800+ experts that ensure the accuracy of the data.

Ampliz refreshes the data with a blend of AI and human efforts, that keeps the data real-time updated.

Ampliz follows all the security guidelines and gives your compliant data.

These processes ensure you the highest quality of data, on which you can rely to get contact information of the companies using ERP.

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To leverage the market need of ERP systems, and fulfill the gap you need to be proactive in developing as well as marketing of the ERP. definitely, you have tough competition, but you can easily beat them with the right mindset and marketing strategies. 

The big companies that are relying upon the popular ERP providers too have some complaints or other needs that you must know and try to fulfill by your ERP version.