Working in a remote setting comes with a number of challenges that you need to resolve for enhanced performance. With changing times, you are obligated to adapt to a remote environment and stay competitive, especially if you want your business to run efficiently.

If you have a remote sales team to manage, you need to make use of effective communication channels and inculcate specialized strategies in your day-to-day work to fetch better results, even while working remotely. In fact, if you manage to improve your sales team performance while working from home, you will be able to boost the entire selling process.

So if you’re wondering how to skyrocket your remote sales team performance, this article is just for you. The 5 strategies discussed in this guide will not just help you create a productive sales team but also prompt you to stay ahead of the race.

5 Ways to skyrocket your remote sales team performance

1. Establish realistic expectations

It is essential to make your remote sales team aware of what exactly is expected from them. Unclear expectations can lead to wrong interpretations, altercations, and low levels of productivity when the sales team fails to achieve targets.

Since all the work is being handled remotely, you can no longer reach out to someone on their desk and convey the guidelines. While doing so remotely, you have to be as quick and concise as possible.

Furthermore, you should make use of clear metrics and key performance indicators as they are crucial for salespersons. KPIs can turn out to be very useful as they clearly define the goals your sales team is required to fulfill. Pre-determined goals and clearly-defined expectations, which are realistic, can definitely boost performance and your sales team’s productivity by giving them objectives to act on.

With clear deadlines, your sales team will be motivated to set high-performance standards and achieve excellence. By clarifying sales objectives, setting sales metrics, and giving a procedure to work on leads, you can definitely skyrocket your sales team’s performance.

2. Tools and technical assistance

Another way you can boost your sales team performance is by integrating different tools in your remote environment to get rid of unproductive and repetitive activities that hamper productivity.

With an overview of all the information related to sales, you can be well-worn with a lot of activities. Embedded calls, reminders, emails, and other features can specify all the tasks that may have to be done one after another.

With this, you can undeniably give a boost to coordination among your sales team members and positively affect productivity. With the help of automation, you can save your team’s time and divert their work to another task.

If you’ve heard about sales dialer software, you would agree that it can be an excellent resort to boost productivity. Even through cloud-based storage systems, you can have access to any business information from the comfort of your home.

Once you learn to avoid time wastage through these tools, you will undeniably make your sales team much more productive. However, if your sales team is new to such tools and software, you may have to provide them with technical assistance. Make sure your team has all the required instructions on how to ensure smooth computer operations: clean up large files, remove malware, and fix some small bugs that slow down their performance.

3. Build trust and encourage interaction

If you want to increase sales team productivity, you need to win the trust of your members and encourage positive interaction. This can only be possible with effective communication and improved address of team needs.

As much as it is important to communicate with your sales team on a regular basis and initiate interaction, you should not come up with constant interruptions to check the progress of work and micromanage.

Tracking work can get challenging in a remote environment, but it should never be traded with micromanaging. Social interaction among team members can prove to be very motivating while working remotely.

With meetings that encourage your sales team members to interact and learn from each other, a lot of new ideas can be brought to life and implemented. Building healthy sales team relationships bound by trust will go a long way when it comes to enhancing team productivity. 

4. Ensure flexibility

Allowing your sales team to work on flexible hours when they can promise peak productivity will definitely result in better performance. You may keep mandatory meetings where you expect the presence of your salespersons, but they should have enough autonomy to work at a specific time, as switching to a remote environment changes a lot of aspects.

This does not mean that your sales team will not adhere to KPIs and the weekly targets. You should help your sales team maximize their sales performance without taking away the autonomy to work at specific hours from them. This can largely affect your team’s efficiency and instill satisfaction among them to boost productivity.

5. Emphasize the importance of feedback and training

Feedback and training become essential if you wish to skyrocket your sales team performance. Asking your salespersons for input and feedback on the basis of their experience will allow you to bring the necessary changes and ensure complete satisfaction.

At the same time, you can also give your feedback to your team with constructive criticism and appreciation. Thus two-way feedback will ensure an increment in productivity. Different sales training techniques can also be included to brush up your sales team with the latest information and help them develop skills that may be required for better efficiency in the completion of tasks.

Another method to keep your sales reps motivated is to provide them with sales mentoring programs. With the help of sales mentoring programs, you can create peer learning opportunities for call practices, creating quotes, & practicing sales pitches; you can increase your sales team’s performance and retention, onboard them seamlessly and also auto-send training materials on a cadence.


Keeping your sales soaring in a remote setting can be hard, especially if your sales team is not used to the challenges that come with it. You can inculcate plenty of strategies to motivate your sales team and boost their performance.

The powerful and well-formulated ways mentioned in this guide will prove to be very helpful in leading and managing a remote sales team. From encouraging positive interaction to establishing clear and realistic end goals, you can take a number of steps to enhance overall sales performance and productivity.