There is a cutthroat competition in India in terms of businesses and start-ups. As per the report by Statista, as of June 2022, there were more than 1.48 million companies in south Asian companies of India. This has made it difficult for entrepreneurs to stand out from the crowd.

So What is the key that makes you stand apart in this highly competitive Indian corporate world?

The good product?


The different product?


less price compared to your competitors?

Definitely a big no

The one and only key that enables you to stand out in the cutthroat competition is great customer experience.

More than the price of your product, your customer remembers the service, product experience, and interaction. And that’s why,  while reducing the customer’s churn you should focus on elevating the customer’s experience rather than lowering the price.

But how do you enhance the customer’s experience? The answer is getting to know your customer. Knowing your customers, their needs and their pain points will help you to enhance the customer’s experience.

And that’s when the Indian company database will be of great use for you.

This Indian company database will provide everything including phone numbers, email ids, likes, dislikes, needs, problems, demographics, etc.

The prerequisite to attracting new customers and retaining the old one is open communication with them. And this requires their database.

The best example of open communication and good customer experience is FedEx.

FedEx is the second most trusted B2B company. They have streamlined their communication from multiple emails from different departments to a customer-focused newsletter.

Thus it is important to have a company database to serve them better.

Let’s see other benefits of having a customer database.

The Importance of having a Company list database

A comprehensive information of company database India has the potential to deliver great business value, improve visibility in transactions and collaboration, and thus help to bring certainty in business. 

The other benefits of  a company database in India includes

1) Providing you a better understanding of market

The database is your go-to tool to get deep insights about how your customers behave online, define their demographics, and identify the ways by which they can improve overall customer experience. 

The company information database India helps you to know what your customers want from your company, the specific product or service they require, and the way by which they prefer to interact with your brand. The accurately corrected and frequently updated data help you to tweak everything about your business to better fit your customer’s expectations and needs.

The database also helps you to improve the ways in which you can communicate with your target market, optimize your website to improve the user experience, and much more.

2) It improves your consumer database

To boost the growth of your business, to generate more sales and revenues, it’s quite important to improve your consumer database. And collecting databases will make that happen.

These databases enable you to have the IP addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of your target audience. 

Having accurate contact details of your target customers will help you to reach out to them for future opportunities, and can improve your lead generation strategies. 

You will be able to send them SMS marketing updates, offers, email newsletters and much more.

3) Improves your marketing strategy

All your efforts in marketing will go in vain without an accurate and updated database of your target customers. The marketing campaign you run will fetch you the best results only when they are targeted and optimized as per your target audience’s preferences.

And who will tell you about their preference, their response to your marketing campaigns and tactics, and about their interests? Undoubtedly database, right?

Database of your customer will tell you the overall customer path on your website, which will help you to enhance user experience and convince them to convert.

4) Improves personalization

Personalization is the key for improved customer engagement and conversion. Your target audience feels more connected when they receive personalized messages about product information, order confirmation and any sort of communication between themselves and business. 

And collection of data will allow you to meet your target audience’s expectations in terms of personalized communication. Being aware of your customer’s interest will help you pitch them about the product they are most likely to buy. 

Once you decide to invest in a database of companies, the next big decision that you have to make is from which data vendors in India you should buy the company database in India??

The Indian market is flooded with B2B data providers, which may confuse you to choose the best one. But the best B2B data providers are those,  who provide you with the best accurate, authentic, and real-time updated database. 

And when it comes to these attributes, Ampliz is the best data provider you can rely on. 

The best Indian database provider

Ampliz provides you with real-time updated, reliable, and authentic information databases of companies.

Ampliz database allows you to seamlessly connect with C-level executives, key decision-makers, and other professionals involved in various industries across India. 

Ampliz has helped many organizations across Asia-specific regions in reaching out to their potential market and driving significant response rates as well as conversion in their marketing campaign. 

Ampliz holds an extensive database of about 400 million contacts and 9 million+ companies, and 300+ data research props to keep your data healthy and your campaign successful. 

Improve your conversion rate and boost the growth of your business

With the help of state-of-the-art and cutting-edge technologies, Ampliz tracks the buying history of your target customer. And thus, it provides you with the database of your most potential customers and improves the chance of a conversion. 

Improve your open and click-through rate

Opening rate of an email depends upon how accurate and updated the email id is. And that’s why Ampliz assures you a high opening rate and  click-through rate by ensuring 98% accuracy of the database.

Moreover, Ampliz frequently checks the database for any changes among them to keep them in real-time updated. 


Thus in today’s time,  data is the new oil. And accurately curated, and updated data works wonders for your business. But for that choosing, the right data vendor is a must.

Mindfully selected Indian company database providers will help you achieve your business goals.