Let’s admit that cold calling is tough, and its critics even say that it has gone out of fashion and become dead. If you have ever faced a rude rejection, that compelled you to say that it’s true, however, it indeed can be difficult, but not impossible when you have the right tools at your disposal. Thus, we have come up with these 14 effective cold calling scripts, which will help you to master your next cold call.

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What is cold calling?

Cold calling is the process of making unsolicited telephone calls by a salesperson in order to sell a service or product. A cold call is typically the first interaction between a sales rep and the end consumer.

Many people have different opinions about cold calls, but the reality it’s one of those sales calls that it still works. Many do it incorrectly, and the bad experiences leave them with a negative impression about cold calls. Many might get through deceptive tactics, but it won’t last long. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that sustainable relationships through cold calling are impossible.

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How to create a cold call script?

Every organization has its cold call scripts and sales scripts that they share with their sales reps. However, if you’re a newbie or a sales rep looking for a process, here’s how you can create a cold call script.

  • Identify product-specific domains

    You must understand your product and its benefits thoroughly before moving ahead. Next, you must make a list of the product-specific domains that you will target. Your time is valuable, and you must not waste it behind areas that are not in line with your product. Understand your existing customers, and your past fruitful prospects, then try and identify common attributes. You can then move to the next step.
  • Make a target list of prospects

    Once you have identified the product-specific domains, it will become much easier for you to make a list of people from those companies whom you can call. You can use popular networking platforms like LinkedIn to figure out the prospects and their companies. You can use the several filters the platform offers to zero-in on the opportunity.
  • Research about your prospects

    It can’t get any better if you research your prospects before making that critical phone call. Personalization is vital, and since you already LinkedIn at your disposal, you can learn more about your lead. Learn about their business, their designation, and whether you have connected with similar people or firms in the past. It will help you avoid sounding clueless and come off as someone who has done their homework and know what they are doing.

With this level of personalization, your call will not be cold anymore. You have made the right moves and done your homework, which will be worth the effort. The next step is to create a cold calling script. Use these steps, and you can also customize it to your liking.

  1. Introduction

    Start by introducing your name and your company. The first impression is the last, so you must sound energetic and confident. It can be a very nerve-wracking experience, and this is where many cold callers fail. If this happens, the prospect might instantly say, “What? Who?” It can be a clear indication that the call is not going along how it should be. You just have to sound clear and not loud.

    Once you say, “This is [YOUR NAME] from [YOUR ORGANISATION’S NAME],” take a pause.

    It is difficult but vital as many cold callers would want to proceed ahead with their pitch. Just relax and don’t utter anything for the next eight seconds. It will give the prospect the time to figure out who you are.

  2. Rapport

    To make your call warmer, you must put forward some personal questions to establish a rapport. It will help you position yourself as someone already familiar with the prospect and their business.

    Here is a list of proven questions you can use:
    • Wow, you have been at [organization] for [X years]. How did you reach here?
    • Congrats on your fresh promotion/role. How is the new opportunity?
    • So, [NAME OF THE PROSPECT], I can see that you went to [UNIVERSITY NAME]. How was the experience?

      Any topical question is considered as a good question as it is likely to evoke a response. If your prospect is keen on discussing it further, you can throw some more follow-up questions.

      If you receive a response, “I loved studying at the History department,” you can reply, “That’s fantastic, I will recommend it to one of my relatives who wants to the study the subject.”

      Ultimately, they’ll respond, “All right, let’s get to the topic.” At this point, the prospects will be a lot comfortable with you, and they will open up to you in a much better way. If your lead is not in a hurry, you can go a little off-topic before getting to the point.
  3. Positioning statement

    A positioning statement helps cold callers show that they have worked with similar companies and have previously solved the same problems. It will help you to talk about the prospect and their business, which most cold callers fail to do so.

    You can begin by saying, “I help salespersons in the travel industry to generate sales through effective techniques. My customers always are on the lookout for bettering their profits. Is it something that you are looking for?” The answer in all probabilities will be a “yes.” Reply by saying, “tell me more about your plans.” Now, it is all about them and will they present their problem areas and objectives they are looking to achieve.

14 cold call scripts that work

Now that we’ve discussed the state of cold calls in 2020 and the steps to craft a killer cold call script; let’s look at some cold calling script samples. However, there’s a caveat that needs adding to these script samples. Please use them as a template/reference as every industry and organization is different. You can use these and the steps above as a reference to craft your own. Although scripts are quite helpful, when you actually call up clients, try to be candid during such calls – especially during B2B cold calls. Okay, we that set aside, here are the fourteen cold call scripts that can inspire you.

#1 Give options to the prospects

Rather than guessing which ideal customer profile basket the leads will fall into

Hi, this is [Your Name] from the [your company ]. How are you?

We’re designing solutions to help you convert your leads into sales quickly. Is it something that interests you, and would you like to learn more about this?

If the answer is a “yes.”

There are X ways businesses work with us. [Present the details of the solutions you provide]. Which option would you love to learn more?

They will choose one.


“Great. Can I get some information first?”

Ask them the qualifying questions and know what you want to present.

Ask them what it would take to set up an appointment before you finish the call.

#2 Getting through gatekeepers

On many occasions, it might happen that you are not able to connect with your prospect directly. In such cases, getting through a gatekeeper will be required, which can be challenging in itself. Use this script.

“Hello, my name is [Your Name]. I wonder if you can help me. I looked thoroughly into the [Prospect ORGANISATION] LinkedIn page, but I couldn’t find your name. Are you someone who usually answers the phone? I would feel much better if I knew your name before moving ahead.”

Thank them after they introduce themselves.

Clear your intent and tell them I would like to talk to [Prospect’s Name], and how could you make that possible.

#3 The mutual connection

It can’t get any better if you have a mutual introduction.

Hi [Prospect’s name],

My friend and I are witnessing excellent results with [CLIENT ORGANISATION] ‘s sales efforts at the moment, and your name came up when we discussed who else could benefit from this.

Congratulations on [personalization]. What you are doing at [PROSPECT COMPANY] is amazing.

I would like to show you how we helped our client generate [RESULT} and how we could do the same for you. If this is something that you would love to hear about, I’m happy to help.

#4 Building on from previous communication

If you have connected with them previously over email or LinkedIn, the chances are high that they will recall your name and your company. You can use this to your advantage and progress ahead quickly in your mission of building a meaningful relationship. Use this script.

“Hi [PROSPEC T’S NAME], it’s [YOUR NAME] here calling from [YOUR COMPANY NAME].

I sent you an email last week, did you have a chance to read it? / We got connected on LinkedIn last week.

[PERSONALIZE BASED ON RESPONSE] I have emailed you because I see that you are in charge of the Marketing at [PROSPEC T’S COMPANY]. Is that right?

Add your value proposition and address further questions to secure the appointment.

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Cold call script #5 Leaving a Voicemail

There are many occasions you do not get through to your prospect right away. The leads might continuously be on the move, in a meeting, or solely focusing on their task at hand.

Bob Bentz, President – ATS Mobile and Purplegator, shared this script to use when you have a voicemail to leave.

“Hello, [NAME].
I am [your NAME] with [Your COMPANY].

The reason for me calling you is that I have an idea of how to feasibly improve the tedious process of hiring employees, an exceptionally great salesperson. I wanted to understand if it would make sense for us to have a short conversation to understand it better.
Reach me out on [YOUR PHONE NUMBER].
Again, I am  [your NAME] from [Your COMPANY] at [YOUR PHONE NUMBER].

Thanks [NAME].”

It reads similar to a cold email. It’s brief, to the point, and guides the prospect towards what to do next.

It isn’t the only approach you can implement cold email principles in cold calling. Attempt testing with diverse methods to find what gets the best response rate.

#6 “It is not the right time.”

It is a polite way to say, “you do not hold any  importance right now.”

So, what can you do about it?

Show them you have something valuable to offer that’s worth their time.

Here’s a helpful reply to take care of the objections:

“I understand this may not be your top priority right now, or maybe you don’t see the value we are offering. Many people have assumed the same, but once we had a brief conversation, they were excited to learn more. Spare  two minutes of your time, and its a promise of mine you’ll be sure on if this is a time well spent.”

Here, you’re acknowledging that time is valuable while clarifying the next step takes minimum investment. The two minutes they invest is to make an informed decision on if the offering is worth it.

#7 Asking a Leading Question

Excluding the information on the prospects’ LinkedIn profile, it’s improbable that you’ll have much knowledge on the initial call.

Post your introduction, and building some rapport, ask questions that elicit specific information from your leads. These include:

What are the main challenges you brave in your role right now?

Which solutions are you using to aid you with the issue  X?

What was the decisive factor in hiring new BDRs at [COMPANY]?

These questions will get your leads filling the knowledge gaps.

It will allow you to tailor the rest of the conversation, and provide qualitative insights to enrich your buyer personas.

Cold calling script #8 Become Recognizable

A multi-channel approach can be of great help to build familiarity with prospects and turn a cold call into a warm one.

For example, if you have already emailed the lead. Use the following script or something similar to build the relationship faster:

“Hi [NAME],

It’s [your NAME] calling from [Your COMPANY]. I emailed you last Thursday, did you get a chance to examine it?


The reason why I emailed you is, I spotted you’re at the helm of the sales function at [COMPANY]. Is that right?”

Now from here, move the lead into your value proposition, take care of any objections, and secure a meeting.

#9 An Itemized Focus Follow-Up

Consider a prospect was honestly busy and asked you to return call on a later date.

You already spoke to you leads the reason behind your request, and you may have even made an effort to email and provide the context for the next call.

If this is the case, use the following script for follow-up:

“Hi [NAME],

I’m ringing back as you requested. I hope now is still a suitable time, did you check out my email?

As I mentioned, we assist [PERSONAS] like you make [RESULT]. As arranged, this is a short meeting to see if we are a good fit.

Do you mind if I request you a few questions to know more about what you need and see how we can be a great fit to work together?”

Now you can ask your directing questions or go through your qualifying procedure to measure if they are a good fit.

It isn’t a full discovery call. You are merely reigniting the sales process. You become accustomed to your prospect’s schedule while providing as much value as possible.

#10 Generating Leads Through User Referrals

Use cold calling as a medium to generate referrals. Start by identifying your best customers. It includes:

  • Backers of your brand and content
  • Avid users of your software
  • Customers who have produced excellent results through the product
  • Customers who stuck with you over six months

Once recognized, pick up the phone and win them with the below script:

“Hi [NAME],

It’s [your NAME] from [Your COMPANY], I noticed [you’re an admirer of our content/you’ve achieved some great results through our platform/any other personalization] and wondered if I could ask a small favor:

Do you know of anybody in [INDUSTRY] who would achieve great results from our platform? We would like to offer your contact extended trial period, as well as X amount of discount on your monthly subscription for each friend referred.

Can you think of any contact who would profit from our platform?”

Tailor the message with the incentivizing your offering through your referral program. Make it a point that you have a good loyalty program for rewarding both your existing customers and their referrals.

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Cold Call Script #11 Tie new hires to product needs

Various indicators may show a prospect or target account that needs what you have to offer, such as a  recruit for a particular role.

Here is a perfect script from the desk of, Eric Quanstrom, CMO, KiteDesk:

“Hi [Prospect NAME].

My name is [your NAME] from [Your COMPANY], and the reason why I am making this call is that I could not help but notice you were recruiting new BDRs from [NAME OF JOB SITE]. You are most likely employing to solve the problem of fixing more meetings. I sought you out to let you know that we offer a prospecting system designed to address your current dilemma of getting more qualified meetings.

It will cost you a 10-minute chat to see if we’re the right fit before you cross-examine the next recruit. We can even present to you how you can view email and contact information of your prospect instantly.”

#12 The single-line value proposal – cold call script template

SaaS-based products are very alluring due to their frictionless action and self-serving nature.

Absorb this idea and use it in your cold calling scripts.

Rather than bombarding your prospect with info, deliver a single-line value proposition.

Here’s is one of the scripts we use:

“Hi [NAME],

 I am [your NAME] from [Your COMPANY]. I’m calling from sales-driven establishments in our industry to seek if our solution benefits them.

To put across what we do in a single statement, we help sales managers empower their BDRs to become unstoppable sales generating machine by providing a Chrome-based Plugin that provides persona-based contacts in a jiffy for maximum output from their sales process. Is this something that interests you?”

Now you can move them through the qualification process.

#13 Pushing for a quick response

When it comes to cold calling, many sales prefer to get to the point quickly.

Here’s a script that does precisely that:


I am [your NAME] from [Your COMPANY]. My company currently help sales managers empower their BDRs to become unstoppable sales generating machine by providing a Chrome-based Plugin that provides persona-based contacts in a jiffy for maximum output from their sales process. Is this something that interests you?. Tell me if you are considering purchasing a solution?”

It’s swift and transparent. The prospect, on the other side, understands the reason behind the call.

It also forces a quick affirmative or a negative reply.

A “yes” can go through your usual sales process, and if the answer is “no,” then you can add them to the bucket for future follow up or discard them.

Cold call script #14 On a Mission

Similar to the above, this script puts you away from “salesperson” and more like a “trusted authority.”

In this script, you’re telling a story:

“Hi [NAME],

I am [your NAME] from [Your COMPANY]. I’ve made it my mission to aid 100 BDRs in generating at least 100 very high conversion leads each within a month. I vehemently believe I can help you can achieve beyond your stated targets. Is this something that you are open to exploring?”

It shows that you are a seeker on a journey, and people will be most likely to learn more about your story so far. They would like to know how you’ve already helped other businesses, which can build trust faster.

Final thoughts

Remember, it is also essential to have a solid closing statement for focused communication. With these sales cold call scripts and tips, you will be much more confident when you make your next cold call.