A smart calling script template makes the process of searching and selecting for prospects easy and eventually closes deals faster. These calling scripts template can help us while:-

  • Dropping an email
  • Taking a call
  • Leaving a voicemail, and many more.

You really do not have to worry about its working because it is very flexible. It works anywhere and everywhere at any time. 

If you want to experience a smooth rise in your business,  then we, at Ampliz, have brought to you the idea of how to initiate the best calling script template and how you should apply that to boost the cold calling conversion rates.

Cold calling is considered to be almost dead, but most of the salespeople out there still consider that it may be fading away but the ‘calling’ is still on. It is always a better option to plan out your cold calling script because once you run out of words, the opposite party loses his/her interest immediately.

Among many inbound sales strategies which have made themselves effective in due course of time, cold call still holds its position to be one of the most widely used and famous strategies.


But, in spite of getting so many rejections while cold calling, there are people who still show interest when a salesperson talks about personalized and custom messages. A salesperson goes through various sources like Google and various other social media about the customer.

If you want to see the difference between an unplanned and planned call, then you can give a read to the examples that are mentioned below.

Here is what an unplanned call looks like:

“Hello Kate, this is Steve Jensen on this side. I’m calling from ABC Company. I would like to introduce our program to you. Would you like to give it a listen or give a thought about attending any seminar or courses?”

In this call, do you see any specific research? No, right? There is no particular conversation regarding any kind of personalisation and customisation. This proves that this person is absolutely not involved with his prospect and will automatically deteriorate the quality of your calling script template.

While making a cold call you need to know that you have never spoken to the individual who is on the opposite side of the phone call. Your tone, your voice, your style and your words are all that matters while making a successful call. You have to execute your cold in such a way where it does not sound ‘cold’ at all.


And, here is what a smart call looks like which consists of a smart calling script template.

“Hello, Jessica, this is Henry here, calling from Digital Sales Academy. How are you doing?

Well,  we are currently working on a training program where we help you to recruit a new set of generations who are interested in sales. Do you want to hear more about it?”

(if its a “yes”)

“ See, there are two ways companies generally work with us. First,  we either help them train a new set of salespeople  with our webinars, seminars or virtual training or we help them to search for salespeople for a specific percentage of the base salary. Among these, which one do you want me to explain to you?”

(they will choose one option)

“Before we proceed to the explanation, may I ask you a question?”

“I would like to introduce you to our program and our goal more properly and then, if you think that it’s good for you, then we can set an appointment, before we get off the call. Sounds good to you?”

(then talk to them and tell them more about your program, just enough for them to agree for an appointment)

This is a really smart move because the prospect comes up with a “yes” in the very beginning of the call. The more options that you will provide to your prospects, the more will they listen to you with interest.

Go through the following points which will help you to create a quality calling script template and help you to attract more prospects. Ampliz brings to you the secret sauce that will give you the best ideas to come up with the best calling script template.


  • First you need to think and pick up carefully who you need to pick for calling. Every second is valuable so do not just waste your time behind the ones who are not fit for your service or product.

Once you get to know which vertices you have to target, you’re ready for the next step.

  • Since now you know which customers to call, your job is much easier now. Linkedin is a very powerful social media that can help you in doing this job. Like for example, if you are looking for content writers, then search for that here, and you are going to get a list of them in front of you.
  • Yes, we know that you just want to pick up the phone and call, but seriously, if you just do a little homework on your prospects, it’s gonna get easier.


Introducing yourself serves as a very important step towards building a good calling script template.

  • Start with your name and the name of your company. Put immense confidence in your voice and have some super energetic tone. 
  • Most people go like “ I am XYZ from XYZ” and then your prospect goes like “ What? Who?” Then just take a deep breath and just repeat again.

Most of the cold callers just want to jump in straight to what they want to say. Just pause and let them think who you are.


Building a rapport actually makes them feel comfortable and they feel like continuing to talk to you. This also serves as one of the best calling script template trick.Just get them talking and let them know that they are familiar with their company.

  • So XYZ, you have been in ABC college, I see. How was it? Did you like it there?
  • You have also been working in this company I see. How did you start there?

A good interactive session will make then smile and if you notice that they want to talk about it then follow up like “should I recommend your college or company to my friends”

Then they will ask you “ yes, so why are you calling?” and you can come up with your program now.

Be informal so that they can be easy with you. But, but, but, if your prospect is in a major hurry, just straight get to the point.


For a good calling script template, if you place a positioning statement then it shows your prospect that you have been in their shoes with similar companies and that you too, understand their problem.  Most callers just talk about their problems, but here, you will not do that because now you know the trick. 

Here is a sample of a smart calling script template which will help you to move towards building the best one.

“Hello (your prospect’s name), this is (your name) calling from (your company’s name).

Currently I’m researching (the name of your company) and just wanted to ask you about a few things.

Go for these questions:

  • Are they facing any challenges where they are working? If yes, what are they?
  • Have they tried to work around and sort out these challenges?
  • Are they okay with talking about it or is it necessary to involve other team mates?
  • Have you found out any specific solution for the challenges?

If there’s a positive response, thank them for answering your questions and say that your company would look into the matter and try to solve your challenges.

If there is an objection, then say that it’s okay and you understand, and ask if it’s okay for them to receive a follow up email.

Lastly, if there is a negative response, then, send them an email and tell them that whenever you face anything, you can mail us at this email and let us know about it.

This was our way to create a good and smart calling script template. What are you waiting for now? Go and create your own and enjoy!

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