Marketing is one of the hottest topics in the industry. In fact, especially, segment email marketing. We can see a booming comeback of email marketing strategies. 

Yet, not every marketer is aware of the best way to implement and strategize their marketing plans at par. 

Marketers know that segmentation of email marketing lists improves open and click-through rates. To complement, Mailchimp user data shows segmented campaigns get 14.37% more opens and 64.78% more clicks compared to the non segmented campaigns. 

That being said, figuring out the best way to segment your email marketing lists can help boost business in the APAC region.

Following significant changes, primarily online and social, inbound marketing now entails focusing on being recognized and developing long-term connections with buyers. 

Let’s get started with the “Top 10 Email Marketing Segmentation Strategies to Boost Business in the APAC Region.”

What is Segmentation in Email Marketing?

Email marketing segmentation is the method of organizations breaking their database structure of email subscribers into different segments in order to provide the most targeted or personalized experience.

The split of email subscribers across smaller parts based on predetermined criteria is known as segment email marketing. Segmentation is typically used as a personalization method to offer more targeted email marketing to recipients depending on the geographic area, preferences, shopping habits, and other factors. 

Here is the list of email marketing segmentation strategies.

1. Making Use of Direct Engagement

This strategy is all about communicating with your targeted prospects one-on-one. This method does not require the use of a third party or an intermediary; it simply includes approaching prospects personally. Through live messaging, forums, and other means, you may immediately communicate with your applications emerging and measure their interest. 

This should have been done in a way that builds their interest in the product so that you may eventually persuade them to become paying consumers. The idea is to be as genuine as possible by reaching out there and telling people about your business, everything it has to contribute, plus why they should choose you.

2. LinkedIn is a great place to promote your brand.

LinkedIn has it all, from forming alliances to generating leads to raising company exposure. LinkedIn, a developed prototype, is an incredible location for driving new company leads through a proper marketing plan. LinkedIn generates upwards of 80% of virtual leads for B2B, outperforming all other social media channels. LinkedIn has become the best platform to outreach to your prospects, especially if you are in B2B business. 

Considering that you are marketing to a bunch of C-level executives in the APAC region from a specific industry, it becomes easier. All you need is to filter the candidates based on their parameters. Now, as you segment them, you have the perfect opportunity to reach out to them via your email marketing strategies.

3. The significance of CTA (Call to Action)

Your direct marketing efforts and plans will be futile until you summon your prospects to action. Place the CTA button on any home page or at the end of the article or content to prompt your readers to act immediately you would like them to take. The entire purpose of having a CTA is to push visitors or customers to do what you need them to do and, in the meantime, convert them. 

The importance of CTA is to position what message a brand is sending out to its prospects. Your prospect must be aware of your brand, and the services you provide, and the CTA helps them take the appropriate action on the information you shared over the email. Whether you are sharing them a video link for a quick demo, a case study, or asking them to book a consultation for a quick tour of your product/ service.

4. Utilization of Cloud Telephony

Companies have begun to migrate from traditional phone networks to cloud communication due to the cost-effectiveness and ease that technology provides. It not only improves the consumer experience but also raises the salespeople’s effectiveness. When combined with the right tools and methods, cloud telephony can also help you sell your brand. Cloud Telephony is yet another mode of communication that brands can adopt to address the concerns and problems of their prospects in a whiff. Whether they are calling to inquire about a product or register their concern, cloud telephony is the technology that you must leverage in addition to email marketing segmentation strategies.

5. Gather the necessary information

Obtain the information required to segment contacts. This will assist you in sending the appropriate information and increasing your response. You may track the subscribers’ activities and provide appropriate material for each section if you have complete information. Collect this information through form submissions on your web pages, as well as chatbots and message apps.

Having hands on information about your prospects takes you a long way. When you gather the necessary info, you have the armor to target the prospects in the most hyper-personalized manner. You can design the newsletters or email campaigns in a manner to suit individual needs. Or, you may also tweak the subject line to resonate with the target audience. This helps in increasing open and clickthrough rates.

6. Analyze the Location

Local companies and brick-and-mortar retailers benefit greatly from location-based segmentation. Because you may incorporate location-specific concepts in your content, this strategy allows you to boost the applicability of your emails.

You can send an email to individuals informing them of future activities in their neighborhood. You can also include well-known non-competing businesses in your neighborhood to enhance your emails campaign to appear more natural and genuine.

Knowing what location your prospect comes from helps in connecting with them in the tone they are familiar with. It does not mean that you have to email the market in their language but you need to know the street words that can instigate them to take any action towards your brand or service. Therefore always shave a touch of the location in the email marketing segmentation strategies you are building.

7. Consider the Demographics

By segmenting your list based on client demographics, you may employ particular words and themes that resonate strongly with your visitors.

Segmentation can be done based on gender, educational achievement, citizenship, family status, and other factors. Based on the parameters, you can generate an email section. As a result, you can tailor your email newsletters to speak precisely to that audience. The demographics of a person say a lot about them. So, make sure you are through with what they have to offer and where they are from. 

Not every 30-year-old in this generation understands the verbatim of the 18-year-old. So, you need to ensure that the person, the age, and the gender you are targeting are fit for the respective email marketing strategies.

8. Analyze customer’s Purchasing Intentions

According to statistics, if individuals buy from your business for the third or fourth time, people have a 54% probability of doing so again. That is the strength of repeat customers. 

Contacts should be segmented based on where they are in the purchasing journey to ensure they are getting the relevant material at the right time. Send subscribers blog posts, visualizations, and publications that convey both the consumer’s concern and its solutions throughout the awareness stage. 

The data presented above emphasizes the need of researching your customers’ purchasing habits. The more clients you have, the easier it is to persuade them to buy from you again. 

9. Consider new subscriber’s interest 

Segment your new members upfront in your email marketing to nurture them. Write an invite introducing your brand and outlining your expectations of what they’ll receive.

Use customer behavior or encounters to segment subscribers based on their interests. With this email segmentation strategy, you may deliver email content that you know your readers will enjoy. 

10. Consider Guest Blogging 

Another effective B2B marketing lead generation ideas is to guest blog. Generating traffic and keeping yourself noticed can be difficult tasks, especially when there is so much noise around. It is critical to be noticed before people will stop by to respond to the offer. Remember that in order to acquire leads using guest blogging, you must have a trustworthy website with a large audience base. 

When you post on the websites of another trustworthy website that has higher page authority or domain authority, then you automatically start to build trust among the prospects about your brand. Indulge in relevant and multiple guest postings every month to help complement your email marketing strategies. Help your marketing team get more leads from pages outside your website. Alternatively, you can also work with a guest posting service to find link opportunities on quality sites to generate leads.

We discussed lot more about important email marketing segmentation strategies. Let us discuss about benefits of email marketing segmentation.

Benefits of email marketing segmentation

Instead of sending generic communication to the audience effectively, email marketing segmentation helps you to tailor your content to the right individuals in the right way. This increases the likelihood of consumers connecting with your advertisement or content, leading to more effective campaigns and a higher return on investment. 

Email list segmentation allows you to send more relevant content

The more relevant your email communication is, the more likely the audience will continue to engage with it. Sure, no email audience list is a monolith, no splitting up. So split up your email list based on a few audience parameters depending upon their characteristics to help increase your relevance.

Help you send just the right amount of email

If you send too many emails to your audience list, then you may scare away your audience and make them unsubscribe often. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you don’t email often enough, you may be passing up a potential chance to connect with your more committed endorsers.

All things being equal, you can enhance your sending recurrence with a touch of division. Distinguish which of your endorsers are most connected with, then, at that point, seclude these power clients in a section of your email list. Like that, you can draw in them with more emails without irritating the remainder of your rundown.

Email list division advances your crowd down the pipe.

At last, the objective of your email program is to drive income. By sending messages that line up with a specific supporter’s place in the channel, you might be bound to change over them.

Segmentation increases your email marketing ROI.

So does division work? As indicated by the numbers, totally. Fragmented and designated email crusades represent the greater part (58%) of all email ROI. Obviously, you can’t simply fragment your email list and sit back. You need to ensure you’re sectioning the right pieces of your rundown.

In any case, you would have no desire to hit these new endorsers with a hard membership sell presently; all things considered, you’ve just barely met. All things considered, you can focus on your email endorsers in view of their degree of commitment to your substance. Whenever they’ve gotten comfortable with the quality they can anticipate from your substance, they might be bound to settle up.


You can send better relevant information by segmenting your list. The more interesting your email message, the more probable it is that your readers will continue to interact with it. Because no email readership is a singularity, segmenting your mailing list depending on audience attributes might help you enhance relevance.

Email marketing segmentation isn’t just for companies with the most sophisticated customer analytics. You can specifically target your audiences with these simple email marketing segmentation strategies immediately if you have a simple email marketing strategy b2b and a little imagination.