Home to more than 55% of the world’s population, the APAC region is forecasted to be the largest consumer market by 2040. The constant income growth, high digital activity, and rapidly increasing population are the key drivers for a booming market. The new generation of consumers fuels the demand in the market who seek sustainable global products or services.

Economic opportunities have widened, but businesses are still struggling with the biggest challenge in selling into APAC. One of the prominent APAC marketing challenges is email marketing. 

We have devised a few of the APAC marketing solutions that marketers can adopt for their successful marketing strategies. Before that, let us explore more about the APAC market.

What is APAC Market?

APAC Market comprises countries falling under the APAC region that are open to business. Generally, B2B Marketing teams raise awareness, generate leads, and stand out from the crowd.

The increased demand for digital advertising is projected to rise up to 70& of APAC ad revenue in 2025. APAC advertising expenditure is expected to grow to 5.4% CAGR and reach the US $245 billion by 2025.

Unlike other markets, the APAC market faces a fair share of challenges and difficulties. Due to the COVID-19, the 2020 year was not good, so the forthcoming years became skeptical for the investors. However, due to the probable economic crisis, most people started dealing with Asian countries more and are willing to generate APAC B2B contacts!

Marketers are specifically targeting an ideal customer profile suitable for their business as a part of their prospecting. They are trying to come up with a good range of APAC marketing solutions that are effective for the business. However, there are a bunch of hindrances that make marketing a little tricky.


  1. What are the APAC market problems?
  2. The biggest challenge in selling into APAC that marketers experience?
  3. Top 5 Marketing Strategies

Let’s learn them one by one.

What are APAC Market Problems?

APAC Market comprises markets and consumers from 11 countries: Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam. The emerging APAC market faces B2B business challenges that need to be addressed for successful marketing!

Market maturity is an important factor to consider while planning to invest in frontier and emerging markets. Most mature markets have increased levels of information disclosure, and such markets experience less dramatic price swings. Therefore, APAC marketers need to look for successful marketing strategies for driving higher growth and revenue.

Biggest Challenge in Selling into APAC

Here are a few of the B2B Business challenges faced by companies in the APAC region:

1. Generating Quality Leads:

Several platforms exist to promote and publish market content in today’s era. All the advancement has cluttered the business ecosystem with content, and consumers are no longer here to seek information. Marketers leverage push notifications, geo-targeted ads, messages, and pop-up messages.

B2B marketers struggle to create substantial demand for their content and face troubles in generating enough APAC leads. They lack the understanding of the right channel to leverage for promoting their message and attracting the ideal customers in APAC.

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2. Knowing The Target Audience

It is important to know and connect with your target audience as a marketer. Strong and successful marketing strategies justify the needs of their customers via their products or services. Know about your audience to help transition them into the sales cycle for outreaching out to them. There’s a lot that goes into the B2B decision-making process, and it makes it challenging for marketers to determine the target audience.

Study your customer base to understand what problems to solve, how to solve them, and what are their needs and pain points. Once you gather this information, you can address their problems with a personalized experience while communicating to them via email marketing.

3. Align Content to Target Personas

Digital marketers spend the necessary time creating, mapping, and organizing content that is customized and hyper-personalized for each buyer’s persona. It helps in the seamless process of the customer journey. To help with this, marketers need to have a comprehensive list of companies with their demographic, geographic, technographic, and firmographic details.

Find your ideal customer profile in a matter of clicks without any hassle from the millions of databases offered by Ampliz. With their 800+ data engineers and miners in line, the data is ensured to be updated and refreshed regularly after processing them through three channels for verification.

For all the marketers facing such challenges, you can adopt a few B2B marketing strategies for the APAC region.

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Top 5 Most effective Marketing Strategies for APAC

Here is the list of the top 5 most effective marketing strategies for the APAC region:

1. Marketing Automation with Asian Touch

Marketing Automation software is expected to witness a boom of USD 7.6 billion by 2025 all over the globe. Asia Pacific markets are expected to be among the most prominent leaders in adopting such tools. Even though the adoption of marketing automation is rising, it is essential to understand that adopting the Western way will not help!

For instance, an email marketing strategy that would work in the US or UK might not be fruitful in the Asia Pacific Region. Here business communications are carried heavily via messaging applications.

In China, businesses are more active on WeChat. However, we know that automation is not possible at the expected levels with WeChat. Therefore, marketers can take on strategies that help lead generation and lead nurturing processes.

2. Content Localization

Content works well when it resonates with the people reading it. Therefore, marketers also need to pay attention to content localization when it comes to the Asia Pacific region. It is not similar to the US and UK styles.

Like the rest of the world, Asian customers search for their required information online before contacting the business. Therefore, companies need to provide updated information on the website to reach out to the target customers. The first step is to translate English content into the local language to target the Asian population. It is only possible by understanding the pain points and offering subsequent solutions to deliver effective information.

3. Inbound Marketing with a Bond

Nailing the right content with the Asian population is only the first step. However, you need to build a bond with the population or establish a bond. Marketers tend to deploy the best marketing strategies to help boost the efficacy of inbound marketing. Marketers can create a few lead magnets like webinars, podcasts, ebooks, etc., to help target and attract potential prospects. Adopting new technology through the training processes and new incentives such as webinars are leveraged to encourage customer participation.

4. Different Digital Behavior

The use of digital applications or devices differs from each market or Asian country. There are no two markets with the same social media landscape. When we talk about the APAC region, we talk about approximately seven different languages. In some APAC countries, the respective country has its own search engine.

Besides search engines, the social media channel widely used differs in each country. As Linkedin is popular in Western countries for B2B business, Instagram is popular in Indonesia; Facebook is popular in Thailand, etc.

Navigate your business through the social media complex, and remember to gather data to help you make an effective choice for itching out to your audience.

5. Offline Marketing

Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon of digital marketing strategies for generating APAC B2B contacts. It is due to the ability and feasibility to increase opportunities and leads in different parts of the world. Yet, offline marketing plays an important role in effective marketing strategy for the business.

Offline marketing strategies like exhibitions or face-to-face meets help in building a rapport with businesses for a long-lasting relationship. Select the marketing strategy offering the high potential of ROI to enhance the business operations and growth!

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When reaching Asian Pacific customers, you need to be a little more empathetic towards marketing strategies. Instead of forcing the western way of handling marketing, gather and learn how to reach out to the right B2B companies.

Marketers can either build or buy their Asia Pacific Business Email list and initiate their marketing campaigns. Also, for the newbies, remember that you need to carry out a few of the experimental marketing strategies for attracting the APAC B2B contacts.

Sure, it is challenging to crack the code for successful marketing strategies with the APAC B2B customer base. But you can put up necessary efforts to leverage from the renowned provider of best B2B companies.

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