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How To Create A Marketing And Sales Video

If you want to boost your sales, then video marketing could be your new best friend. Video marketing has proven to be one of the most effective strategies in recent years. Marketers who already use video claim they’ll be upping … Read More

15 Proven Recruitment Strategies for Healthcare Organizations

Recruitment strategies for healthcare organizations have always been a challenge. It is true that the opportunities in the Healthcare Industry have increased tenfold in the post covid era, but it also unfolded the other side of the scenario. Even before … Read More

The Importance Of User Experience In Email Automation

User experience is associated with reaching the end-user, which is also the main function of automated emails. User experience is often associated with the brand. Through that, it can highly impact the conversion rate of its website. The basic requirement … Read More

Proven Ways To Build An Engaged Email List

How To Build An Engaged Email List Bringing your business online opens tons of new sales opportunities. Email marketing is the strategy you can rely on to reach the right audiences (consumers eager to know and contribute to your business … Read More

Proven Ways To Build A Targeted Email List

If you are looking for the proven ways to build targeted email list, Ampliz, a B2B data provider is the bet … Read More

Sales qualification with BANT

What Is Bant? And B2B Sales Qualification in 2022

“BANT” describes the sales qualification process for stimulating and acquiring an interest in a product or service to develop a high-quality sales pipeline. Sales qualification is the process of deciding whether the prospect in front of you (the potential customer) is … Read More

4 Tips on How to Research New Opportunities for Your Business Using The Right Software & Tools – Obtaining Data and Making Sense of It for Your Benefit

In the world of business, we hear the words “market research” a lot. But what does it mean? How can we use market research to bring our business to success? In this article, we cover the significant know-how of market … Read More