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top website metrices

Top 10 Website Metrics You Should Track

Analyzing Website Analysis Metrics is crucial to any business. There are things to keep in mind while measuring key matrices. … Read More

get Physiatrist email lists in usa

Email Database Of Psychiatrists

Ampliz offers the most authentic email lists of Psychiatrists. We provide emails that are in your target market, so you can build trustworthy business relations and also help your business to spread throughout the world and create huge market presence throughout Europe, UK, Australia, Canada, USA, and many more countries worldwide. Buy Authentic Email Lists of Psychiatrists with Ampliz! … Read More

Zoominfo Alternative

ZoomInfo Alternative

If you are searching for a perfect alternative for Zoominfo, then we must say that Ampliz is the alternative of Zoominfo.
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Physicians Database USA

Best Physicians Data Provider in the USA

Ampliz serves as one the best physicians data providers in the USA. The whole world has experienced a tremendous transformation after the first wave of the deadly pandemic. Since the whole health care industry got affected due to this, it … Read More


10 Best B2b Lead Generation Hacks To Amplify Your Business

B2B lead generation is basically when the sales team and marketing team is successful in identifying their target customers, getting to know their accounts, creating and duly proceeding with relevant strategies to pile up interest. … Read More

brands using insta

This is How Creative Brands Are Using Instagram to Sell

Instagram has now become one of the most downloaded apps in the App Store, counting billions of active users. However, it’s not just for sharing photos of vacations and selfies. Statistics show that 70% of businesses in the U.S. use Instagram to … Read More

Datacaptive vs Ampliz

Alternative of DataCaptive : Ampliz

Ampliz, alternative of DataCaptive, analyses thousands of public records that are available, to reach more records with initial data points. Ampliz also sources from trusted third-party vendors to generate initial sets. … Read More

Benefits of b2b healthcare data

What Are The Benefits Of B2B Healthcare Data

With each passing minute, the healthcare sector is continuously expanding which makes it exceptionally attractive and if it is especially an investment for B2B and B2C. While other categories of different sectors follow certain market trends which either contracts or … Read More

Writing That Flawless First B2B Message

Creating a strong B2B content marketing strategy means deciding what messages you want to write and send out and to whom. … Read More