Buyer Personas only tell part of the story.

Multi-Level Account Penetration

Ampliz helps identify decision makers and influencers from your must win and must grow accounts. Just search via company name or URL and we’ll empower you with complete sales intelligence.

Analyse Intent Data

What if there was a way to know sales opportunities? Powered by machine learning, Ampliz’s predictive analytics provides real time influencing and buying signals. Experience shorter sales cycles.

Leverage Omni Channel Dashboards

Ampliz comes with a unified Omni channel account funnel. Helping you identify which accounts are at awareness, interest or decision stage. Account managers now know which accounts to prioritize.

Manage Marketing Data, On Your Terms

Growth Amplification Platform

Focus on Content Assets and Storytelling, not on
Tools, Techniques and Integrations.

Email Marketing

Launch a successful email campaign from start to finish.


Get real-time lead alerts. Helps to send quick response and timely follow-ups.


Our online forms work like charm.Setup in 8 Minutes.

Landing Page Builder

Drag-and-Drop. Done. Landing page is ready for your campaign.

Lead Nurturing

Ampliz automatically sends email based on prospect behaviour.

Social Media & Text Campaign

Accelerate your social media and text marketing. Schedule posts and text messages.

Make more compelling offers to your leads and have more informed

conversations with your existing customers using Ampliz

Get useful information from your current data with analytics that pin point the exact nature of the contacts.

Data visualization allows you to understand intrinsic values of your contacts without the hassle of learning analytics.

Create pitches that excite your customers by extracting valuable knowledge about them. Increase engagement and send exciting offers that convert.

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