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Using Killer Multi-Channel Campaigns

Your marketing strategy works better
when your marketing database is

Complete & Accurate


End-To-End Marketing Database Management

We get you back lost Email Addresses, Phone Numbers, Mailing Addresses and also undertake Email List Hosting and Data Enrichment services. Create & Send effective email campaigns with high match rates, 100% verified email addresses, customized segmentation, and ready-to-use email templates.

Ampliz Email Appending tool provides exact match and accurate email addresses. Now, you can add the missing business email addresses to database and reach your target customers effectively.


Get a complete Email Verification solution, along with quick reports and real-time validation. Ampliz doesn’t just protect your reputation, it optimizes your email marketing strategy and drives maximum ROI.


Data Enrichment increases data integrity and the value of your customer database. Delete all opt-outs and non-existent information to keep your data clean. Update your customer database and use all the channels.


Ampliz lets you access, update, and keep track of your database in real-time, on a single platform, with dedicated hosting and support services.

Email Appending

Send the right emails to the right people

With Ampliz Email Append tool, get real-time results, high match rates, maximum opt-ins, delivery rates, and send your email messages to those who need it. Our user-friendly Email Append tool will get you all the missing email addresses and connect you to potential customers.

Get My Email List Appended, Now!

Build Relationship, Build Business!

Ampliz helps you build strong customer relationships by adding the right email addresses to your database.

Email Validation and Verification

Protect Your Reputation

Optimize your email marketing strategy with real-time validation, deliverable email addresses, and reduced bounce rate. When you send emails to invalid and unverified email addresses, they bounce and harm your reputation. Protect your reputation by using 'Ampliz' Validation & Verification tool, and get maximum ROI with clean, accurate email lists.

Verify My Email List, Now!

Maintain Data Hygiene

Our easy-to-use data cleansing solution helps you to delete unwanted information and keeps your database clean.

Our data cleansing process is a cloud base solution, which is easy to integrate. It allows you to access, and monitor your data from Anywhere with secure CRM log-in credentials.
Data Safe
We comply with various country-specific laws. With our stringent multi-layer authentication using Windows ADD and Windows Identity, we ensure your data is safe with us.
Optimize Database
Get maximum ROI with 100% clean data using our proprietary cleansing solutions such as data verification, merge-purge, suppression list, and de-duplication.
Real-time Results
Be it email, phone numbers, or postal addresses, we ensure that your database clean and updated with our real-time API keys.

Target Quality prospects!

Close more opportunities with millions of authentic customer database containing real-time, unified information. At Ampliz, we focus on quality over quantity, and thus enable you to achieve specific marketing goals:

How to Launch an Effective Multichannel Marketing Campaign?

Understand your customers' buying behavior from a complete database and launch an effective multi-channel campaign reaching the right people.

Want to Target Industry Specific Customers & Prospects?

With a customised Customer Profile Segmentation, Ampliz Data enrichment feature enables you to identify the industry-specific customers and prospects according your business objectives.

Why Rich & Clean Customer Database is Important?

It’s essential to own Rich & Clean Data to find quality prospects and generate more leads. Ampliz keeps your customer database clean by deleting old, incorrect, invalid files, omits the opt-out responders, and thus updates your customer database with valid, accurate, and up-to-date information.

Maximize Response Rate

Use mobile friendly, eye-catchy, customizable, ready-to-use free templates available at Ampliz

Data Management, Made Simple!


Ampliz offers an easy-to-use Data Appending tool. Select the most suitable option for your business size and goals from the subscription list.


Maximize your customer reach with all the valid email addresses, phone numbers, postal addresses, and thus scale up your business with complete customer-contact information.


We provide a password-protected interface and built-in virus protection to keep your email lists completely safe and secure.

Successful Multichannel marketing campaigns are driven by Ampliz!

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