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Meet our Speakers for 3.0

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Session Topics

APAC Edition
US Edition

5 Distinct Traits of Highly Effective Marketing Teams

 02:25 pm IST to 02:50 pm IST

  • Iris Chan
  • Marketing Director Asia Pacific and Japan, Seismic

5 critical ways a B2B data partner can help sales & marketing teams

 02:50 pm IST to 03:15 pm IST

  • Gurupandian Chandrasekaran
  • Chief Product & Growth at Ampliz, Ex- ZoomInfo

Social Selling Activities with Channel Partners

 03:25 pm IST to 03:50 pm IST

  • Gunnar Habitz
  • Senior Partner and Alliance Manager APAC , Hootsuite

First 6 months as new B2B Marketing Leader

 04:15 pm IST to 04:40 pm IST

  • Davinia Khong
  • B2B Senior Marketing Leader, Backbase

Journey from Leads to Deal

 04:50 pm IST to 05:15 pm IST

  • Kiran Kumar
  • Director APAC - Sales Enablement | Salesforce

Selling Systems - the secret to sustainable sales success

 05:15 pm IST to 05:40 pm IST

  • Sue Barrett
  • Leading Strategist, Educator, Writer & Advisor in Ethical Sustainable Sales Strategy

Developing a robust revenue marketing engine

 05:40 pm IST to 06:05 pm IST

  • Ljubica Radoicic
  • Marketing Director APAC, Hexagon PPM

B2B SaaS Models

 11:00 am EST to 11:25 am EST

  • Nathan Latka
  • Founder SaaS Database GetLatka.com

"Answering your customer's three critical questions: why change, why you, and why now?"

 11:25 am to 11:50 am EST

  • Bob Apollo
  • Founder at Inflexion-Point Strategy Partners, Expert in Complex B2B Sales

5 critical ways a B2B data partner can help sales & marketing teams

 11:50 pm EST to 12:15 pm EST

  • Gurupandian Chandrasekaran
  • Chief Product & Growth at Ampliz, Ex- ZoomInfo

Getting the RIGHT sales mindset? 6 steps for sales reps to achieve consistent success

 12:25 pm EST to 12:50 pm EST

  • Andy Paul
  • Host Sales Enablement Podcast, Head of Revenue Performance Evangelism - Ring DNA

Driving a digital inbound approach to business

 12:50 pm EST to 01:15 pm EST

  • Sarah Goodall
  • Founder at Tribal Impact | Author - The Social CEO

Outbound Engine of Aircall

 01:50 pm EST to 02:15 pm EST

  • Bryan Elssessar
  • Senior Director Sales Development at Aircall

Authority, Impact, and the Future of Influencer Marketing for B2B

 02:15 pm EST to 02:40 pm EST

  • Marissa Pick
  • Social Media Aficionado | Digital Marketing Strategist | Speaker | Content Marketing Evangelist

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