New technologies are changing the way you offer solutions to your customers. And if you want to scale your business, technology adoption makes it possible by bringing in resilience.

With increasing competition in an interconnected world, organizations need to know how they will fulfill their clients’ needs and expectations. Many solutions in the market might help you connect with CIOs, CEOS, and business executives. But, you must determine how you can solve the customer pain points to build and sustain lasting relationships with them.

Technological advancements mean a lot to the marketing world as it provides the tools to achieve results more seamlessly. But, it has also made information more accessible to consumers, and they expect personalized solutions. To accomplish the same, marketers need to move beyond traditional B2b & B2c sales by embracing a new approach that focuses on “individuals”. This paradigm shift paves the way for a new era of digital marketing called B2i (Business to individual).

What is B2i?

B2i is not just a new marketing trend. It’s also about providing an experience. B2i marketing is about making a robust relationship with customers and business or service providers. It simply means providing “Business to Individual” With every buyer comes to the individual needs such as pre-purchase and post-purchase issue resolution, a customer goes through a series of the cycle before getting the ROI and result. And if you are not turning tables in favour of your customers, you might lose them. According to Forbes magazine, “The consumerization of B2b marketing and sales effort is now a priority, and this transitional shift is eventually going to ramp up”. And with uncertainties of COVID-19, the trend for B2i marketing is on the rise.” With the B2i approach, every buyer or customers’ need would be valued or nurtured.

Moreover, with B2i marketing, customers also find it easy to access the correct information at the right place in a personalized manner. B2i is a revolutionary step for marketing and standing one step ahead of the competitors. Additionally, B2i is a nuanced area that’s becoming more complex as this concept is gaining traction with marketers. But marketers need to know how to create the best environment for B2i in their organization.

Here’s decoding B2i. What markets must keep in mind while adopting this new approach.

1. Emphasize Relevance

B2i marketing is not just a strategy. It is the process of taking you to the heart of the message and calling for a resonant and concrete plan. For instance, if you are a healthcare data provider and dealing with a dental client, then you must have the answer to the question that “How can you provide the best dental care to your patients?” The main aim of B2i marketing is to answer the customers in the way they demand. That’s the beauty of B2i marketing; it combines the value message with relevance and powerful technology.

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2. Apprehend the Discovery Path

It’s been a long time that media communication like mobile phones and other mediums has forced marketers to extend their way of reaching out to clients and scaling their business growth. Furthermore, B2i is expanding the scope on this front. Nowadays, the audience doesn’t seem afraid of sharing their opinion on social media platforms. Hence before approaching a client, you must think like a customer and foster a solid and long-lasting relationship.

3. Nurture Empathy

When you provide a solution, everyone in your marketing and sales team must think like a customer you will serve. What are customers’ pain points, the challenges customers face, are there pricing issues, and is there trust built between the customer and clients? As a marketer, when you can satisfy the need of both parties and connect the dots, you can offer a better and efficient solution to complex problems at ease.

4. Prepare for the Future

With increasing competition, the new technology trend is also at its peak. Automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning are becoming the order of the day. One must prepare for these technologies to get traction from customers. Furthermore, track these technologies, educate yourself, tell your clients about your innovations and how they will make a difference in their operations. Then plan to make B2i campaigns with these new tools and technology at your disposal.

In a nutshell, B2i marketing will affect the whole aspect of traditional marketing. Scaling social media marketing and email campaigns will be easier as it connects brands with individuals and helps create people-centric approaches for businesses.