As digital is becoming more and more competent day by day, the role of the CIO is also becoming crucial in organizations. CIO Email lists play a very important role in critical strategic, technical, and management initiatives, and put their best efforts to mitigate threats and drive business growth.

The CIOs are responsible for delivering the outcomes that support the goal of the business by overseeing the people, processes, and technologies within the company’s IT organization. 

CIOs always keep their eyes on new technologies or tools that help them to outperform their rivals. CIO in many organizations leads the execution of digital transformation initiatives. 

And that’s why if you are someone who is looking to sell products and services like computer equipment, internet services, mail order catalog, hardware/software training, electronic gadgets, new software, apps, and so on, CIO is the best person to reach out to. 

But how would you reach them? In today’s digitally dominated world, there are multiple options for reaching out to the specific person you want. But the result of your outreach greatly depends upon whether that person uses that particular communication channel or not. For example, CIOs hardly use Facebook or Instagram and that’s why reaching out to them on these platforms would be of no use. 

When it comes to reaching out to these C-level executives, then email marketing works best. Email is the most preferred communication channel among these professionals. 

As per the report of public relations society of America, 95% of organizations still use email as their prime mode of communication. 

Having said that, CIO mail list is crucial for your marketing campaigns, that helps you to boost the growth of your business.

There are multiple ways to collect the CIO mail list, which we are going to discuss in this blog. If you are curious, hold on to the end of this blog.

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7 Proven Ways to Collect Email ids of  CIO

You know whom you want to reach, and you know how to reach them, now it’s time to take action. It’s time to send emails to the CIO of your targeted industry. But wait, do you have their mail ids? No, right. How would you send an email if you don’t have mail ids? Finding the mail ids of your prospects is the first step of email marketing

There are multiple ways of collecting the mail ids of CIOs that includes the use of LI and Twitter advanced search, use of lead generation tools, email extracting tools, purchasing an email list from some data provider, and so on. Let’s discuss each of these techniques in brief for better understanding. 

1) By using lead generation tools

A lead generation tool is the best way to get the email addresses of your prospects. 

B2B Lead generation tools are a great way to collect the contact information of your prospects on autopilot mode. As these tools collect the information of prospects automatically, you can focus on other important work. Lead generation tools are not one-size-fits-all, there are different types of tools for different purposes. 

The lead generation tools are the best way to collect the email list of CIOs. These tools come in many forms to serve various purposes, so selecting the right one based on your need is the key. 

2) Email extraction tools

Email extraction tools are another great way of collecting the mail ids of your prospects. These tools are a chrome extension that extracts email addresses from websites, web pages, and social media platforms and helps you generate bulk emails of qualified leads. These tools are designed to collect targeted mail ids of CIOs. The unique features of email extraction tools let you build meaningful relationships, increase engagement and improve your conversion opportunity.

These tools will find and extract the CIO email address from the domain which will save you time and manual efforts. Fill a form to get subscription details.

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3) Call the company

When you are looking to connect with the CIO of a small or medium-scale company, that time you can call the company and ask for the email ids of the CIO. Though this is not a very common method of collecting email IDs, it is probably the most effective one. 

This strategy requires you to call and ask the email address of the CIO to the receptionist. This method works best only for small and medium-sized companies, as you will be asked to give more explanations for large-scale companies.

4) Use Linkedin and Twitter’s advanced search tool

Top decision makers of the company like the CIO are most active on Linkedin and Twitter, as these platforms give the best professional networking opportunities. So using these platforms to get a CIO mail list is highly recommended as it is free, and it can become more powerful and effective with premium memberships.

The beauty of these two social media platforms is that they let you search in terms of a particular industry, geography, size of business, and company type. For a quick result, you can search by name, job title,  and company name, and you will be able to find the person you are looking for.  Many people add their contact information on their profiles like phone numbers and mail ids. 

The advantages of using Linkedin and Twitter are that they are highly reliable, accurate, and easily accessible.

5) Common Email Patterns

If you are trying to target the CIO of a smaller company and are fine with moderate accuracy and comparatively more time than any other way of getting an email address, then you can try this method. 

This method is completely free, all you have to do is guess some generic email address because there is a high chance that CIO will have access to it. 

To start with this process, you need to see the URL of a particular company. Try to find the CIO’s name and email domain part, and you will be able to find the email address of the CIO. You will also be able to get the CIO’s mail address by adding CIO in front of an email domain like [email protected].

This method is suitable for only small companies.

6) Buy them from Data Providers

One of the quickest and most effective ways to get the mail ids of your prospecting CIO is by purchasing them from some data provider. This will reduce your research time and can boost the email marketing campaign. With the email list of your prospecting CIO, you can expect the highest open rate and maximum response rate. 

But for this, the data you are getting must be accurate, updated, and authentic. Without high-quality data, you won’t be able to get desired results from your email marketing campaigns. poor quality data will do more harm than good, they will spoil your reputation, increase the bounce rate and waste your invested money and time. 

And for this, you should look for a reputed data provider who provides you most accurate, real-time updated, and authentic data. When it comes to these attributes, no one can beat Ampliz. Ampliz provides 98% accurate, real-time updated, and reliable data of your prospects across the globe.

Ampliz maintains the quality of data, with frequent manual and AI blend cleaning methods. Ampliz provides you with a list of CIOs that abide by all the possible compliance that save your reputation.

7) Use the website’s live Chat

This is the quickest way of getting the CIO mail id. On the bottom right corner of the website, you can find the live chat option on most of the websites. You can ask for the customer service manager, and to him, you can ask for the CIO mail list. This method is free, accurate, and easy.


The CIO email list enables you to reach out to top technology executives, across all the industries. These decision makers’ email list is extremely responsive for your IT products/services. Therefore choose the best suitable way to get the CIO email list mentioned above and amplify your email marketing campaign success.

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