what is smarketing

What is Smarketing & How Should You Use It?

Sales and marketing are the pillars of a business. They feed into each other and keep a business alive. But what happens when they are disjointed? The sales pipeline develops cracks through which leads and customers trickle out. Smarketing is … Read More

what is lead nurturing

What is Lead Nurturing and How Does it Work?

Most B2B sales professionals believe that a lead is one of the most important aspects of business development. Almost every sales approach starts after a lead is identified. In an ideal world, a lead will move efficiently through your sales … Read More

Buyer persona vs ideal customer profile

Buyer Persona and Ideal Customer Profile – What’s The Difference?

Every sales or marketing professional is more or less acquainted with the term buyer persona. The term ideal customer profile is generally the lesser-known one. Although they seem quite similar, there’s a fine line of difference between the two. In … Read More

What is a pitch deck?

How to Create Pitch Deck for Startups?

Startups quite often need a pitch deck to showcase themselves to prospective venture capital investors or angel investors. It is the first and most important step in the process of raising capital from investors. So it is very crucial that … Read More

7 aspects of digital marketing for startups in 2020

7 Aspects of Digital Marketing For Hyper-Growth Start-ups in 2020

Marketing is solely dependent on the customers you cater to. With the needs and expectations of your customers changing every day, your strategies, tools and messaging continue to develop.  In the modern era, we have moved into a mobile-first strategy … Read More

How to launch on Product Hunt

How To Launch on Product Hunt: An Actionable Checklist For 2020

If you are an entrepreneur or a marketer in a nascent startup, Product Hunt might be THE place for you to launch your product. Launching a new product isn’t easy, especially since the online space is already super crowded with … Read More

Product-Market Fit

All that you need to know about Product Market Fit

Did you know that 9/10 startups fail and 40% of the reason behind this is not finding the Product-market fit? It’s common to conceive a great idea, build it by investing a lot of time, money, and resources, and then … Read More


MQL vs. SQL: What’s The Difference and Why Does It Matter?

MQL is a lead that marketing deems fit for a sales pitch and is more likely to become a customer. SQL is a lead who has been identified by the sales team as a prospect. MQLs are higher up in the sales cycle, while SQLs are generally at the bottom. … Read More

How to get 5000 subscribers in 5 weeks?

Case Study: 5,000 Email Subscribers (And Beyond) In 5 Weeks [Part 3]

In part 1 and part 2 of this case study we explained about the various strategies on how we grew from 0 to 5000 member community in a period of 5 weeks. Building the 5000 member community was not easy … Read More