B2B SaaS Lead Generation: B2B software as a service (SaaS) is having a moment: revenue from SaaS products grew by 16% in 2016 and will continue to grow rapidly. By 2021, the market for enterprise software as a service will be worth $189 billion. 

It’s no surprise that there are so many SaaS startups right now, given how well-suited this model is to the needs of modern businesses. In fact, there were over 17,000 new SaaS companies founded in 2017 alone. 

Did you know that B2B companies only spend about 4% of their marketing budget on lead generation for B2B SaaS, even though it’s one of the most important factors in the success of their business? If you work for a company that falls into this category and find yourself scratching your head wondering why, read on.

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12 Strategies for Lead Generation for B2B SaaS

Lead generation is a constant challenge for B2B SaaS companies. In fact, most companies struggle so much with lead generation B2B Saas that they often fail to meet their quota or have a high drop-off rate during the sales process. It’s no wonder so many SaaS founders are asking: How do I generate leads as a B2B SaaS company?

1. Choosing Best Database for B2B SaaS lead generation

Sales is a numbers game, especially for SaaS businesses. Even with the rise of digital marketing and self-service software, generating leads remains the best way to sell more products. But as every SaaS founder knows, it isn’t easy to convince prospects to give you their email address and make a purchase.

However, you can ease your database acquisition with the simple platform- Ampliz. It offers millions of databases to your marketing teams that contain comprehensive detail on each B2B company. Get email addresses, contact numbers, and a lot of other information on the organization’s key decision-makers. Improve your B2B Saas Lead generation with Ampliz, the best saas lead generation company.

2. Attention to Software Discovery Platform

Whichever lead generation B2B SaaS strategy you decide to use, your first priority should be to make sure that your service is easy to discover. Consumers are more likely to purchase a product if they’re aware of its existence in the first place. In the B2B SaaS world, this means that you have to make sure that your product shows up in the search results for the right keywords. Because customers are often looking for software to solve specific problems, you’ll have to be strategic here. Focus on keywords that are relevant to your service but that are also used by potential customers. This can be done by researching what people type into search engines when they’re trying to solve a problem that your product solves.

3. Must Have a Secure Lead Generation Website

A secure website for B2B business is an essential part of any website security. For B2B SaaS website, it is required to buy SSL certificate as it assures about data security, data integrity and higher authentication. It will reduce drop off in B2B sales. Moreover, such type of sites need an SEO task and SSL helps SEO to rank their site higher in search ranking.

4. Employing SEO to bring in Potential New Users

Once you’ve made sure that your software is easy to find, you’ll want to employ SEO strategies to bring in new leads. Keyword research is the first step in this process since you want to make sure that your service shows up for the right terms. Once you’ve decided on your keywords, you want to make sure that your B2B SaaS website is optimized for those terms as well. You can do this by creating an SEO map and optimizing your site’s structure, content, and images.

5. Creating Lead Magnets

Once you’ve ensured that your software is easy to find and you’ve employed SEO strategies to bring in new leads, you need to turn your visitors into leads. A great way to do this is by creating lead magnets. Lead magnets are products or pieces of information that you give away for free in exchange for contact information. A good example of a lead magnet is a research report. If you’re launching a new B2B SaaS product, chances are that you have a lot of research and data behind it. By making this information available to your customers, you’re offering them a little extra value. In exchange for this information, customers have to give you their contact information. This way, you can build a list of potential customers who have indicated an interest in your product.

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6. Case Studies to Show Tangible Results

Once you’ve brought in potential customers and started building a list, you need to show them that your product does what it claims to do. You can do this by creating case studies that demonstrate the success that customers have with your product. These case studies should focus on the tangible results that customers see from using your product. You should also include the challenges that customers were facing before they started working with your product. You can publish these case studies on your website and on social media. You can also reach out to publications, like industry news sites, and offer to write guest posts that include your case studies.

7. Authority with Data Driven Content

Once you’ve started lead generation for Saas Companies and you’ve shown potential customers that your product works, you need to show customers that you’re a credible source. You can do this by creating data-driven content that shows your expertise and your authority in your particular industry. You can do this by conducting your own research and publishing your findings online. You can also share articles and other content created by other experts in your industry.

8. Expand Outreach Campaigns

Once you’ve begun leads generation for B2B Saas and you’ve shown your potential customers that you’re credible and trustworthy, you need to let those leads know that you exist. You can do this by expanding your outreach campaigns and targeting the people who have expressed interest in your product. You can do this by identifying the people who have signed up for your email list and the people who downloaded your lead magnets. Once you’ve identified these people, you can reach out to them directly, either by email or by phone, to let them know that your product exists. 

9. Build LinkedIn Network

Once you’ve started to expand your outreach campaigns, you can further expand your network by engaging with other professionals in your industry on LinkedIn. You can do this by joining groups related to your industry and posting comments on other posts that group members have written. You can also start participating in discussions — but be careful not to spam your services. If you want to get more serious about growing your network, you can also consider paying to promote your posts.

10. Create Social Proof Wall

Once you’ve built your network on LinkedIn, you can create a social proof wall to show potential customers that your product has real-world users. You can do this by collecting testimonials from customers and creating a digital wall of them on your website. You can also collect customer stories on your website or on a dedicated blog.

11. Design Video Content

Finally, if you want to really impress your potential customers, you can consider creating video content. Video content is particularly helpful if you offer a product that requires a demonstration. You can create videos and publish them on your website or on social media. You can also consider hosting videos on video and podcast hosting platforms like YouTube or Vidyard, where you can collect leads from your video metadata.

12. Engage in Virtual and Hybrid Events

If you’re in a particularly large industry, you may have the opportunity to attend an annual industry event. Attending and engaging with other attendees at these events is a great way to build your network, your reputation, and your authority. You can also host your own virtual or hybrid events by creating webinars and inviting your customers to attend.

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With an increasing number of B2B businesses launching SaaS solutions, converting prospects into paying customers can be an uphill challenge. Here are some ways to generate leads and drive demand for your product.

If you’re looking to launch your own B2B SaaS subscription services company, lead generation for SaaS companies is key. These tips will help you understand why lead generation is important for B2B companies and what you need to know about lead generation strategies for B2B SaaS companies.

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