DataCaptive is one of the best custom B2B data intelligence providers in the world. It guarantees full accomplishment and empowerment for your business or any marketing needs, and if you are looking for a DataCaptive alternative, then let us tell you that Ampliz, equally serves as one of the best B2B data intelligence providers.

Ampliz provides you with all your requirements. Be it finding the right prospects, or increasing your pipeline, with Ampliz, get things in front of you before you can even ask for them!

Once you shake hands with Ampliz, you can rest as you have done your part, because now you can set your own ideal customer persona based on location, industry, revenue and so on.

Let us show you how actually Ampliz is the best DataCaptive Alternative.

#1. Based on the size of database

120M+ contact information97M+ company profiles
21M+ Direct Dials65M+ phone numbers
7M+ company profiles5M+ C-level contacts

Do you see the vast database of DataCaptive! They offer their customers to make their choice among the criteria of contact data which includes geographic area, job title, industry type and so on. They continuously update and verify their data and make sure to provide current information available in the market.

At Ampliz, we stand as an equally tough competitor to DataCaptive. Ampliz literally carries a database of more than 400 million records with relevant information based on contact intelligence and company. Ampliz comes to the rescue if you need any help with data appending, data refresh process and custom data sets.

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#2. Based on data source

Maximum cleansing is done to avoid data decayMultiple data verification
Layers of data verificationAuthorized sourcing

In DataCaptive, data is sourced from industry-specific online portals, trade shows, online subscriptions, magazine subscriptions, annual reports, seminars, new business filings, conferences, SEC filings, and many more. The data goes through a quality check which is done both manually as well as through AI, to be 100% accurate and maintain quality.

Ampliz, alternative of DataCaptive, analyses thousands of public records that are available, to reach more records with initial data points. Ampliz also sources from trusted third-party vendors to generate initial sets.

Data is constantly and continuously updated and cleaned. More verification and cleansing is done to derive usable information such as location, employee size, designation, revenue, etc. using our ML engine which is in-house.

#3. Based on Data Accuracy

98% Data Accuracy95% Accuracy
30 day re-verification45 day re-verification

DataCaptive follows a 7-step verification process for their email lists, and also includes manual verification, to assure its customers with 100% authenticity. It assures 95% accuracy and carries out a 45-day re-verification process to maintain the quality of the data.

Syntax check- Gibberish check- Domain existence check- MX record check- Catch-all Domain check- SMTP Authentication- Free mail Check

No data can actually be stated as “real-time” in reality. If you compare Ampliz and DataCaptive, you can possibly figure out that the routine of data refreshment is done every 30 days.

This keeps our data up-to-date and relevant and flies closer to being more real-time as possible. We have already set a benchmark of data delivery and we have also reached an average rate of 95%.

It again proves that Ampliz is the top DataCaptive alternative because Ampliz, as well, performs AI-enabled quality checks through our exclusive AI models. This assures the delivery of the best data, in less time.

#4. Data Policy

DataCaptive’s data follows many secured data policies, which includes, CAN-SPAM, ANTI-CAN-SPAM and GDPR. It makes sure to take the utmost care and follow every measure to protect its data, and avoid any leakage of it or any personal information and also avoid any violations related to security.

Here, as well, if you compare Ampliz and DataCaptive, then Ampliz, again is the alternative of DataCaptive because its data policies are more or less equal or you could say, similar to DataCaptive. It adhered to policies such as ANTI-SCAN-SPAM, GDPR, CCPA and CAN-SPAM.

Your data is absolutely secured with us because we ensure multilevel security checks and are secured in a safe place. The data is protected from any type of leakage and any type of privacy violations are kept far.

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#5. Contextual intelligence

DataCaptive customizes their email lists according to the inputs of the customers because that will be more user-friendly and eventually create lesser hassles during the process. After the confirmation of order, their data is again checked to maintain quality and remove any scratches, if any, and the most fresh and verified information is sent out for delivery.

Just like other businesses, Ampliz has its own data points that help us to get to target the potential customers from the huge crowd. This data is custom and personalized accordingly, to make it easier to access and maintain friendliness. Ampliz sources the data manually when requested, to provide data to everyone accordingly, based on their choices.

DataCaptive allows their customers to make their choices while deciding their services. They modify the plans for their customers by degrading, upgrading or cancelling their plans. 

They make sure that their end-user does not face any problem when they want to sign out from their services. 

Their human-verified data assures 7× more connection with the customers. This creates a huge positive impact on the whole process. It saves time in the sales process, boosts the whole procedure and helps everything to reach their targeted goals on time.

DataCaptive also has an exclusive system that tracks down complaints about the benefit of the customers. You can actually raise a ticket regarding your concern and track its status of when and how it is solved.

You can also opt for a demo session with DataCaptive to talk about the services that they provide and also about the type and quality of data they provide.

Serving as the alternative for DataCaptive, Ampliz can save your precious time. Get your data instantly on Ampliz. You get the right prospects that are shortlisted with SalesBuddy and make the sales cycle more efficient. You can always find new prospects who match and connect to your required category and you can have a solid lead pipeline, just right in front of you, to work with.

If you try Ampliz, you can get the maximum leads to deal any type of conversion rate. You deserve to spend your valuable effort and energy in search of the right prospect and also contact key decision-makers to reduce the total period of the sales cycle.

Ampliz, thus serves as a more affordable preference, with booming points, when compared to DataCaptive. This makes Ampliz a perfect DataCaptive alternative.

It will lead you to deal more efficiently with your business, resulting in a sharp hike in sales. With more excelling accuracy and a huge extensive database, Ampliz upholds its name as the best DataCaptive alternative.