As a recruiter what is the most satisfying thing for you?

You would say having the optimum number of job orders from HRs of different companies, wouldn’t you?

And if you are marketer and want to sell HRM and other HR related software, services and products?

Before that find HR email address is not an easy task. Let’s learn how to find HR contact info below.

For this, you will have to reach out to them and enquire about the vacant positions.

And for this, you must have the contact information of HRs. Acquiring the contact details of HR is crucial for you.

This will help you to meet your client’s expectations of job search.

But how will you acquire these details? There are multiple ways of getting a human resource contact list. If you want to know these ways, then keep on reading.

Here we are going to explain some of the practical approaches to finding out the contact details of HR professionals.

You can use this to get contact details of HR of any company from a start-up company to big corporations.

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5 Tips Find HR Email Address

1. Via Job Portals to Find HR Contact Info

Job portals like Indeed, Glassdoor,, and many such sites are valuable resources for finding HR contact numbers. Here are several ways that job portals can help:

a. Direct Contact Information

Many job postings on these websites will list the name and/or contact information of the HR representative responsible for reviewing applications or conducting interviews.

This information may include an email address, phone number, or even social media accounts.

b. Insight from other Candidates 

You should also check the reviews given by other candidates. Job boards such as Glassdoor have sections where candidates leave reviews about their experience with different companies including insight into who the Human Resources contact is at a particular company

By utilizing these resources, you can increase your chances of finding relevant HR contacts. 

2. Via Google Search to Find Recruiters Email:

You can also try google to find HR contact information. Though finding the HR contact number via Google search is free, it is time-consuming. 

Here are some simple steps to follow:

a. Type in the company name or organization you would like to get in touch with, followed by “HR Contact Number” in the search engine.

b. Hit enter and browse through the results provided.

c. Look for the official websites of that specific company as they will usually have their HR department’s information listed on their website.

d. You can also try adding additional keywords such as “Contact Us” or “Employee Resources,” which may lead to relevant links where you can find contact details for HR.

To summarize, when searching for an HR contact number via Google, it’s best to start with an exact phrase that matches “company name + HR contact.” 

Utilizing different variations of keyword phrases relating specifically to human resources can help. 

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3. Via LinkedIn Search to Find HR Contact Info

As Linkedin is a popular social media platform among professionals, you may think of using it to find the contact information of HR professionals of any company.

If you’re trying to find an HR contact number via LinkedIn search, here are a few steps you can follow:

1. Navigate to LinkedIn’s homepage and type the company name into the search bar.

2. On the results page, click on “People” in the filter section at the top of your screen.

3. In the “All Filters” option located beside that same filter section, input job titles such as “HR Manager,” “Human Resource Director,” or any other relevant positions related to human resources from that specific company.

4. If this broad search didn’t help in finding anyone directly responsible for giving out a phone number, try further refining your query by adding location details and skills required for HR personnel (like talent management).

5. Once your potential candidates list appears on-screen; click on their profiles and scrutinize their displayed information till you come across a phone number listed there.

6. Then send them an InMail message politely requesting if they could spare time explaining how one would go about contacting an HR staffer therein by telephone.

By following these steps above, locating someone who has direct access to either provide their personal contact numbers or tell you how best to reach those responsible becomes easier!

4. Via Free B2B HR Email Address List

Finding HR contact info through a B2B database can be an effective way to connect with potential business partners or job opportunities.

Here are some steps that you can follow:

a. Determine the type of company you want to target: 

You can determine your ideal target by choosing a particular industry, size, location, and other factors.

b. Choose a reliable B2B database provider: 

There are many B2B databases available in the market. Some of them provide more accurate information than others.

Consider reading customer reviews and comparing prices before selecting one.

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c. Search for specific criteria within the database: 

Once you have selected your ideal target, search for specific criteria such as job titles (e.g., HR Manager), department names (e.g., Human Resources), or keywords related to human resources (e.g., hiring).

d. Filter results based on relevance and accuracy: 

After getting the list of HR contacts from the database, you may need to clean up this data by removing irrelevant results or updating incorrect information.

e. Reach out via phone call or email: 

With relevant and accurate HR contact numbers in hand, reach out directly via phone call/voicemail message/email – introduce yourself in a professional manner and explain why they should work with you/hire you.

This way of finding the HR contact information is undoubtedly a great way, only if you can find a reliable data provider.

If you have opted this way and are confused about whom to trust, then you can rely upon Ampliz.

Ampliz provides you 98% accurate, real-time updated, and compliant dataset of HR professionals.

5. Email Finder Tools

Are you wondering how to get HR contact details of companies with email finder tools? There are several email finder tools that can be used to find HR contact numbers. 

Here are some steps you can follow to easily get in touch with the right person:

a. Identify the Company Name: 

This is crucial as it will help narrow down your search results and ensure that you find the correct HR contact number.

b. Use an email finder tool: 

There are many paid and free email finder chrome extension available online, such as,, or

Simply type the company name followed by “” into these tools and wait for them to generate a list of relevant contacts along with their phone numbers.

c. Verify the details: 

Once you have identified potential HR contacts who match your search criteria, cross-check their phone numbers against other sources like LinkedIn or Google reviews to verify if they belong to HR employees.

d. Reach out via phone or email: 

After verifying their contact information, use either medium depending on what would work better for your needs – a phone call may be more effective if it’s urgent while emails work great when requesting further information about job openings, etc.

Following these simple steps using an accurate email-finding tool creates sure quality assurance in finding reliable data points where assistance becomes easy in communicating with desired parties effectively!

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Having accurate HR contact information is essential for keeping your recruiting business. As mentioned above try 2-3 methods simultaneously and see which fetches you the great result.

Along with this provide good service to both employer and candidates, so they spread good words for you that helps you to get inbound leads from HR.

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FAQs: How to Get HR Contact Details of Companies

Where can I find HR email address?

You can find HR email address by multiple ways that includes job portals, LinkedIn search, Google search, or by using email finder tools.

Where can I buy HR contacts database?

If you are looking to buy HR contact database, then try Ampliz. Ampliz provides you 98% accurate, real-time updated, and compliant database of HR professionals.

Where to find HR email address lists?

You can find HR email address lists on Ampliz. Ampliz provides you the comprehensive contact dataset of HR professionals.