Marketing is solely dependent on the customers you cater to. With the needs and expectations of your customers changing every day, your strategies, tools and messaging continue to develop. 

In the modern era, we have moved into a mobile-first strategy since the millennial target segment has moved into the same zone.
Ashwath Athreya, Growth Marketer & podcast host at Ampliz, interviewed a few efficacious millennial marketers to understand their perspective of the current expectation and strategy of the millennial segment. 


We asked them to rank 7 aspects of Digital Marketing which they feel are the key to success in 2020. 

Here is what we got:

  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital advertising
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Web Analytics

Are these the ultimate 7 elements for 2020? Maybe yes, maybe no!
But if you are catering to the millennial segment then these are the 7 areas where your target segments expect you to be. If you are an aspiring marketer, then these are the 7 areas your peers are evolving!

In our podcast show Ampliz Buddy, we talked to 4 millennial marketers about what they think about the 7 aspects of digital marketing. Here’s how they leverage these aspects of digital marketing for their startup’s growth.

John Selvinraj

John is a T-shaped marketer with a deeper understanding of digital marketing and growth hacking. He is serving at MENTIS Inc. and has experienced a plethora of challenges. By applying the power of digital marketing, he has overcame the challenges and positioned his organization among the list of renowned companies.

The biggest challenge was Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).  MENTIS Inc. had a huge amount of visitors to their website but they found the conversion rate was poor. MENTIS Inc. focused on the 7 aspects of digital marketing to overcome the difficulties.

Content Marketing – According to John, content marketing is an umbrella term for everything. Through content, they started providing the solution to the problem instead of promoting the product directly.

Search Engine Optimization – Their next focus was on SEO which drove 63% of traffic to their website. This is equally significant to content marketing.

Social Media Marketing – This is the most effective channel to promote the brand. No matter if it is a paid or free version, but it always helps you to reach a lot of customers.  MENTIS Inc. used a free version of FB to promote the brand.

Email Marketing – Email marketing is the best way to engage the audience. Especially, John has used this to retain the existing customers for a long time keeping them engaged.

Digital advertising – John has stressed on the PPC ad extension in digital advertising. According to him, Facebook is the best platform for digital advertising, if you are a B2C company.

Mobile Marketing – MENTIS Inc. prioritized mobile marketing. Especially, in the gaming apps, they started advertising to gain more attention and to outreach to mobile users.

Web Analytics – This is the backbone of digital marketing. If you don’t track the result of the implemented strategy, there is no point of taking different actions. In order to know the status of the strategy, you need web analytics.

Abhishek Mishra

Abhishek is an outbound marketer in Fortanix, who has experienced a lot of pesky problems throughout his journey and shared his insights. He threw his strong opinion on the seven elements of digital marketing that helped him to grow.

Content Marketing – Abhishek focused on content marketing, especially video marketing. It is an emerging channel for marketing these days and it is helpful for both B2B and B2C organizations. It should be built from day zero and it provides organic traffic though it takes time. 

Search Engine Optimization – It is an essential part of the digital marketing era. The keyword research and the content (content based on the keyword research) provided the best result to him in driving the traffic. It is an ROI positive technology that can be helpful to any organization.

Social Media Marketing – Among all the channels, Facebook is a common platform where all types of promotion can be done to engage the audience. Facebook marketing made him reach successfully to the targeted audience within a short span of time. It drives traffic to the website if it is done correctly. nd, you can track all of this using different Facebook analytics tools available in the market.

Email Marketing – It is an effective channel as it provides an opportunity to personalize the message. Before he started the email marketing, he had a well-researched report on the targeted account. Based on the audience’s interest, he personalized the email. According to him, cold email is not much effective these days.

Digital advertising – According to his experience, digital advertising should be done after gaining organic traffic. Without organic traffic, digital advertising is not much result-driven. He brings the picture of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) where he had to do a lot of research before heading towards digital advertising. 

Mobile Marketing – He prioritized on the push notification when it comes to mobile marketing. Normally, push notification works for B2C than B2B. It drives good traffic if you have an effective marketing strategy.

Web Analytics – It is a feedback loop for marketers. Marketing is a set of experiments and a continuous process. You need to have a close observation to watch the result. This will help you make decisions if you need to implement a particular strategy or not. 

Priyank Johari

Priyank, from Priyankjohari, is a digital marketing consultant with a plethora of suggestions and insights for startups. He serves different companies despite a lot of obstacles. Here are his insights on seven elements of digital marketing that have helped him a lot.

Content Marketing – It is one of the most essential elements when it comes to digital marketing. His significant take is that if you are a B2B business, educate potential customers through content instead of selling the product.
Find the problems and present a solution. It is like the 80/20 process. 80% of content to educate and 20% to sell a product.

Search Engine Optimization – It is like running water in the river. It frequently keeps changing. SEO and content marketing go hand in hand to have an effective result. Being updated on SEO and keeping your SEO strategy updated are important factors to rank well.

Social Media Marketing – It is quite an effective channel but sometimes it is very hard for a B2B business to promote the brand through all social media channels. LinkedIn is an effective channel rather than FB and Insta to outreach the audience.

Email Marketing – It is an old and traditional process of marketing but effective. Don’t overdo the email marketing. It should be one email per week. Also, in order to engage the customers, you need to have catchy subject lines

Digital advertising– Digital advertising is a good channel to promote the brand but clickbait content is not working anymore when it comes to educating people. Be straightforward and provide clear information in the ad.

Mobile Marketing – Priyank focussed on WhatsApp marketing. According to him, one person should be dedicated only to WhatsApp marketing as it is the fastest-growing channel now.

Web Analytics – He called web analytics as a business driver. The report on the effectiveness is very important. Knowing the strategy that is working for your business will provide you plenty of ideas to move forward.

Abhishek Singh

Abhishek is a versatile digital marketer in Bridgingo. Bridgingo is an industry where employers and employees get connected. The expectation level of the employees without proper skillset and the expectation level of the employer with less pay are the biggest challenges for him.
He has explained the seven elements of digital marketing that have strengthened his strategies.

Content Marketing – It is a communicating interface between the business and the customers. Content marketing has become a vital part of digital marketing. Apart from this, storytelling is trending in content marketing through which most of the start-ups promote their brands.

Search Engine Optimization – Abhishek has focused on three areas of SEO. 

  • Perform an SEO audit for you and competitors to compare.
  • Backlinking is another significant part that can be done through guest blogging.
  • Having a Wikipedia account is another beneficial part of digital marketing. 

With the above tips, his SEO audit strategy worked well.

Social Media Marketing – As most of the population are engaged in social media, Abhishek’s most focused part is social media marketing. It makes a thing viral so fast and reaches to potential audience. Social media marketing is one of the effective channels through which he got good results.

Email Marketing – According to him, this is the oldest form of marketing. But it is a good source we get the revenue from. 40% of e-commerce businesses get revenue from email marketing.

Digital advertising – Paid marketing is short term, but it is good. Within a short span of time, the outreach numbers will be high. Whereas the organic (free) way of marketing is slow but it provides long term results.
The number one ranking doesn’t mean that it has quality. It has paid and got good ranking which is not effective for the long term. SEO is more effective than digital advertising.

Mobile Marketing – When it comes to mobile marketing, own application is a good tool to promote your brand. Also, building a community is a good strategy to attract customers. But this type of marketing requires different levels of domain expertise. 

Web Analytics – The beauty of digital marketing is web analytics. After close observation, you will come to know where you are missing the dot and how can you fix it. Analytics not only gives you proper review reports, but it paves the path towards the exactitude.

The revolution of digital marketing is going to be an intensive part of brand promotion in this decade. The above-explained seven elements of digital marketing helped entrepreneurs to move forward with success eventually. 

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