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Current issues in healthcare, include many of them because the year continuously faced fire-arrows, starting from security, technology, costs, and processing.

The biggest challenges faced by healthcare in 2024, pose great threats to many medical companies and organizations, no matter how big or small it is.

Things such as new and innovative technologies, quick and progressing regulations from the government, and expectations from various patients for different needs and wants, have changed the whole image of the healthcare world.

Things now are not just limited to only treating patients and giving suggestions to cure some disease. With the things stated above, the definition now is changing.


The healthcare world has already helped the previous technologies to reach its extreme height and currently, it’s helping the new technologies to create its own way and leave a huge impact.

Many lives who are dependent completely on healthcare companies, clinics and hospitals, hope for efficient medical care and management.

It is very important to know about the major issues that are faced by the healthcare universe in the present year.

The following is a list of the 10 biggest challenges faced by healthcare in 2024.

  1. Facing futuristic healthcare mechanization
  2. Telehealth
  3. Cybersecurity
  4. The process of invoice and payment
  5. Constraint on pharmaceutical prices
  6. Growing costs of healthcare
  7. External market interference
  8. Shortages in healthcare staffing
  9. Price clarity
  10. Experience of patients


The working of both hardware as well as software, in the current situation, is changing drastically.

For instance, MarketsandMarkets released that the medical device market that is connected is assumed to experience a three-fold growth from 2017-2022.

The doctors working in clinics and the healthcare leaders are required to mould closer engagements with software application development organizations and companies and healthcare manufacturers, in order to tackle the perspective of healthcare technology to change the health processes and also flourish an attached healthcare environment.

In the pursuit of efficiency and patient satisfaction, healthcare software development is playing a vital role in transforming traditional medical practices into more streamlined and accessible systems.

The rapid advancement of medical technology, both hardware and software, requires healthcare professionals to adapt and engage with technology companies. This is essential for improving healthcare processes, creating a more integrated healthcare environment, and enhancing their online presence through domain purchases from providers like Namecheap.


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, minimal interaction of human beings physically is made minimal, and due to this, the use of telehealth is used more and more each day.

It has grown from 11% in 2019 to 46% during 2020. 

The future of the ongoing pandemic is still a big question and leaves us with a lot of uncertainty.

Amidst this, the growth of telehealth is expected to grow continuously.

Almost 76% of the total population accepts the fact that they use telehealth very highly or moderately, and will continue to do so in the near future.

But, apart from all this, the telehealth sector is facing major issues like a dormant digital health bubble and this is leading to an uncertain destiny.


Vengeful hackers are thirsty for leaking very important documents and records of patients from hospitals and clinics.

The 2008-2018 statistics show the rise in data breach and clearly shows a rising sign.

2015 was a year when most of the data breaches took place. More than 58%of the total population in the US experienced theft and exposure because it was declared that more than 189,945,874 records related to healthcare were exposed.

2015 is considered as the year of data breaches because the maximum number of thefts were made this year.

But also, successful measures were taken to handle the situation.

Various measures should be taken to look after healthcare security such as:

  • Construct a compact, integrated security system that leverages hospital security cameras to maintain and validate information..
  • Maximize connected healthcare equipment approach to trustworthy users
  • To manage and as well as follow application development security conventions, involve app developers in the security framework.
  • Implement advanced threat protection tools to safeguard sensitive patient data and ensure the integrity of healthcare IT systems.

Use virtual machine to host healthcare data, and it allows employees securely access it without worry about cybersecurity.


One of the biggest challenges faced by healthcare in 2023 is the process of invoice and payment.

Four out of five people confirm that they can afford and manage their medical treatments, but it turns out that most of them cannot really afford the medicines that they are prescribed.

Many patient advocates out there are stressing on new models that supply quality over quantity which will promote improvement among patients at lower costs.

Due to the pandemic, many out there have lost their jobs and businesses.

Many families are going through a terrible financial crisis and eventually, they are not able to afford expensive medical treatments and proceedings.


RX Savings Solutions, in the year 2019, declared that over three dozen drugmakers have uplifted costs on more than 240 prescription drugs. This means that the average amount of drugs will be raised by 6.3%.

In contrast to this, the inflation charge in the US for the last 12 months has been only 2.2%.

The moderate growth of prescription spending is an outcome of the increase in the prices of prescriptions.

This serves as one of the biggest current issues in healthcare 2023


The crisis of cost in healthcare is an old subject.

There are hundreds and thousands of stakeholders who play a major part in deciding the amount of healthcare services, starting from healthcare drug manufacturing services and companies to medical instruments manufacturers. 

Dispute will be a common ground when there is a participation of so many stakeholders. Evolving harmony needs tactical planning and time.

Few things that should be adopted by the healthcare and medical providers are as follows:

  • Prepare community price variations to every patient, by insurers or healthcare providers.
  • Arrange prescribed medications costs for the consumers.
  • Decrease the total number of medical tests for all patients.


There are a number of external sources which stand as the biggest challenges faced by healthcare in 2023.

They have made unsettled incursions into the world of healthcare and eventually have to lead to disruptions in healthcare.

The whole scenario of interaction between businesses with their customers have shuffled completely because of the escalated application of mobile phones, mobile app development services and various e-commerce platforms.

Basically, there are said to be five disruptors that create disruptive innovation in the world of healthcare, and they are as follows:

  • Consumerism
  • The digital revolution
  • Personalized medicine
  • Regulatory change
  • The Amazon effect


There are several healthcare companies and organizations which have predicted a probability of shortage in the number of doctors, by the year 2030, and this now stands as one of the current issues in healthcare 2023.

Well, here is the place where advanced technology can help and rescue from the situation.

Platforms like telehealth, live streaming, diagnostics of patients living in remote areas and store-and-forward imaging, can help tremendously.

The influence of technology has gradually changed the traditional way of teaching and learning the way of training and practicing in the healthcare sector.

Thus, coping up is taking a little time, but to some extent, it does show a positive sign.


There was already a difficulty in capitulating payments due to a shortfall of options, and the other difficulty for the consumers is that when they are unable to endow their financial responsibility is the skepticism because there is an absence of price clarity, and of course this stands as one of the biggest challenges faced by healthcare in 2023.

Just because of the above-stated problem, many healthcare systems are now opting to construct their service prices approachable, because this brings down the confusion of patients and billing problems.


In recent years, the whole medical sector has witnessed some major changes.

Just like a huge number of patients are responsible for a substantial part of their healthcare bill, they automatically demand finer ministrations from their healthcare providers.

Medical companies and organizations are experiencing very tough competition in retaining and fascinating patients who insist on an experience that goes with the stage of customer service that they actually expect from various other brands for consumers.

These are the top 10 biggest challenges faced by healthcare in 2023, which are causing a big threat to the whole industry, but several precautions and measures are taken every day to avoid each of them.


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