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Email Append Software

Add the missing email addresses to your customer database, and integrate online and offline marketing campaigns using Ampliz.

Ampliz Makes Email Marketing Easy

Reach Out your customers and grow your email list using our easy to use email appending tool.

We offer email appending solutions with easy and flexible payment options. You may select the pricing plan as per your business type, size, and marketing objectives. software and solutions as per your requirements.

Self Service Software
Self-Service Software

Append your email list hassle-free with our easy-to-use and Self-Service Software.

opt-in Email Database
100% opt-in Email Database

Add missing email address and update your customer database with 100% legally obtained Business Email Address.


Our interface is a user-friendly software, enabling you to access, control your Email lists effortlessly. You can also access your account from anywhere using a web browser.

Maximum Match Rate
Maximum Match Rate

Match your customer database with our proprietary software having millions of credible database and obtain highest quality match rate.

Safe To Use
Safe To Use

We match your customer data against a complete permission-based email database. Our Email Append Software operates in full compliance with CAN-SPAM Guidelines and Spamming Policy.

Grow Your Email List, Grow Your Business!

35-50% Match Rate

Your customer database is matched against our in-house data base, appended with accurate and updated email addresses to deliver 35-50% Match Rates.

100% CAN-SPAM Compliance

All our activities and at every step of data processing and encryption are in 100% of CAN-SPAM Compliance.

Millions of Customer Records

Grow your customer data by matching against millions of unified customer records including email database owned by Ampliz and other reliable multi-sourced customer database.

How does it work?

We Auto-Match Your Customer Data Using Real-Time Multiple API Keys

Upload your data, we auto-match it against our in-house database management tool, send permission request, deletes opt-out responders and undelivered email addresses. Ampliz ensures clean and accurate email append for your database.

1. Customer Data Acquisition

Upload your data containing customer information like Name, Phone number, address via the online secure link. Ampliz Email Append Software is competent enough to process all formats of files.

2. Match Against Database

Once your customer information like Full name, address, city, state, the five-digit pin code is uploaded, it undergoes data processing and matched against the in-house data sources. When an exact match is found an email address is added to your customer database.

3. Send Permission Request

Once the database is matched, we send a customized request mail to the match email addresses. These emails are sent to the customers in compliance with CAN-SPAM ACT and other Anti-spam policies asking them a permission to send them email campaigns from your company. And if they do not wish to receive any future communication from your company, they can opt-out, and if they want to continue receiving messages they can opt-in for the same.

4. Removes opt-out responder & undelivered

After we send the permission request emails to matched email addresses, we append your customer database with all opt-ins and deletes all undeliverable addresses and opt-out responders. And a final file with accurate and deliverable email addresses is ready to download.

5. Purchase

Once your customer database is appended with accurate email addresses, we will send you a notification for the same, and you purchase the subscription and the Appended file is ready to download.

6. Download the appended file

When you receive any notification from our side, you may purchase the appended file and download it with the single click.

Upload your Customer Data




Save Your Time, Money & Efforts Using Our Self-Service Email Append Software

Upload file via the secure link, access multiple API endpoints and send permission request in compliance with CAN-SPAM guidelines. Ampliz seamlessly adds missing email addresses to make your email marketing easy and efficient.

Get Serious About CAN-SPAM ACT, And Other Anti-Spam Laws

Protecting your IP Sender Reputation is our top priority. Our data processing and encryption are in compliance with laws against Spam like CAN-SPAM (US), FISA (CA), and PECR (UK). Ampliz Email Append Software ensures that your email marketing campaigns have not surpassed the boundaries of Anti-Spam Laws across the globe.

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