Abi Ramia´s company was created during the first quarter of 1975. Six brothers had the idea to establish this firm & intended ... to work jointly as a team. Time has made it up for them because they were designated officially as licensee of five fundamental agencies of tobacco in various parts of the country by the exclusive authority of Lebanon (REGIE). As a matter of fact, they are now positioned as holders of one of the leading distribution companies in the area. The main business consists on distributing Beer, Whisky, Vodka, Vodka mix, Premium cocktails, Wine, Champagne, Cigarettes, Cigars & their Accessories. Besides, the company believed in straight forward business through the path of success. For this purpose, the brothers Abi Ramia strived for building good reputation & establishing an accurate planning in order to be equal of spreading swiftly throughout the entire world. The company distributes products on an exclusive basis & takes great care in giving each premium brand the exposure and service required. The products are representing by the most qualified and best trained professional sales force who deliverer the brands speedily with reliability. Mission and vision: The role of Abi Ramia Bros S.A.R.L Company is to work under one ideology, presenting what they’ve got just to please and gain the confidence of their clients and surroundings. Their policy is to preserve credibility and to safe keep its brand image so the products expand more and more. In addition, they are seeking to have the closest cooperation possible with their suppliers and wholesalers. Show more

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding ABI RAMIA BROS

Where are ABI RAMIA BROS’s headquarters?

ABI RAMIA BROS’s headquarters are in Sarba, Abi Ramia Building, Jounieh, Lebanon

What is ABI RAMIA BROS’s industry?

ABI RAMIA BROS is in the industry of: Food & Beverages

What is ABI RAMIA BROS’s official website?

ABI RAMIA BROS’s official website is www.abiramiabros.com

How many employees are working in ABI RAMIA BROS?

ABI RAMIA BROS has 11-50 employees

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