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aBetterBA™ is the business analysis practice and leadership solution provider that ensures a best fit to improve your business ... analysis practices and leadership capabilities. Using a custom approach to assess gaps, we efficiently and effectively identify the best way to quickly refine business analysis practices to meet unmet needs. aBetterBA was founded in 2010 by Jeanette Pigeon based on her belief that the study and practice of business analysis and leadership can be simple, powerful and affordable (www.aBetterBA.com). As a business analyst practitioner for more than 16 years, Jeanette made her belief the company's mission: change the practice of business analysis and leadership one Analyst Leader® at a time through Analyst Leader® assessments. These proprietary assessments transform business analysis practices by identifying current capabilities and measuring against desired outcomes. Once assessed, we then recommend an approach and match solution providers who best fit your unique needs and desired outcomes. Designed with success in mind, we partner with our clients to design a strategy and ultimate implementation that ensures client satisfaction. Simple, yet powerful. That's the better way, that's aBetterBA™. Company website: www.aBetterBA.com Twitter: www.Twitter.com/aBetterBA Facebook: www.facebook.com/aBetterBA Founder: www.linkedin.com/in/jpigeon Show more

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding aBetterBA

What is aBetterBA’s industry?

aBetterBA is in the industry of: Information Technology and Services

What is aBetterBA’s official website?

aBetterBA’s official website is www.abetterba.com

How many employees are working in aBetterBA?

aBetterBA has 0-10 employees

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