Abendbrot Bakery

Food Production

  • Headquarters: Close to French-German School // 453 GaoGuang Rd - Xujing Town, Qingpu district, Shanghai, China

Phone: +8618917503721

Founded: 2006

Employees: 11-50

Stock Exchange: NA

About Abendbrot Bakery

ABENDBROT Foods Co., Ltd. Shanghai was launched August 18th 2006. Our aim is to serve our costumers with authentic German Bread ... and Rolls. To do so we set up the first traditional German bakery in Shanghai. We are using mainly imported row material, most of the equipment we imported from Germany, too. Our Master Baker is from Germany with many years of experience in his own bakery. We produce our breads and rolls each night, 7 days a week. This enables us to provide perfectly fresh products early in the morning on time for breakfast. Our breads, rolls and cakes are very popular with Germans and many other nations. Simultaneously, more and more Chinese people begin to love our products, and become an honest advocator. We offer a free delivery service early in the morning - to the daily delivery areas - and you can have fresh bread every day. For more details, please check our home page at www.abendbrot.com.cn. 上海阿本布鲁特食品有限公司始于2006年8月18日。我司服务的宗旨是提供给客人纯正口味的德国面包。为此我们在上海开设了第一家传统工艺面包房。我们使用的主要原材料和设备都从德国本土进口而来。面包师是一位来自于德国具备很多年烘培工艺经验的面包师傅。为了保证我们的产品绝对新鲜,并使我们的客人能够准时在早餐桌上享用,我们都在每一天的晚上至凌晨烘烤面包,并且全年无休。每天早晨我们为德法学校,英美学校以及整个虹桥区域提供派送服务。并在每个星期三派送整个浦东地区、而每个星期五派送整个浦西地区。 我们公司的德语名称ABENDBROT意味着晚餐面包,在德国面包被作为晚餐的主食,由此,我们取名ABENDBROT。 Show more

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Abendbrot Bakery

Where are Abendbrot Bakery’s headquarters?

Abendbrot Bakery’s headquarters are in Close to French-German School // 453 GaoGuang Rd - Xujing Town, Qingpu district, Shanghai, China

What is Abendbrot Bakery’s industry?

Abendbrot Bakery is in the industry of: Food Production

What is Abendbrot Bakery’s phone number?

Abendbrot Bakery’s phone number is +8618917503721

What is Abendbrot Bakery’s official website?

Abendbrot Bakery’s official website is www.abendbrot.com.cn

How many employees are working in Abendbrot Bakery?

Abendbrot Bakery has 11-50 employees

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