ABC企业家俱乐部 · ABC Business Club

Non-Profit Organization Management

  • Headquarters: Level 8, 370 Pitt Street, Sydney, Australia

Phone: NA


Founded: 2007

Employees: 201-1000

Stock Exchange: NA

About ABC企业家俱乐部 · ABC Business Club

ABC企业家俱乐部是中澳间极具影响力的高端商务俱乐部,作为民间非盈利机构,俱乐部努力搭建 ... 澳高端商务平台。目前有普通会员超过一千人,VIP会员一百多人。 名称:ABC企业家俱乐部 成立时间:2007年10月12日。 定位:中澳企业家分享商机、共享资源的高端商务平台。 宗旨:以关注中澳企业商业发展路径、关怀中澳企业家精神交流为使命,助力中澳间经贸文体的合作交流。 业务范围:ABC企业家俱乐部作为一个共同体, 推动中澳企业家的交流与合作,组织企业家互访,举办高端论坛,协助企业进入中澳市场,协助企业家落户澳洲、团购房产、组建基金、投资企业、影响政府决策等。 会员管理:本俱乐部实行会员制,分级管理。会费:普通会员免费;VIP会员按照个人、机构缴纳会员费。 Based in Sydney, ABC Business Club is a high-end business club that has strong influence on Chinese and Australian enterprisers. As a non-for-profit organisation, ABC Business Club aims at establishing a premium business platform and encouraging bilateral business relationship between Australia and China. ABC Business Club currently has above one thousand regular members and more than 100 VIP members. Established Day: 12th October 2007 Targets: A high-end business platform that provides high standard of communication regards to the business opportunity and resource sharing between Australia and China. Mission: Focusing on the development of Sino-Australia enterprises; concerning the communication of Sino-Australia entrepreneurship; and facilitating the economic cooperation and cultural understanding between Australia and China. Business Scope: As a community for Chinese and Australian enterprisers, ABC Business Club aims at promoting the communication and cooperation between Sino-Australia enterprisers; organising reciprocal visits, hosting premium forums, assisting enterprises to enter both Australian and Chinese markets, facilitating the activities including entering Australian market, developing real-estate, founding funds??, investing enterprises and influencing government decision making, etc. Membership Management: ABC business Club implementing membership system and level-to-level administration. Membership fee: free for regular member. Fees apply for VIP membership based on individuals or organisations. 公众微信:abcbusinessclub Email:[email protected] 电话:+61 (0) 2 9280 1155 Show more

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding ABC企业家俱乐部 · ABC Business Club

Where are ABC企业家俱乐部 · ABC Business Club’s headquarters?

ABC企业家俱乐部 · ABC Business Club’s headquarters are in Level 8, 370 Pitt Street, Sydney, Australia

What is ABC企业家俱乐部 · ABC Business Club’s industry?

ABC企业家俱乐部 · ABC Business Club is in the industry of: Non-Profit Organization Management

What is ABC企业家俱乐部 · ABC Business Club’s official website?

ABC企业家俱乐部 · ABC Business Club’s official website is

How many employees are working in ABC企业家俱乐部 · ABC Business Club?

ABC企业家俱乐部 · ABC Business Club has 201-1000 employees

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