10-Minute Meals

Food & Beverages

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Founded: 2007

Employees: 0-10

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About 10-Minute Meals

Cooking does not have to be time-consuming to be tasteful, healthy, and good for your family. I'm a mother, author, columnist an ... d owner of a small cafe that required me to be able to cook food on-demand in order to keep down food waste. I learned a thing or two while perfecting that trick. But that wasn't my motivation for the 10-minute concept. After cooking all day, tired wasn't even a good word to describe my energy level. We all get carried away with day to day activities whether it's work or non-stop school and sports activities with the kids. But even through it all your family's hunger doesn't stop just because you're tired. And that, my friend is the reason I came up with several recipes that I could do at a moment's notice. Throughout the week I saw just how much my health as well as my family's improved. I wasn't dialing carry out every single night and the boys loved the home-cooked meals...or should I say home-cooked fast food. Feeling very proud that I was successfully juggling it all-- work and taking care of my family, the challenge began. I couldn't help but wonder just how many recipes could I come up with. And then it hit me, there must be other parents that feel the same way I do. What I found out is MANY if not EVERY family in some capacity faces an evening where food preparation MUST be quick or it ain't happening! And that's how 10-Minute Meals began. www.10-minutemeals.com is your virtual cookbook. Show more

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding 10-Minute Meals

What is 10-Minute Meals’s industry?

10-Minute Meals is in the industry of: Food & Beverages

What is 10-Minute Meals’s official website?

10-Minute Meals’s official website is www.10-minutemeals.com

How many employees are working in 10-Minute Meals?

10-Minute Meals has 0-10 employees

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