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Founded: 2010

Employees: 0-10

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About 1$day Trust

As a mother of three lucky children who sleep in a warm bed, in a safe home, enjoy a great local education and nourishing food, ... I ask why − 9 million children die every year from preventable diseases − 69 million children aren’t in school − charities don't have enough money to help them all − people are feeling charity fatigue, and − fundraising can be elitist and relies heavily on merchandise which all erode the value of the money that reaches the field. THE SOLUTION is called 1$day One day of the year, when we ask everyone who can, to give $1 for those who can’t. Just $1 on just one day, regardless if you earn $1m as a CEO, or $2 pocket money. Just $1 from everyone. Imagine the potential. Can 22.5 million Australians collectively raise $22.5m in just one day? Wouldn’t that be incredible? The money raised on 1$day will be given to development experts for specific projects that are reducing the inequities in children’s health and education, locally and globally. The mechanisms for collection includes a mobile App, Facebook, mobile banking, coin collections within schools and workplaces. Our ultimate aim is for only 1% to go administration. 1$day will be launched in Sydney Australia in 2011 so we can test the mechanisms. International counterparts 1£day and 1€day are planned in 3-5 years. The multiplier effect of this simple concept is phenomenal. 1$day – when every 1 counts. Show more

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding 1$day Trust

What is 1$day Trust’s industry?

1$day Trust is in the industry of: Fund-Raising

What is 1$day Trust’s official website?

1$day Trust’s official website is www.brandswell.com

How many employees are working in 1$day Trust?

1$day Trust has 0-10 employees

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