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Email List Verification Simplified

The success of email marketing campaigns depends on how clean is your email database. At Ampliz we verify your customer email addresses in real-time and thus, help you to maintain an email hygiene delivering maximum response rate.

Reach Out to Your Customers and Grow Your Email List Using Our User-Friendly and Easy to Use Email Appending Tool

Finally, You Can Authenticate Email List Using
More Than One Verification Solution

Ampliz is the only verification platform that allows you to select from industry leading verification software and solutions.

Test Drive on Your Data

No Room For Bad Emails!

Keep your email list clean with Ampliz verifying software and solutions.
Data Intelligence

Eliminate bad emails instantly with our comprehensive verifier process. It helps you to filter out historical bounces, inactive inbox, or frequent opt-outs, block relays, forwarders and false positives, and protects your IP Reputation.

Integrate Preferred API

We enable you to verify your email database by integrating your preferred API provided by Brite Verify, XVerify, Data Validation, and Informatica. Select the API which suits best to your marketing and business goals.

Real-Time & Batch

We offer real-time and batch processing verification solution. You may select any one according to your email list size, and marketing requirement.

  • Email Verification Plus Hygiene
  • Integrated Verification (Salesforce, Marketo, and Bronto)

  • Javascript Plug-in, FTP Upload or Web-uploader tools
  • Pay-As-You-Go
  • Cloud Based Verifier
  • Verify on Mobile Devices

  • Built-in Hygiene
  • Internal Suppression List
  • Integrated Auto-correction
  • Custom Integration with Major ISPs
  • Verify username in real-time directly at domain & ESPs
  • We test activity level user’s account.

  • We do DNS verification, MX lookup, SMTP check.
  • Access our internal databases
  • We also check email list against historical bounce, spammers, and opt-outs data.
  • Vetting Token System: You can buy tokens in bulk & each token is used to validate 1 email.
  • Free Email list Quality Report

Checklist: Do you need Ampliz Authentication Software?

Do you care for …

  1. Your email sender and IP reputation?
  2. Eliminating hard bounces?
  3. Reducing cost per each email you send?
  4. Maintaining clean email database?
  5. Deleting on invalid, incorrect, inactive email addresses?
  6. Getting maximum ROI?
  7. Email deliverability and Compliance?
  8. Protecting your email records from spam trap hits?
  9. Verifying your email list and keeping them safe?
  10. Accessing your verified list from anywhere?

How Do You Get Verified?

Step 1: Enter account credentials in License Info section. Use a registered email address or a License Key.

Step 2: Input the information for verifying.

Email Address

Timeout Time (in seconds to wait for response from mail servers 5 secs -90 secs)


Mention Source Id (Fill Out *Optional, Optional Id sent with result as Source Identifier)

Source No: 1286

Step 3: Click Invoke to download verified results.

Step 1: Batch Upload via our proprietary verifier. Just drag & drop your email list, or sync it from your ESP.

Step 2: Email list scanned for auto-correction.

Step 3: Get verifying status and price for the same.

Step 4: Once verification is done, you can download your list.

Step 1: Sign up via Mailchimp, AWeber, MailUp or you can also sign up for free.

Step 2: Create an account & upload your lists directly or by syncing ESP account.

Step 3: Get your email list authenticated along with a free detailed report for each email entries.

Step 4: Get Results: You can download verified list directly or you can also sync with your ESP account.

Step 1: Upload files in .CSV format or through our secured FTP.

Step 2: Check email username’s existences at all the major consumer ESPs, such as Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, and Hotmail.

Step 3: Undergoes auto-correction to rectify typos of usernames or domain names.

Step 4: Email database is scanned through our in-house suppression list having millions of email records that are either temporary, high risk, or spam complainers.

Step 5: Download your verified Email list.

It has all what you need.

Quality Reports & Analytics

Our verification software authenticates your email lists, and also gives free detailed reports and analytics, which help you to envision other email marketing strategies.

Mobile Devices

Now you can get your emails verify on the fly, as our API key providers like XVerify can on mobile devices too.

Real-time APIs

All our easy to use API Keys verifies your email list instantly in real-time.

Cloud Based Verifier

Be it salesforce, Marketo or Bronto, you can access your account and verify your email list from anywhere.

Custom Integration

We are integrated with major ISPs and ESPs delivering you an authenticated email recipients.

Suppression List

Besides authenticating we also run your email list through a suppression list and thus protecting your IP Reputation.

Account Activity

We not only get your email list verified but also check the email user’s activity level too.

Easy Upload

We offer various options to upload your email database like upload CVS file manually or secured FTP, by syncing your ESP account or you can also use your cloud credentials.

1% Bad Email Can Drop Your Email Deliverability Rates By 10%

Ampliz Email Verification Software gets your email database verified, before it gets blocked by ISPs and ESPs.
Validation Checks
Validation Checks

We perform elementary email validation process using our proprietary algorithms. We also use and to validate your email list meticulously.

Self-Service Software
Self-Service Software

Your email data basedatabase is validated, and processed for validation using our Self-Service software enabling you to access server, and control your email lists using a web browser.

100% opt-in Email Database
Quality Database

Match your email list against quality database of 7 million plus contact records including our in-house 100% legally obtained Business Email Address and other external reliable sources.

Real-Time Verification
Real-Time Verification

With easy-to-use multiple APIs, we deliver real-time results quickly with your existing platform. You can verify email database using API keys provided by Brite Verify, Xverify, Info checkpoint, Data Validation and Informatica and get your email list clean with valid, accurate and active email addresses.

Data Protection
Cloud-Based Integration

Our email verification process delivers real-time results using our cloud based integrated with CRM softwares. Thanks to our easy to use APIs we can determine whether your emails are valid and deliverable. Be it Marketo or Salesforce, get our verified email list regardless of any platform.

Email Deliverability  Compliance
Deliverability & Compliance

We verify your email list beyond preliminary verification process, we offer additional verification features like an email address has records in opt-outs list, history of bounces, deceased list, opens, engagement activity, clicks, spam traps this, spammer complaints.


“Our email verification software results quick reports on your email list with real-time verification and it's deliverability rates. Ampliz not only protects your sender reputation but also enables you to launch cost effective email campaigns.”

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