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Remote working tips for newbies. work from home like a pro

How To Master The Remote Working Culture – For Newbies

Well most of us forecasted that remote working will be a norm in the future but none expected it to be forced into the existing work culture. I mean, the “work from home culture” always existed in startups and some … Read More

LinkedIn Prospecting checklist

LinkedIn Prospecting Checklist: 8 Techniques for Successful Prospecting

When it comes to growing your business, what is your first big challenge?It is reaching the right prospects. Right? You can rely on LinkedIn to get the right prospects. And if you are already using LinkedIn and still your sales … Read More

Sales Advice for experts

11 Experts Are Sharing Their Proven Sales Advice for Beginners

Sales is all about finding the right prospects, identifying their problems, answering questions real quick, conducting follow-ups, and closing the deal. The process is not easy and many struggle to perform well consistently. Apart from presentation skills, market understanding, subject … Read More