Cold Calling

Cold call scripts

14 Proven Cold calling Scripts

Let’s admit that cold calling is tough, and its critics even say that it has gone out of fashion and become dead. If you have ever faced a rude rejection, that compelled you to say that it’s true, however, it indeed can … Read More

B2B Cold Calling best practices

11 Ultimate Tips for B2B Cold Calling in 2020

It is officially declared that “B2B Cold calling is dead and buried.”  Yes, it is dead if you adopt 90s methods. The above statement defines that the traditional way of cold calling is dead. These days, cold calling methods are … Read More

What is a Sales Call

What is a Sales Call? 7 Quick Tips For Better Sales Calls

Selling is a science. Effective sales calls will embolden you to set a new milestone in your game. But the point of consideration is how can you make your sales call effective. Most sales reps are responsible for generating revenue … Read More

Sales call routine

Sales Call Routine That Will Skyrocket Your Deal Closure Rates

Every sales call is crucial. No matter how it went, it would help if you were on your toes, even after you think you aced it. Every marketing division has a cold calling sales guy. It is because cold calls … Read More

Questions every salesperson should ask

Sales Questions Your Sales Personnel Should Ask

Sales is about providing a solution. Size up your customer and sell properly, align need to benefits to them, and you’ve won half the battle already. Organize yourself first, then approach your potential customers and ask them questions that work … Read More