The countdown begins each day of every week of every month for every sales professional across the globe. The two words you normally hear them say are deals and time. But we can save time and maximize our deals by investing in the right processes, activities, and skills. The idea is to evolve with the evolving technologies and techniques.

On that note, let’s now understand how Prospecting has evolved over the years and how do we leverage advanced tools like Ampliz SalesBuddy to maximize sales in less time.

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What is Prospecting?

Sales Prospecting is the initial part of the overall sales process. It consists of systematically analyzing the type of customer you want to acquire, identifying digital or real-life market opportunities, searching for potential customers, deciding the best way to approach them and contacting newly found leads via their preferred channel of communication.

Prospect like never before!

While the techniques of sales prospecting are pretty straightforward, it’s much more nuanced in practice.

Now, how do you begin with prospecting?

Here are 5 simple steps that can put you right on track

  • Research, Qualify and prioritize your leads
  • Identification of Key decision maker
  • Reach out to the decision-maker and make that introduction if possible schedule a meeting (using a scheduling app will make the process more professional)
  • Educate and provide value to your customers.
    (Tip: Talk in the language of your customers to close more deals. to elaborate, first address the pain points your customers are facing and then talk about your product/service)
  • Address their issues/questions/objections and finally close the deal.

These steps are easier said than done. Let me give a cool stat here: Did you know that 80% of sales prospects report saying “no” four times before they get to a “yes,” on a deal?

Couple that with the fact that 92% of salespeople report giving up on a sales prospect after hearing four “no’s,” and we’ve got a lot of missed opportunities sitting on the table.

How exactly do you prospect amidst all this chaos?

Simple! Follow some best practices that experts use to improve their sales figures.

  • Consistency is the key: Prospect Daily
  • Emails and Mobile at bay! Keep the distractions away!
  • Plan what you want to talk about
  • Research about the company and the decision-maker, so you never mess with that first impression.
  • Provide value in every call. 
  • Target the right audience

Let’s simplify as many processes for you.

How about a tool that provides you all the basic contact information of decision-makers like their email ID, contact numbers and LinkedIn profile in a click of a button? How about that tool also provides you with all the information you want to know about your clients before even having your first business call? Do you think I’m messing around?

Nope! Ampliz SalesBuddy is the tool you should be using to ease your daily cumbersome activity.

How does Ampliz SalesBuddy help sales reps?

Ampliz SalesBuddy is a global B2B sales Intelligence platform equipped to provide you all the information you need to know about your prospects. It is widely used by Sales, marketing, recruiting teams across the Globe.
With a 120Million verified contacts, 7M Company information at 95% accuracy, Ampliz SalesBuddy is inarguably the global leader in this space!

SalesBuddy enables sales professionals to skip the hassle of researching to get the right information. Once the basic parameters about your ideal prospect are set, all that you have to do is visit your ideal prospect’s website and Voila, you get their information!

Not just that, Ampliz SalesBuddy also scored your prospects against your parameter and gives you a score to decide how good a prospect is. Statistically proven, this saves about an hour a day!

That first impression you set when having your first call with your prospect is crucial. Make sure you are equipped with all the information you think you might need before even getting on the call. Any information you think might make a difference during the call like Recent Hiring, Funding of the company, etc, type that in the contextual Intelligence field and we will fetch that information for you!

So, how much of time do you think you will save here? I wonder!

Get key data intelligence with Ampliz

Can marketers use SalesBuddy as well?

You bet! 

As a marketer, building a great community is crucial. LinkedIn is an excellent place to do just that, using Ampliz SalesBuddy enables you the direct LinkedIn handles of people across the globe working in different sectors. Use this to connect with the right folks and build a great network.

To run Email marketing campaigns, you must be worried about getting the right email ID and email ending up in Junk/Spam.

Ampliz SalesBuddy to your rescue! With 95% of data accuracy, you can rest assured that your beautifully crafted emails will now definitely reach your audience. If you would like more information like Social media handles, etc ask that away in the Contextual Intelligence and we will get that delivered to you.

I can now think of endless possibilities using Ampliz SalesBuddy and I am sure you can too!

Recruiters will breeze through their daily work with SalesBuddy

If you are looking to connect with experienced professionals working in a particular industry, all that you need to do is set the parameters in the tool appropriately. You can now visit any website and get their contact information.

If you need any additional information like the previous company the candidate has served for, ask that away on Contextual Intelligence and you will get that data delivered at your doorstep.

However, if you are looking to connect with Student/Freshers, Ampliz Salebuddy cannot be of much value 🙁

Don’t you worry! We have Ampliz People Finder – A recruiter’s goto tool to find the right talents and hire them!

Here is a cool Stat: 73% of B2B companies are focusing on lead quality over lead quantity. We say otherwise!

Ampliz SalesBuddy does not compromise Quality over Quantity. We work on both aspects to get the best in class data so you don’t have to worry about but focus on cracking the deal. You must get the data you need with the quality you expect. Our engineers work tirelessly getting all the data loaded, cleansed, verified by as many as sources as possible to make that work.

We are also working on our algorithms to continuously improve Contextual Intelligence, so you can get the data delivered in real-time! How cool is that? 

Bear with us for we are transforming the B2B Lead generation space with advanced tools, Enterprise editions and API’s.

Let me leave you with a deal-breaker tip: Any customer would appreciate some benefit after spending that time with you. Share them some handpicked articles/Content pieces that you think might be beneficial to them. The content need not be your company’s, but something you came across on the Internet, you think will be great to share. This will help build an amazing rapport with your customers. Even if your deal does not work out, your customer will still remember you for a long time! Cheers 🙂

Prospect like never before!