Access IT executives email list with a comprehensive database and reach out to your prospects at the right stage and at the right time with zero failed attempts.

  • Reach out to high-intent prospects
  • Spend less time on email list building
  • Reduce your turnaround time
  • Trusted by 5000+ brands globally

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Build your Pipeline Faster With IT Executives Mailing Lists

Tired of losing high-paying clients due to the high bounce rate of your emails sent to IT Executives?

We know how it feels when you receive an email failed message about your product promotion after spending days and nights looking for that contact information.

This bounce rate could be due to two reasons:

1) You are sending emails to the wrong person

2) You are sending emails to the right person but with the wrong email ID.

If you are facing a bounce rate due to the first reason, then you have to check your target audience, but if you are facing this due to wrong, faulty, and inaccurate email id, then you have to check your lead generation methods or the platform from which you are collecting their email id.

If you are collecting the email id from either Google or various social media platforms, then there would not be any guarantee of the accuracy of these IT executive email lists.

The email id of IT executive professionals is bound to change when they either switch their job or are promoted to another department.

And that’s why you need someone who provides you with the most accurate, real-time, updated, and targeted email lists of IT executives.

Wondering how you would get that. Try Ampliz. 

Ampliz is the IT executives mailing list that provides you with a comprehensive database of the most accurate, real-time, updated, targeted email list of IT decision-makers

Target And Sell To The Prospective IT Executive


Reach out to VP-IT who are responsible for managing a team of technical professionals and also responsible for maintaining hardware system, software application, and network infrastructure with Ampliz IT executive email list.

Network Architect

Network Architect is a professional with strong knowledge of routing protocols, security protocols, LAN/WAN technologies, cloud computing, virtualization, software-defined networking (SDN), IoT, etc. 

Additionally, they must have excellent project management abilities along with leadership qualities to coordinate development across multiple teams including engineers, developers, and technicians.

Reach out to them to reduce sales turnaround time.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) 

Reach the CTO of the organization who is responsible for leading the development and implementation of the company’s technology strategy, which includes identifying emerging technologies to leverage, managing technological projects, and ensuring that all systems are secure and functioning optimally.

Application Engineer 

Reach the Application engineer who is responsible for designing, developing, testing, and implementing various applications that meet customer requirements.

Their primary focus is on creating high-quality software solutions that enhance user experience.

They help you to close the deal faster as they work closely with clients to understand their needs and provide them with customized solutions that meet their specific business goals

Network Engineer

Reach out to Network engineers who are responsible for ensuring the smooth running of computer systems, voice, data, and video communications networks.

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Skyrocket your sales with our customized IT Executives  Email Lists. Try Ampliz for free! 

Why Choose Ampliz’s IT Professionals Email List?

  • Ampliz collects data from 100+ credible sources and validates them from 800+ experts. This gives you an accurate database of your prospects.
  • With manual and AI blend methods of data refresh process, Ampliz offers you close to real-time updated data.
  • With the help of state-of-the-art technology, Ampliz tracks the buying history of your prospects and gives you the targeted database of your most potential customers.
  • Ampliz IT executive email database has complied with all the necessary security requirements.

Ampliz’s most accurate, real-time updated, targeted, and compiled it executives email list helps you get

  • More open rate
  • Response
  • Conversion rate
  • and ultimately more sales in less time. 

About Ampliz

1) Sales buddy chrome extension

Ampliz SalesBuddy email finder chrome extension helps you to get the email address of your prospects from the company website itself.

This Chrome extension will show you the email address and Linkedin profiles of all the company’s key decision-makers. 

Along with this, it also helps you to get other information such as their revenue, employee strength, etc.

2) Prospecting Platform

Ampliz provides you with a database of about 400 million contacts and 100 million+ companies, with 100+ firmographic and contact filters-Industry, revenue, location, title, seniority, etc.

3) Custom data

Ampliz provides you a custom dataset with data appending, data refresh process that helps you in an effective outreaching process.

Why Ampliz for  IT Executives Email List?

Find the right ICP

Using the Ampliz database enables marketers to find their ideal customer profiles from millions of relevant data. No more running campaigns and lead generation activities to get details on prospects.

Accurate and Verified Data

Often marketers find data long before they start marketing campaigns. This can result in outdated or stale data. In order to avoid this, Ampliz has more than 800+ data engineers to work thoroughly on each piece of data regularly to keep it fresh.

Comprehensive Data

Marketers may need every detail they fetch about the prospects, but they have only names, email addresses, and contact numbers. 

It is not enough for them to run personalized campaigns. Ampliz understands the issue and provides every detail available on the prospect and needed from a marketing POV to help you get the best outcomes.

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FAQs: Related to IT Executives Email List

Why is it important to have the right IT Executives Email List data?

The right IT executive email database is of utmost importance in getting

1. a more open rate,
2. less bounce rate,
3. avoiding spam emails

An inaccurate email address can spoil your reputation. When your email is marked as spam, your email marketing software will disintegrate your overall reputation.

Meaning your emails will no longer be able to get delivered to the inboxes of people but rather in either junk or spam folders. 

To avoid this, get the maximum open rate and make the best of your cold emailing to ensure the quality of data.

What are the available formats for IT decision-makers email lists?

Ampliz provides you with the IT decision makers’ email list in 

Conventional text formats

What are the advantages of an IT decision from an IT decision maker email list?

Trusting Ampliz for IT Decision makers’ email list will be most rewarding for you in terms of

Higher open rate
Lower bounce rate,
Increased sales

How accurate is Ampliz’s IT executives email list?

Ampliz collects the data from 100+ credible sources and gets them validated by 800+ experts and thus provides 98% accurate data IT executive email list.

Can I execute multi-channel marketing campaigns with IT executives mailing lists?

Yes, of course, with Ampliz most accurate, targeted, and real-time updated IT executives mailing list, you can run 

Direct email marketing campaigns
Telemarketing pitches
Social media promotions