As everyone knows presenting a product or service to an unknown person is a daunting process, knowing the techniques of delivering a sales pitch will strengthen the confidence in the initial conversation itself. There is a myth in the domain of sales that the sales skill is an inborn talent. But the fact is that everyone can acquire this talent if they know the techniques of delivering the sales pitch. 

What is a sales pitch?

A sales pitch is an entire message you want to convey to your prospect with a convincing tone in order to sell your product. An efficient sales rep demonstrates the trending problems or a particular problem your prospect is facing and its solution in the entire sales pitch. That certain solution can be provided by your product or services to solve his/her pain point. In the B2B industry, clients don’t look for a salesperson; they look for a perfect advisor. Therefore, having a solution to the problem in your pitch will be helpful in the B2B industry.

This is the entire scenario of the sales pitch but the crucial part is how to start a sales pitch and how to end it. These two parts are very important since a good start can engage the prospect to hear the entire pitch and an effective end can bring a successful conversation.

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Why is a sales pitch important?

There are several ways to convey the product or service information to the prospect but still, the sales pitch is very important because:

  • One on one communication
  • Can feel the pain point of the prospect
  • A better understanding of his/her requirement
  • Can identify the perfect solution for him/her
  • Build relationship for retention
  • Can ask for a referral 

When a sales rep delivers a pitch, he can have a better understanding of a prospect and the prospect will have a better understanding of your product and service. A prospect can get all the queries answered that are not found online. Have a look at these sales pitch examples to get inspired. 

How to make a sales pitch?

A good sales pitch is a result of a lot of effort and research. There are several steps to make a good sales pitch such as:

  1. Sales pitch preparation
  2. Know your product well
  3. Craft your sales pitch

Sales pitch preparation

Before crafting your sales pitch it is always better to prepare yourself. When you start your sales pitch, it is really wired to start selling your product directly without knowing your prospect and his/her requirements. Therefore, before crafting your sales pitch you should:

  • Research your target audience – In any case, prior research is an advance step towards your next action. When it comes to sales, researching your audience’s account will provide you brief ideas of his/her domain, his/her pain points, and requirements. These points are very essential to craft your pitch.
  • Pitch to the right person – Researching your audience and his/her company is not enough. It is very significant that you need to find out if a particular person is a decision-maker or not. Pitching to the decision-maker is like throwing a ball to the pint. Therefore, it is always beneficial to pitch to the right person.
  • Stick to your allotted time – Once you research a prospect’s account or you contact him/her through social media platforms, try to find the perfect time to talk to him/her. Don’t lose the opportunity by missing the allotted time. 

Know your product well

After researching the account and before crafting your sales pitch, you need to know your product in detail. You need to list down the answer to the probable question you might encounter from the prospect regarding your product. Hence, having a thorough knowledge of products is most important to prepare your sales pitch. 

Craft your sales pitch

Once the preparation step is over, now it’s time to craft your sales pitch. While tailoring your sales pitch, gather all the information about your prospect you have found while doing account-based research. Based on the information list down the question you are going to ask. 

Before delivering a pitch, it is always good to ask questions. This will create an impression that you have already known about him/her that may comfort him/her to share the problems. Also, you will get to know additional information that was not found in account-based research.

How do you start a sales pitch?

Now you are ready to start your pitch right? While starting your pitch, avoid sounding like a typical salesperson and try to minimize the company and product pitch. Whenever the situation demands, speak about your company and product. Here are the points you should start a sales pitch with,

  • Elevator pitch
  • Good questions
  • Two-way conversation
  • Presenting success stories
  • Showing Your Unique Selling Points

Elevator pitch

While starting, you should be energetic and make sure to have control over your voice modulation. Your pitch deck should be energetic without showing any nervousness. Your enthusiasm will build confidence in your prospect to continue the conversation. Though you are pitching on the phone, your posture will shape your tone. Hence, sit or stand incorrect posture. 

Good questions

Once you commence your pitch, start asking a few good questions. While crafting your sales pitch, you have already listed down the questions to ask. Questions like, “I have seen you are visiting the XYZ websites for a long time which is good. Those websites contain a lot of information about data intelligence. I believe you don’t suffer from poor data, right? “

Likewise, you can craft several questions that will provide you enough additional information about your prospect.

Two-way conversation

Once you start asking the questions, allow him/her to speak. Make it a two-way conversation instead you speak alone. This type of conversation makes him/her comfortable to proceed with. Another significant part is voice modulation. During the conversation, apply the technique of voice modulation whenever it is required. If you apply it in the right way, you will have successful sales.

Presenting success stories

During the conversation, present some success stories of your existing customers. The story should be presented with only that much information that a customer should know, not in detail. You can explain or stress the point which represents only benefit parts. Make sure your story shouldn’t be boring, it should be interesting while presenting to the customer.

Showing Your Unique Selling Points

This is the principal thing all customers look for. Their first and initial query will be the unique selling point which they will not find from your competitors. Show your unique selling point and differentiate it from your competitors to entice them.

How do you end a sales pitch?

Once you are done with the call, it’s time to close it. While closing a sales pitch, you need to include the below points:

  • Call to action
  • Negotiation
  • Deal with rejections carefully
  • Ask for referrals

Call to action

The ultimate goal of all sales and marketing is conversion. Conversion happens where you have an effective call to action. Hence, while ending a sales pitch, don’t forget to have a clear call to action. Let your customer know the details about the benefits s/he is going to have and the perfect timeline they can see the result. 


If your customer is interested, s/he will come to the price discussion. Before the sales pitch, you set your limitation of providing a discounted price. Check if you can afford your product or service with the price the customer wants, or else be quiet and listen to the prospect. Try to convince the customer that your product is worth the price.

Deal with rejections carefully

Not necessarily all of your customers will be ready to buy your product. You may face a plethora of rejections in a day. In order to end your pitch politely, you need to deal with rejections respectfully and gracefully.

Ask for referrals

A sales pitch is more about creating impressions and building a good relationship. If a customer doesn’t buy the product and your conversation went well, ask for a referral before closing the pitch. Ask for a quick email with the phone number and email id of the person s/he referred.

What makes a great pitch?

A great sales pitch is considered when a sales rep balances the entire part of the sales pitch like from the beginning to the ending to even handling rejections, so and so forth. As it is explained above, an effective sales pitch starts with questions instead of a direct product/service pitch. A great sales pitch starts with the questions, then it flows with the product/service pitch and it ends with a perfect call to action. Also, the perfect sales pitch should be short and simple.

What are the 4 types of closes?

The closing of your sales pitch should be based on the information your prospect provided to you. There are four types of effective closing:

  • Assumptive close – This type of closing is done as per the assumption where a sales rep is not sure of the prospect’s decision. For example, a sales rep will close the call asking, “on which day you want me to contact you for the payment?” 
  • Option close – In this closing, a sales rep asks the customer by providing the options. For Example, “Which option you are interested in, basic or advanced? ”
  • Suggestion close – In this closing, a sales rep suggests to the customer like, “As per the information you have provided me, I would suggest you to go for the basic package first and then you can upgrade it to the advanced package.”
  • Urgency close – When a sales rep can sense the positive interest of the customer, he creates urgency by applying a limited offer or special offer for the day. In this case, a customer feels the s/he is getting a discount.

These are the common factors to make a sales pitch great. Most of the sales reps achieve this talent from the experience and practice. No matter if you are pitching through phone or face to face, the above descriptions are useful for both. A great sales pitch brings more conversion to the business.