Amazed to see such a saturated market of database providers?

As soon as you decide to opt for a healthcare database provider for your need of data and look for the available data providers you will find hundreds of database providers.

This makes it challenging for you to decide on the suitable one, isn’t it!!

To help you in this confusion, we are going to share the top 19 best healthcare data providers. You can go through them and choose the one that suits your requirements.

The database provider you choose should provide you the data which are

  • Accurate
  • Real-time updated
  • Compliant
  • Targeted

If you fail to check any one of these traits, you may not get your desired result from the database you have.

Ampliz fulfills all these requirements of a healthcare dataset.

Ampliz improves your targeting and enhances campaign performance by providing you with accurate, real-time updated, targeted, and compliant healthcare datasets.

Now, let’s see 19 popular healthcare database providers.


List of healthcare data provider companies

#1. Ampliz Healthcare Intelligence

USA Healthcare Email Lists

Ampliz is the leading provider of healthcare data, physicians’ data, and intelligence on hospitals, physicians, and various healthcare providers.

Ampliz’s mission is to provide customers with actionable insights through comprehensive Healthcare Data & Intelligence services. 

Ampliz Healthcare Intelligence is globally one of the most comprehensive healthcare contact solutions.

It has global data of hospitals, physicians to target critical decision-makers and personalize your value offering. 

Ampliz’s Healthcare database has 4.6 million physicians, 8200+ hospital contacts, 230 thousand healthcare execs contacts, and guarantees to have more than 95% accuracy.

The healthcare database is refreshed every 2 months with the latest AI-based bleeding-edge technology to provide the latest information.

The data is also manually verified for any discrepancies missed by the data engine to ensure we deliver you correct and relevant data every time.

A customer persona is set by choosing the designation, technology, and other 25+ attributes and helps reach out to more relevant contacts quickly. Export the healthcare contact database in a few seconds to your healthcare CRM or spreadsheet.

Export the healthcare contact database in a few seconds to your spreadsheet in CSV and XLS format.

Healthcare Data – Contact Us

Ampliz Provides Healthcare Data to Improve ROI


Every healthcare organization wants to improve their ROI.

Ampliz provides you with verified Healthcare Data, which can be used to promote your healthcare software’s, services and equipment within the Healthcare Industry.

With Ampliz’s targeted Healthcare Marketing Data you can reach Professionals, Executives and Decision Makers without any hassle and reap maximum ROI.

With so many competitors in the market, it might be difficult for you to get your message across to the ideal target audience.

Set up your buyer persona and get the list of healthcare organizations and contacts that match your tailored messages to run highly targeted campaigns.

Ampliz has created a data marketing platform that provides targeted data to promote your products or services within the healthcare industry.

This unique approach enables you to reach key decision-makers in need of information about healthcare software, services, and equipment conveniently.

Ask for custom data based on your specific persona requirements of the business. It is delivered blazing fast by the data specialists working 24/7 to serve you.

If you want more leads for prospects in the Healthcare industry, then contact Ampliz experts today!


Check out the List of healthcare specialties and data counts that Ampliz has.

List Of Healthcare SpecialtiesData Counts
Healthcare Email List2,301,484
Orthopedic Surgeons Email List25,834
Oncologist Email List26,504
Doctor Email List844,957
Dermatologists Email List16,590
Hospital Email List8,957
Nurses Email List358,840
Physician Email List844,957
Pharmacist Email List52,103
Urologist Email List8,986
Cardiologist Email List35,931
Pediatric Dentists Email List1,829
Neurologist Email List24,827
Radiologist Email List39,498
Gynecologist Email List2,977
General Practitioners Email List35,763
Primary Care Physician Email Database286,893
Mental Health Professionals Lists288,414
Physician Assistants (PAs) Mailing List283,005
Ophthalmologist Email Lists16,996
Physiotherapists Email List71,686
Acupuncturist Email List4,672
Dental Laboratories Email Lists3,508
Plastic Surgeons Email List8,652
Endocrinologist Email List8,994
Vascular Surgeon Email List3,424
Dentists Email Lists105,942
Chiropractors Email List24,107
Psychiatrist Email List32,423
Optometrist Email List21,839
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#2. BinaryClues


BinayClues list of healthcare databases comes with complete contact information. It enables complete flexibility in terms of implying varying use cases.

You can learn more about your customers by looking deeply into their healthcare datasets.

Reach out directly through your customer’s inbox with their private email address list of US hospitals.

Involve your targeted audience with customized email campaigns.

#3. Definitive Healthcare

definitive healthcare

Definitive Healthcare – another provider of a list of healthcare databases that aims to transform data, analytics, and expertise into a healthcare database.

Its product suite delivers comprehensive and highest-quality data.

The enterprise’s data provides clients with the analytics and insight needed to segment and research the healthcare provider market effectively.

Healthcare Data – Contact Us

#4. Healthcare Mailing

Healthcare Mailing has a highly targeted prospect list based on physician speciality, medical data sets, geographies, and job titles. 

You can effectively reach healthcare providers through multiple channels through verified data.

#5. Medico Reach

Medicoreach is an another healthcare database provider with an extensive data set of emails.

They claim to deliver a large dataset of medical contacts with in-depth information to have a great marketing campaign.

#6. Span Global Services

With their healthcare mailing lists, Span Global Services make it thinkable for marketers to clinch opportunities present in the healthcare sector.

They make their move by connecting with doctors, physicians, therapists, nurses, and other medical data sets executives.

#7. Mail Prospects

Mail Prospects

Mail Prospects’ healthcare industry email list offers healthcare marketers uninterrupted access to MQLs – crack into niche markets and verticals smoothly.

Our healthcare email list makes B2B communication highly responsive from the get-go.

With our mailing lists, you can enjoy global reach, extensive data, and ready-to-use data on a budget.

#8. Lake B2B


Lake B2B targets C-level executives in an industry that requires connecting with many stakeholders such as clinicians, administrative staff, financial executives, and IT representatives.

LakeB2B’s Healthcare Email Lists will help you strike a chord with the healthcare industry’s top-tier members at pocket-friendly costs.

The healthcare industry may pace slowly, but your marketing efforts need not.

HealthLink Dimensions offers hospital and health system intelligence to help you reach organizations vital to your business.

Their healthcare facility demographics and critical contacts database will improve and increase your outreach efforts, ensuring your message gets to the right individuals.

#10. HC Marketers

Healthcare Marketers deliver quality healthcare data, which helps you bridge the communication gap between you and your target audience.

HC Marketers also give you entree to the best leads worldwide, based on specialty, geography, and lifestyle data.

#11. Medicoleads

Medicoleads provide an exhaustive list of email addresses to reach the right healthcare provider at the opportune time.

One can find complete contact information through their email list. So that you can run highly targeted campaigns and have access to better ROI.

#12. Tophealthcareleads

Top Healthcare Leads has healthcare leads that will support you in business growth.

With more than a million records and a range of highly targeted healthcare databases to choose from, their email list is considered a substantial emailing list.

Attract top-level healthcare practitioners and decision-makers with healthcare email list marketing solutions. 

#13. MMSLists

Great healthcare marketing data, developed and delivered to help you focus on your company’s market.

MMS Lists make sure your USA datasets are accurate, complete, scrubbed, and ready to go.

Thanks to an ongoing selection process, collection, and verification from the nation’s leading healthcare professional associations and trusted select industry-specific sources, the USA datasets are highly detailed.

#14. Redi-Data

Redi-Data’s proprietary healthcare database delivers the most complete selection of medical datasets on the market.

Create full pictures of your target audience using vital demographic, geographic, and practice-related information.

Refine your targeting using data on prescribing habits, procedures, and/or diagnoses to create mailing and email lists for relevant and specific programs that drive ROI.

#15. Doctor databases

Doctor databases offer you a targeted list of doctors, physicians, surgeons, chiropractors, and other medical professionals compiled in a directory data format. 

This information is essential to every type of business.

It doesn’t have to be stringently connected to health issues – you may need to bargain your services or promote a new product. 

#16. ZoomInfo

Zoominfo combines the business contact database with best-in-class tech to pinpoint your customers & deliver the intelligence you need to hit your number.

Irrespective of the industry, ZoomInfo holds one of the most extensive provisions of contact information for healthcare needs.

Healthcare Data – Contact Us

#17. Healthwise Data

A female-founded company, Healthwise Data is one of the leading providers of usa datasets covering the wellness, telehealth, and alternative therapy markets.

Get a more holistic feel as a consumer with the uniqueness and ability to pay propensities that drive better targeting of customers and improve overall performance.

Believing in being a specialist, health, and wellness is the prime focus in order to switch emphasis to products, solutions, and customized service.

They offer a vast realm of individual-level propensities.

They bring an extensive coverage- 246M consumers, each with their own 50+ health and wellness attributes along with 100s of SDOHs.

Their customized and well-segmented data is helpful for marketing, analytics, and improving patient outcomes by top healthcare brands in the US.

#18. Adstra

Adstra provides data and identity solutions, offering value-based and flexible subscription pricing.

Their distinct models enable you to port data across multiple cases and media channels to meet the needs of the companies.

It is regarded as the leading provider of data and identity solutions.

They aim to help the rollercoaster of clients for boosting every business sector to grow and tweak up their profit through the innovative usage of the database.

Their comprehensive consumer and business data enables access to high-quality individual data attributes.

This further serves as a foundation for advertising, marketing, and customer-related decisions.

They act as fuel for Omni-channel marketing and create an exceptional customer experience.

#19. DocDelta

DocDelta is a healthcare database provider that enables healthcare technology manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies to track down the right prospects.

They have more than 5 million healthcare contacts and information for companies to leverage them as per their needs and usage.

With this platform, you can discover and engage with the relevant prospects for finding businesses and information on clinical data on healthcare organizations and providers.

Create hyper-personalized messages for your target audience to streamline ad campaigns and generate an efficient stream of leads.

Get HCP data you need to increase operational efficiencies and drive better care at optimal costs.


Importance of Healthcare Database

Importance of Healthcare Database

Healthcare professionals (HCPs) can derive a vast of information from the healthcare database- what marketing campaign works effectively, what post or content needs improvement and what is bringing no result or failing to provide desired results!

Besides aiding in promotions, the healthcare database brings the following:

1. Enhanced Competence

The Healthcare database records details of visitors in healthcare centers, hospitals, or doctors’ offices for effective future use.

In order to ensure that the recorded data is optimal, the database should have in-depth information with a simple and sleek design.

Database processing should be efficient for healthcare providers to have hassle-free access.

2. Transparent Information

Sometimes patients or executives shift from one healthcare center to another. Here, the healthcare database provider recorded data that comes in handy while analyzing the prospects.

It shines a light on information like payment methods, identification, healthcare control, and other statistics of management.

When information is shared across platforms, the data is believed to be organized and reliable.

Quality Evaluation

Since the details are gathered from different sources, like hospitals, state and regional departments, federal agencies, etc, it ensures it be true to its nature.

Based on parameters like the use of innovation, availability, and accessibility of services, and others, healthcare experts can evaluate and comprehend the healthcare operations quality.

How to find the healthcare professional database?

How to find the healthcare professional database

Ampliz is the leading healthcare professional database provider that compiles data for C-level executives, healthcare professionals, suppliers, distributors, and more.

  1. Build Ideal Customer Profiles
  2. Research on email list providers
  3. Providers’ guarantee policies
  4. Accuracy and authenticity
  5. Segmented database

1. Build Ideal Customer Profiles

Before stepping into the database, you must work on what customers you want to lure for your respective business.

Before embarking on your marketing strategies and campaigns, prefer building your customer profile.

This aids in curating content pieces that resonate with prospects you’re about to prospect.

2. Research email list providers

There are several healthcare database provider for you to choose from.

It is crucial to find an up-to-date and reliable database so that you can be sure of what you are getting into.

3. Providers’ guarantee policies

Go for a healthcare professional database that guarantees a validated list, segmented, open data, along with a full metric report.

4. Accuracy and authenticity

Prefer the healthcare email list that has high integrity with regular updates. Observe how the lists were compiled to ensure cleanliness.

5. Segmented database

The Healthcare database offers a segmented data list based on demographic, specialty, license rate, practice type, and much more.

What are the features of Ampliz

Features of healthcare database from AMPLIZ

1. Segmented & Customized

2. Find the right healthcare executive

3. Filter the attributes required

4. Boost 400X ROI

5. Drive business growth

6. Market healthcare executives need

7. High Quality, Reliable, and Verifiable Data

8. Save Time & Money

9. Powerful Campaigns Creation

10. Ensures Customers Loyalty

1. Segmented & Customized

The healthcare database must have a segmented list based on job title, medical affiliation, license state, practice type, etc.

The best part is that brands can customize the email list as per their need and requirements.

2. Find the right healthcare executive

Often companies cannot find suitable healthcare professionals HCPs to select them as per the need.

Since Ampliz collects healthcare executive information from several reliable and credible sources.

To ensure the data are of high quality and efficacy.

3. Filter the attributes required

When a marketer creates a marketing strategy, they have a particular milestone in mind to keep a track of the plans.

Therefore, marketers can filter the choice of attributes to store the data that only they require in campaigns.

4. Boost 400X ROI

With the healthcare professionals emails list, you can engage with the influential healthcare professional depending upon their prescribing behavior and your choice.

The return on investment in the marketing campaigns improves by 400%.

5. Drive business growth

Marketers can save time researching healthcare executive databases.

This boosts the sales of the business as it helps in enhancing the focus on marketing activities, leading to driving business growth.

6. Market healthcare executives need

With healthcare executives’ data handy, you can enjoy more lead generation, which further also improves the conversion rate by a significant percentage.

7. High Quality, Reliable, and Verifiable Data

All the data derived from the diverse resources are of high quality and up-to-date as per the real-time information.

The recorded data is further verified by the data experts before lodging them into the master data list.

8. Save Time & Money

The healthcare executive email lists are well-organized, simple, and accurate.

This ensures that researchers and marketers do not have to waste time, effort, and money.

Moreover, you do not have to engage in incomplete information or missing records.

9. Powerful Campaigns Creation

Healthcare executive database customization, as per the business needs, helps in creating powerful marketing campaigns.

The perfectly customized list keeps your targets organized and helps in launching enduring marketing campaigns.

10. Ensures Customers Loyalty

These perfectly designed campaigns help in reaching out to the relevant target audience and turn them into loyal customers.

Further, it results in increased revenue and improves overall profit.


Healthcare data providers are an essential part of any organization’s data management strategy.

By choosing the right USA data provider for your needs, you can ensure that your data is protected and managed efficiently.

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve outlined the different types of healthcare data providers to consider when choosing one.

Ampliz healthcare database aids in generating leads that maximize growth and revenue.

The list is gathered from data sourced from public and private resources like medical journals, business directories, medical conferences, interviews, government records, and many others.

Get the best healthcare database platform from trustworthy healthcare database providers.

Make sure to give our blog a read to find the best healthcare data provider for your organization!

Frequently Asked Questions On Healthcare Data Providers

What are the key considerations when choosing a healthcare data provider?

There are a number of key considerations when choosing a healthcare data provider, including the type of data required, the provider’s reliability and security, and the provider’s pricing.

What are some of the best Healthcare Data Provider options available today?

The best healthcare data providers today include healthcare intelligence companies, such as Ampliz.

Healthcare data provider collect data from various sources, including patient records, medical devices, and clinical data systems.

What is the most commonly used database in healthcare?

EHRs are the most used database in healthcare.

Apart from EHR, our most frequently used datasets are physicians’ email databases, psychiatrist databases, healthcare datasets, oncologists dataset and doctors databases.

Where can I find healthcare datasets?

At Ampliz healthcare intelligence, you can find healthcare datasets.

Who are the best healthcare data providers?

Ampliz is the best healthcare data provider that offers accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date information on a wide range of topics related to health and wellness.

Some of the top providers in this field include DHC, Lake B2B etc.

What is a healthcare data platform?

A healthcare data platform is a comprehensive system that collects, stores, analyzes, and manages vast amounts of health-related data.

It allows healthcare organizations to efficiently manage their clinical and administrative operations by providing real-time access to patient information across the care continuum.

Overall, a well-designed healthcare data platform plays an integral role in modernizing our healthcare system by facilitating integration between different stakeholders involved in delivering care.

What are the two types of data in healthcare?

In healthcare, there are two types of data – clinical and administrative.

1. Clinical data refers to information about a patient’s health condition, medical history, diagnosis, treatment plan, and outcomes.

It is collected by healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses or other clinicians who are directly involved in providing care to patients.

2. Administrative data comprises non-clinical information that supports the operation of healthcare facilities such as hospitals or clinics.

This includes details on scheduling appointments, billing and payment processes for services rendered, insurance claims management and quality assurance checks among others.

What are examples of healthcare databases?

Healthcare databases are essential tools that help healthcare professionals manage patient data, track treatment outcomes, and improve the quality of care.

Here are some examples of healthcare databases:

1. Electronic Health Records (EHRs)
2. Clinical Data Warehouses (CDWs)
3. Disease Registries
4. Public Health Surveillance Systems
5. Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) Databases
6. Medical Claims Databases
7. Research Databases

What is healthcare provider database?

A healthcare provider database is a comprehensive collection of information about medical professionals and facilities.

It contains detailed data such as the names, addresses, contact details, specialties, educational background, certifications/licenses held by individual providers or organizations.

Who is the best Healthcare Provider Database?

The Ampliz provider database is widely regarded as one of the most accurate and up-to-date sources for information on healthcare providers across the United States.