Almost every sales process starts with a series of cold emails. If you’re a newbie in the world of business development, learning how to write effective cold emails is very crucial. And what better way to write these emails than to use free cold email templates B2B.

Generating sales through emails is an art in itself. You need to have a proper email strategy in place, be it cold emails or warm emails.

As much as a good email strategy is important, writing the perfect email copy is equally important. that is where these templates come in.

Now the question is – what is better? Is it better to choose a single cold email template and blast those mails, or is it better to personalize those cold emails.

Well, people have their own take on this. We follow a very basic rule. Even if we are sticking to a particular template for writing cold emails, we make sure we personalize those emails with at least one element pertaining to the user.

We have curated this list of 12 cold email templates that address every cold email needs. However, we do not recommend that you use these templates the way they are.

Do adjust the content and the tone a bit when you use these templates. You can also treat these templates as a guide and write your own copy from scratch.

In general, the average email open rate is around 17.92%. Cold emails get even fewer clicks than any other kind of email. Because with cold call emails, mostly you’ve got only 1 shot.

It is of prime importance, thus, to nail that single email and make sure you meet your KPI – be it generating sales, getting a sales qualified lead or for prospecting.


But before taking a look at the best cold email templates B2B, let us understand what are cold call emails and what is the best way to write a cold email pitch.

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What is a cold email?

Any email that is sent to someone in order to sell something or get any information, without the person asking for it is called a cold email. It is often the initial email sent by a salesperson to generate sales or to get a lead.

Cold emails can be compared to cold calls as both of them kind of serve the same purpose just the medium of communication is different. However, in cold calling, the success rate is much higher for obvious reasons. Cold emails, sometimes are also referred to as cold-call emails.

There are 3 major reasons why most businesses use cold call emails:

  • Networking
  • Lead Generation
  • Sales

Every business has its own needs and thus the way they use cold emails also varies. Also, a thing to note here is that not all first interaction emails are called cold emails.

Suppose your sales team gets a lead from website or online ads and then you mail them, that’s definitely not a cold email. Cold call emails are completely unsolicited emails that you send to a person.

How to write a cold email pitch?

There are various factors that you need to focus on while writing a cold email pitch. Some of the most important ones are:

  • Subject line
  • Personalization
  • Crystal clear message
  • Call to action

For every email, the subject line is a prominent factor to focus on. From the subject of an email, the recipient decides whether to open that email or not. It should be short, clear and easy to understand. In case of cold emails, since the mail is completely unsolicited, you have to ensure that the subject line is catchy and evokes interest.

Cold call emails gain good responses when you personalize the email and the recipients feel the email is sent by a human. In this case, sending the bulk email doesn’t work well as it is very hard to personalize.

The next part is to focus on the context of the email. Your email should carry a clear message that is easy to understand for the recipients.

The last part of the email should contain “Call To Action”, where the recipient would respond without a second thought.

Guidelines for the Subject line

The art of creating an effective cold email is the subject line. The better the subject line, the more open rates you will get. In order to create a good and catchy subject line, you need to follow certain guidelines.

  • Personalize the Subject line.
  • Mention the recipient’s name in the Subject line, if possible.
  • Your subject line shouldn’t sound like a sales pitch
  • Use click-baits occasionally
  • The context of your email should be aligned with your subject line.

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12 Cold email templates to save your life

Different cold email templates help your sales reps in different situations based on the target audiences. That is why we have categorized the cold email templates based on the situation.

  • Cold Email to Decision Maker
  • Cold Email Follow up
  • Cold Email with Useful Resources
  • Prospecting Cold email template
  • B2B Cold Email template to Outreach
  • Cold Email Breakup

Template for emailing decision-makers

According to Forbes, 34% of millennials get annoyed when they receive emails from a brand. Therefore, the recipient of your cold email should be the right person and that mail should have a proper template.

Template #1

Hi [First Name],

I am really sorry for troubling you. I have gone through your company profile and found the [in detail about your prospect’s company].

The trend is going on where all the same niche industries face [pain point].
Would you be so kind telling me who is responsible for the [a few suggestions on pain points], and how I can get in touch with him/her to have a discussion on this?

If you are the decision-maker of [prospect’s company], please let me know your convenient date and time, so that I can call you regarding [suggestion on pain point].

I look forward to hearing from you.


Template #2

Hi [First Name],

I am reaching out to you because I found that you are solely responsible for [prospect’s position] at [prospect’s company], I was certain you would know more about the current process in place at your company for [department name].

As we’ve helped [name of the existing customer], I felt you might be interested in improving [pain point].

I did good research on your company and I’m sharing a few of my thoughts here which could help you [solution of the pain point].

I’d prefer to share a few more ideas with you and spend more time in understanding your current process.

[Prospect’s name], could we spend 15 mins on [date] at [time] to chat about this?

I look forward to hearing from you.


Cold Email Template for Following up

This email is sent when there is no response to your first email from the prospect. Providing them the piece of information can make them feel that you care about them.

Template #3

Hi [First Name],

I hope you are doing great.

I am writing this to you as I have not heard back from you.

Based on my current research, most of the [type of the industry] industries are suffering from [trending pain point].

As you are one of my good clients and I have already sent an email to you regarding this, I thought of sharing some more ideas to make you get rid of [pain point].

Idea # 1
Idea # 2

I would be more than happy to show you more ideas, on [day] [date] at [time]. It sounds good to you?

I look forward to hearing from you.


Template #4

Hi [First Name],

I saw on LinkedIn you’ve been sharing some awesome posts on [topic].

Recently I spotted these two super helpful posts and just wanted to share them with you:

[Link 1]
[Link 2]

Would you also be happy to share a little about [suggestions on trending pain points]?

I look forward to hearing from you.


Cold Email with Useful Resources

When you receive an email from a stranger, you don’t bother to open it. The same thing happens when your prospect receives a cold email from you. When you try to reach out to your prospect, research on his/her profile and find out his/her interest.

When you send an email with the content that is interesting for the recipient, the email demands to be opened. Seeding now will be fruitful for the long term.

Template #5

Hi [First Name],

I hope you are doing well!

I work with [your company name]. I would love to connect with the person who is in charge of [mention the department that is relevant to your product/service] to understand your current processes and suggest how {your product name} can add value to {recipient’s company name}.

I am listing a few features below that might interest you,

[resource 1]
[resource 2]
[resource 3]

I will be looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks in advance.


Template #6

Hi [First Name],

Upon looking at your profile, I found that you are interested in [prospect’s interest].

As I encountered a few blog posts related to your interest, I thought it may be helpful to you.

Here are the links:

Link # 1
Link # 2
Link # 3

I think [prospect’s interest] is a common topic for you and us. If you come across such helpful resources, please don’t hesitate to share it with us.


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Prospecting Cold email template

The first line of prospecting email should be catchy where the recipient can’t move forward without opening the email. It should be personalized and it should start with any kind of appreciation or congratulations to grab the attention.

This email should consist of COMPLIMENT, BENEFIT, TIME AND HELP.

Template #7

Hi [First Name],

Congratulations for your new role at [prospect’s company] as [Prospect’s role].

At [your company], we are helping the industries like [your existing customers] in fixing the issues [pain point in one sentence].

[Prospect’s company] is heading awesome as per our survey report but we found two issues that need to be fixed.

[Prospect’s name], could we spend 15 mins on [date] at [time] to chat about this?

I look forward to hearing from you.


Template #8

Hi [First Name],

It looks like you checked out [your product/services] at [your website].

As I couldn’t get back to you earlier, I am reaching out now to know the status of your pesky difficulties and love to share some suggestions/ideas to find the solution.

If we could spend 15 mins on [date] at [time] to chat about this, it will be great for you to move forward with confidence.

I look forward to hearing from you.


B2B Cold Email template for Outreach

Outreaching entrepreneurs and building relationships with them is the first step of the marketing strategy. In order to build relationships, you can ask for link building, guest blogging, etc.

The email should carry a message of benefits the recipient’s company will receive from you.

Template #9

Hi [First Name],

My name is [your name] and I work at [your company name + Industry type].

I found your article on [your product/service related topic]. If you could include a link to one of our blogpost [mention the section], It will be helpful to you as well as us.

Benefit# 1
Benefit# 2
Benefit# 3

I look forward to hearing from you.


Template #10

Hi [First Name],

Hope you are doing well!

I came across your article and it is just amazing.

We have published a couple of articles on this topic as well [provide the link]. The best part is we work on a common niche. If you can swap links to each other’s website, we will get good response and traffic.

Benefit# 1
Benefit# 2
Benefit# 3

I look forward to hearing from you.


Cold Email Breakup

Cold breakup email sent when all the previous emails went unresponded. This is the last attempt to start the conversation with the prospect.

The tone of the email should be as you are here to help your prospect. After all the attempts, you are closing the deal. Therefore, the content should be short and simple.

Template #11

Hi [First name],

I Haven’t heard from you in a while.

I’m assuming you’ve gone in a different direction or your priorities have been changed.

Let me know if we can be of assistance in the future.


Template #12

Hi [First name],

After several attempts, I am trying to help you last time.

If you don’t respond, I will assume that you found solutions for the ongoing problems.

Here are some resources that serve as a starting point for professionals dealing with [business challenge].

Resource 1
Resource 2
Resource 3

If in the future it ever makes sense to reconnect, you can book time on my calendar here.

I’m always here to help.



Now you are on the track to commence the race. Utilizing these templates, you can save your time to increase productivity.

Once you start using our template, you can easily learn to create your own template. After a certain period, you will have good ideas to create your own template based on the situations.

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