Olelo - A Platform to Build Your Own AI Assistant

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Location – Bangalore, Karanataka

Industry –  Information Technology & Services 

Number of Employees – 3

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Olelo is a conversational artificial intelligence start-up whose vision is to build smart conversational agents that can carry out human-like natural and intelligent conversations. They aim to develop a technology that helps in the digital transformation of an enterprise, and focus on reducing employee legwork through voice automation and increasing productivity.

Olelo AI assistant has multiple features like:

  • Most accurate and fast proprietary Speech Recognition Technology
  • World’s most advanced Natural understanding engine (NLU)
  • Semantic Knowledge graph
  • Fully Duplex Conversation
  • Multi Channel – Email, Web, Mobile App, Phone, Kiosk
  • Custom AI Device & Hardware
  • Easy Seamless Integration
  • Unbeatable Pricing
  • Cutomization – custom name, custom behavior
  • Privacy – On Premise Deployment
  • Multi Lingual – English, french, spanish..no problem
  • In depth customer analytics
  • Never Ending learning
  • Infinitely scalable
  • Easily extendable

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