Shivam Singh Founder at Allinone Cyber Team

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Founder year 2017

Location – Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Industry – Information Technology & Services

Number of Employees – 19

Tags – education, cyber, VAPT, OWSAP10, and technologies

Allinone CyberTeam provides training in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics for various public & private organizations. This team is lead by the folks who work with Indian Air Force and Indian Police. The goal of this team is to spread awareness about Cyber Security and make many people equipped with the tools and knowledge to defend themselves from different kinds of cyber threats.

Allinone CyberTeam provides:

  • Network security
  • Enterprise Security & VAPT
  • Cybercrime consultancy
  • Web Application Security
  • Industrial Training
  • Training to become cybersecurity expert
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