11 Sales Email Templates That Will Make Your Prospects Respond

Sales email templates

Yes, you read the title right — I believe that these sales email templates will get responses from your clients and prospects.
Writing emails that grab your prospects’ attention and get them excited about replying is a critical skill.

Hailing the inbox with emails doesn’t make any sense if those are not opened by the recipients. Sending sales emails to potential customers is a sales rep’s regular activity. But only 9% of sales emails are opened on an average. The real challenge is how effectively your emails grab attention and stand out from the crowd.

In order to attract your potential customer’s attention, we have shared some highly competent sales email templates which will help your emails stand out.

How do you write a sales email?

Before proceeding with the refined and ready sales email templates, we would like to address this question that we get a lot – “How do you write a sales email?” Well if you are a sales professional, you should master the art of writing emails – be it cold emails or follow up emails. We have broken down the process of writing a sales email and below are the crucial steps.

A template should consist of below points: 

  • Have enough knowledge about your product or service
  • Know the value of your offering
  • Research the prospects’ account and know their pain point
  • Prepare a catchy and engaging subject line
  • Personalize the email

Have enough knowledge about your product or service

First of all, know the reason for sending the email to the prospects. Yes, of course, it is for selling the product or service. When you are ready to sell, you should have concrete knowledge about the product/service. The process/product knowledge is required not only to provide information to the prospects but also it is useful for you to define the potential customers. 

Know the value of your offering

When you start writing the email template, your content should contain valuable information on the product or service you are offering. More significantly, your offering should be compatible with the requirements of your target audience. When you offer or provide information on your offering to the prospects, make sure your offering is the solution to their pesky problems.

Research the prospects’ accounts and know their pain points

Followed by the above point, in order to provide the solution, the pain point of the prospects should be found. Researching the account and finding all information on the target account is a smarter way to save time and avoid the negative response.

Prepare a catchy and engaging subject line

Now you are ready to write the sales email to start a conversation with your prospect. The significant part of this process is to make the prospect open your email. It is possible when you have a catchy and engaging subject line. 

You have already researched prospects’ account and you know his probable needs. You have enough product knowledge and if your product can be the healing solution of his/her pain point. Now you are in the position to decide whether s/he is your ideal customer or not. Now write a template with a catchy and engaging subject line that provides the information about the email you are sending to the prospects.

Personalize the email

Once you are done drafting the subject line, move to the body of the email. Personalized emails always grab more attention than bulk emails. According to the need of the prospect, you can draft an email that is very hard to do while sending bulk emails.

How do you write a cold sales email that gets you a response?

With a low attention span and lower opening rates of emails, it becomes highly crucial to grab and hold the prospects’ attention. It is one of the biggest challenges that an email marketer face. Here is how you overcome the challenges:

  1. Use catchy subject lines
  2. Length of the email
  3. Use name
  4. Your fist 100 words of the email matter
  5. If they reached your 2nd paragraph, do not drag on the conversation.
  6. In the endnote be objective and have a CTA

Sendmail survey found that emails have caused tension, resentment, and confusion for 64% of working professionals.

The good news?

I’ve created a series of sales templates that will help your sales team save time and send emails that actually convert or get a response.

In this guide, you’ll find 11 sales email templates that will move your prospects to the next step – a reply or a sales call.

Access your Free email templates and see what works for you. Enjoy!

1. Cold Email Template

Cold email templates are written when neither you nor your prospects know each other. It is an ice-breaking, attention-seeking, and attention-grabbing email. A cold email template should be problem-focused, and always be about customers and their problems.  A cold calling email is not about selling. It is about taking action, which is usually booking a meeting or an appointment.

Cold email is a surprise email for your prospects. There are high possibilities to get ignored. But these subject lines can demand to open the email.

  • “[Introduction] [name]” or “[Introduction] [your name/company] <> [their name/company]”
  • Your Profile made me send this email
  • Connecting for the Purpose of …
  • Their company name
  • Available for a chat?

Hello [Prospect First Name].

My name is [Your Name] and I’m working with [Your Company] the [Your position]. I got your contact information from [Reference].

I’m reaching out to you today because I did some research on [Prospect Company].

[Talk about pain points and provide them a solution. Show how your product or service can be beneficial for them].

[Prospect Name], let’s schedule a quick 10-minute call. When works best for you?

Not flexible for a call? I’d be more than happy to drop you an email to get your insights on how we can make [Prospect Company] better and see if it would make sense for us to work together.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Talk Soon,

[Your Signature]

Hi [first name],

My name is [your name] and I am a part of the business development team [one sentence about your role in your company]. We recently launched a new product that [one sentence pitch].

Based on your online profile, you appear to be an appropriate person to connect with … or might at least point me in the right direction.

I’d like to connect with someone from [prospect’s company] who is responsible for making a decision on [related to your product or service].
If that’s you, are you open to a fifteen-minute call on _________ [time and date] to discuss [company name]’s product/service can specifically help your business? If that’s not you, can you please put me in touch with the right person?

I appreciate the help!

I look forward to hearing from you.

[Your Signature]

2. Referral Outreach Email

Hello [First Name],

[Reference name] told me today that you two were discussing on how tough it is to get relevant leads in the door. It’s a big challenge that all companies are facing these days.

After checking your website and registration process, I have some thoughts regarding where you may be losing people in the process.

And, I’ve got some ideas you can implement that should have a positive impact on lead conversion rates.

Let’s schedule a 10-minute call to talk some more about this.

Looking forward,

[Your Signature]

3. First Follow-up Email Template

 Hi [Prospect Name],

It was great talking to you 

On Monday, I sent the [Service/Product] proposal you asked for. I had not heard from you since and just checking back on this, and if you had any questions.

I would like to do a quick 5-minute call with you. Would you be available this week?

If so, let me know what date and time work best for you.
Looking forward.

Talk Soon,
[Your Signature)

4. If They Request a Demo

Hi [Prospect Name],

I noticed you requested a demo of [product/service]. We work with companies in your industry, and our goal is to be helpful during your evaluation process.

Demo will help me to understand what you’re hoping [Your Company] can help with, as well as your strategy and goals in general, so then I can customize your demo accordingly.

To get started, you can book time on my calendar here: [Date/Time].

Looking forward to connecting,

[Your Signature]

5. Final Follow up Email

Hi [Prospect Name],

As I have not heard back from you, assuming that either you’re busy or your priorities have changed.

So we are going to close this query by the end of this week. If you are still interested, just revert here with your questions.

Thanks for your help.

[Your Signature]

6. Ask If You’ve Got the Right Person

Hi [Name],

I’m trying to reach the person who’s the head of marketing department at your company.

We’ve helped businesses like yours increase marketing qualified leads by as much as 25%.

Could you help me get in touch with the right person?

Thanks for your time,

[Your Signature]

7. When Prospect Says, “I’m not interested”

Hello [Prospect Name],

Okay, I get it.

Does that mean you’re not interested right now, but in a few months things could change, and I should keep in touch?

If Yes, when should I follow back up with you?

Here’s [Resource] to learn how we can help you.

Remember I’m still here in case you need any help in near future.

Talk Soon,

[Your Signature]

8. Re-engage With Old Prospects

Hi [Prospect Name],

It’s been a while since we were in touch.

[Prospect Company] had trialed with [your product] in the past. I’d love to reconnect with you to better understand why you had moved away from the same.

We have made some market breaking innovations since you had signed up and partnered with some big names like [customer 1] and [customer 2] too.

I would be more than happy to show you new innovations. Let’s have a quick chat sometime this week, [Date and Time].

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Talk Soon,

[Your Signature]

9. User Generated Email

Hello [Name],

We talk a lot about our products and how awesome we think they are. But don’t believe our words!

Read what our customers have to say about the [Your Product]:

[Customer testimonial #1]

[Customer testimonial #2]

And guess what? We want to feature you in our next email. Leave us a review of your favorite product — we’d really appreciate it! [Hyperlink or link to review page]

Talk Soon,

[Your Signature]

10. Apology Email to Unhappy Customer

Sorry about that, [prospect name]!

It looks like something went wrong with [specific problem].

Our team [is working hard to fix it/has worked hard to fix it]!

As a thank you for being such a great (and patient!)

[Client name], I want to give you this free [exclusive promotion].

If you have any questions, please contact me [Your Number]

[Your Signature]

11. AMP email templates

Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP) for Email or AMP email templates allows the email senders to create and send interactive emails with dynamic content. It is a new HTML format with a set of components embedded into the email, that enables users to mingle with them. For example, users can alter their order, fill the forms, or scroll through the carousel in the inbox itself. All these options make an AMP email template to have a dynamic content like having a sort of a mini-website.

Another critical feature of AMP email templates is that it enables the sender to adapt the email content in real-time thus delivering dynamic email content. In case, the offers or the message sent earlier in the email campaign no longer binding or holds relevance. You can update those offers or details with newer information by changing a bit of code. It makes AMP email templates highly desirable and adaptive.

It is possible for the reason the information isn’t encoded to the email as a default setting but drawn out of an email server. So you can adapt the email content in dynamic blocks as many times as you want.

What’s Next?

You just accessed the sales email templates. Hope you found these helpful. We’d love to hear from you.

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