Singapore has become a hub for fintech companies in recent years, with many startups choosing to base themselves in the city-state. List of Fintech companies in Singapore assists various B2B business grow in the market and provides trading, exchange and digital financial services.

One of the reasons for this is the supportive environment that the Singaporean government has created for fintech firms. The government has been proactive in promoting the sector and has put in place a number of initiatives to help fintech companies get started and grow.

Another reason why Singapore is attractive to fintech firms is its pool of talent. The city-state has a large number of highly educated individuals who are skilled in fields such as engineering, data science, and computer programming. This makes it easier for fintech companies to find the personnel they need to develop innovative products and services. Singapore’s thriving fintech scene has seen the rise of numerous fintech app development companies, offering innovative solutions to both startups and established financial institutions.

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Over the years, more and more companies are pouring into fintech industries. It has become tough to sift through them and recognize the big sharks in the industry.  Let us learn more about the Fintech industry in Singapore.

List of Fintech Companies in Singapore 2024

The explosion of fintech startups, like financial banks, has made tech-driven changes. There has been a great shift from digital loans and mobile stock services to eCommerce payment platforms and digital currency exchanges rooted in digital financial access.

Fintech is more than finances, it involves several industries and sectors- under fintech companies in Singapore. For instance, fundraising, investment management, retail banking, non-profit organizations, education, and more. It also includes the progress and development of the crypto market. The fintech industry has the potential to revolutionize financial services in numerous sectors, markets, and countries. 

Moreover, it is seen as a game changer in Singapore, the city of lions. Although the pace is slow, the popularity has amplified all over Singapore. Fintech companies in Singapore are attracting a lot of investors. In this rapidly evolving landscape, harnessing the power of machine learning to reduce false positives in financial transactions and security measures is becoming increasingly crucial.

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In this blog, we will discuss the top 10 list of Fintech Companies in Singapore 2024:

Top Fintech companies in Singapore 2024

Let us cover the list of fintech companies in Singapore 2024 here. 

1. Nium

Nium is the biggest fintech companies in Singapore and a next-generation financial service platform. It enables companies from all over the globe to unlock new revenue opportunities and simultaneously improve cash flow economics. Nium has been regarded as the leader in its geographical and payment services arena. It owns licenses in the world’s largest and fastest-growing economies. The modular platform of Nium allows payment providers, banks, travel companies, and other businesses to disburse or collect funds in local currencies.

Available in more than 100 countries, Nium also issues physical and virtual cards globally for ease of use Their proprietary API sets help embed financial services and bring multiple B2B and B2C to life use cases in a few weeks. Nium is also a part of CB Insights Fintech 250 which highlights promising Fintech companies globally. Today, it serves more than 130 million customers enabling platforms in order to provide financial services across the globe. It is one of the reputed and top fintech companies in Singapore. 

2. KingSwap

KingSwap is the latest decentralized finance (Defi) liquidity platform which is an evolution of UniSwap. Additionally, they allow users great convenience between the cryptocurrency bots and fiat currencies in the world. They are based out of Singapore, Central Region. Above all, they also provide a high-yielding liquidity platform that offers extensive staking rewards, and more. Know that the native $KING tokens are regulated under the laws of Singapore.

3. Thunes

Thunes, is another top fintech companies in Singapore and B2B company powering payments for the world’s fastest-growing business. Right from Uber and Deliveroo (the big economic giants) and Southeast Asia’s super app Grab to PayPal and Remitly (the Fintech leaders). With a simple and single connection, businesses and customers can send payments to or even get paid in every corner of the world.  Supporting more than 60+ currencies help enable payments to more than 110+ countries and 285+ payment methods. Thunes has its headquarters in Singapore and regional offices in Paris, Shanghai, New York, Dubai, and Nairobi.

4. Silent Eight

Silent Eight is a technology company that leverages artificial intelligence for custom compliance of models in the world’s leading and largest financial institutions. They gave a mission to empower their clients in a fight to eliminate financial crime. Deployed in more than 150 markets, they were founded in Singapore and have its global hubs in London, New York, and Warsaw. Silent Eight helps financial institutions to manage their compliance obligations using the advancement in artificial intelligence.

5. Singlife

Singlife believes in having a world that needs a better kind of insurance company. They make use of the smartest technologies and have insurance digital with automated efficiencies, making it more convenient and affordable. So far achieving all their little milestones, they are doing the same to manage the finances of the businesses and customers. They aim to drive better results and a mobile-first alternative to banking. They provide digital life insurance services besides adding effortless investing to the mix. 

6. Advacne.AI

ADVANCE.AI is another leading artificial and big data company in Asia. They help solve digital transformation, process automation for enterprise clients, and fraud prevention. It was started in 2016 with its headquarters in Singapore. They are a leader in Risk Management, digital lending, and artificial intelligence. They have partnered with over 1000 enterprises so far all across Mexico, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. Sectors like banking, fintech, financial services, retail and eCommerce, and payment are a few of the investing sectors. As part of Advance Intelligence Group, it is a Series-D AI-driven technology company based out of Singapore. Besides this, it also has its operations in South and Southeast Asia, Greater China, and Latin America. 

7. Aspire

Aspire is a one-stop solution for finance operating systems to grow business. They help companies save a lot of time and money with extensive borderless payments, cash management, corporate cards, and more. They have a mission to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs with the best of the financial tools that they need to realize and meet the company’s full potential. Besides their headquarters in Singapore, they have offices in Indonesia and Vietnam. Some of the world’s best VCs like Y-Combinator ( the number one startup incubator in the world) backed Aspire.

8. Credolab

Credolab believes traditional banking leaves people out of the process. The reason why Credolab is how it changes the way people look at credit. Adopting the advanced technology helps calculate the credit scores based on the web behavioral data and users’ mobile. As a result, lenders make decisions based on how people live and work in this modern world. Loans are made accessible and beneficial to everyone. Credolabs develops bank-grade digital credit scorecards that are built on mobile device metadata.

9. Hatcher+

A venture as a service company, Hatcher+ helps leverage deep learning, process automation, and global partnerships. It enables scalable portfolios and index-style investor returns.

They use Artificial Intelligence to improve the outcomes of the investors. This data-driven venture investment platform is based in Singapore, the Central region, and Singapore.

10. Bambu

Bambu is a B2B top fintech companies in Singapore that only develops tech for financial institutions. The platform helps the users save and invest in the future, and helps people in a small way.

Their plan stands to make the platform intelligent piece by piece and help people manage their spending every day. It was founded in 2016 and is largely owned by employees and its founders.

They have the financial backing of one of the leading players in the world of the industry in Franklin Templeton. 

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