Physician Experience: A feature that helps you skyrocket your business 10X

Whether outbound or inbound, converting a lead into a customer is a long process.

And as salespeople, you are always in the urge of accelerating this process, right? 

You can do that by winning their heart and gaining their trust. And for that, you need to provide lots of value.

When it comes to providing value, you need to understand your audience better, you need to understand their area of interest, expertise, problems and needs.

And to achieve this you have to do lots of research, right? This takes real time and effort.

Thanks to Health care contact intelligence tools, that has made your job a lot easier.

These tools get the email address, and phone numbers of your prospective physicians at your fingertips.

It’s just a matter of a few search filters and you can see a long list of targeted physicians on your dashboard.

Generally, Ampliz platform provides you to filter your search based on specialty, location, and hospital name.

Of Course, through these filters, you may have a long list of physicians, but all may not require your product and that may hamper your conversion rate. It also wastes the time and effort you put into reaching out to them and following up with them.

So to help you overcome this problem, Ampliz has come up with a feature called Physician Experience.

Here, along with specialty, location, and hospital name, you can also search them on the basis of the disease they treat.

When you know what all the diseases that your prospective physician is treating, targeting, and personalization become easier which helps you close the deal faster and better. Free Signup now.

Let’s see what are the other benefits of using this feature.

Benefits of filtering your prospective physicians through diseases they treat.

Knowing physicians’ expertise can offer numerous benefits for you. Here are a few key advantages:

1. Targeted Marketing

Understanding physicians’ areas of expertise, i.e. the disease they treat allows you to tailor your messaging and campaigns more effectively. 

By knowing the specific medical fields in which physicians excel, you can create targeted advertisements that resonate with healthcare professionals who are most likely to be interested in your products or services.

2. Enhanced Relevance 

Physicians’ experience provides valuable insights into the needs and interests of different healthcare specialties. This knowledge enables you to develop content that is highly relevant to specific medical communities, increasing engagement and driving better results.

3. Improved Product Development 

Collaborating with physicians possessing specialized knowledge can aid you in refining existing products or developing new ones tailored specifically for certain medical disciplines. By understanding these experts’ viewpoints, concerns, and preferences, you can gain invaluable perspectives that can inform product design decisions.

4. Thought Leadership Opportunities 

Partnering with renowned physicians as brand ambassadors or influencers helps establish credibility within the medical community and beyond. Sharing expert opinions through co-created content such as blog posts, webinars, or social media collaborations positions brands as thought leaders while simultaneously promoting products/services.

5. Effective Communication Channels

Different specialties often have distinct communication channels preferred by physicians practicing within them (e.g., forums dedicated to various subspecialties). By identifying these platforms where healthcare professionals actively engage, you can leverage this information to deliver targeted messages directly at the right time and place.

6. Precise Content Strategy 

Understanding physician expertise assists in crafting informative content that meets doctors’ expectations while addressing their professional needs adequately—whether producing research papers, case studies highlighting successful outcomes related to a particular specialty or providing educational resources on emerging treatment options aligning with respective areas of interest.

7. Stronger Relationships

Building relationships with knowledgeable practitioners enhances collaboration opportunities between industry stakeholders (such as pharmaceutical companies) and healthcare providers themselves. This could lead not only to improved patient care but also to strategic partnerships and valuable networking connections for marketers.

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