If you are in search of the best sales prospecting tool, for your Healthcare business, then let us introduce you to Ampliz Sales Buddy.

When a salesperson looks out for his prospects, he searches for potential customers for his business with the help of a number of tools. Referrals, trade shows, cold calling, and directories, are some of the very common methods that are usually used to attract potential new customers.

Using a sales prospecting tool is not only beneficial, but it has become a virtual necessity for most of the salespeople and their respective companies, to grow revenue and also to retain customers.

Ampliz, which is one of the best sales prospecting tools, introduces you to Ampliz Sales Buddy. With this, find direct dials, B2B email addresses, and company intelligence very easily.

Are you looking for Healthcare contact details? We bring you a Sales Buddy, for you to search for B2B contact details from the websites of key decision-makers.

Of course, you can gather information about your sales prospects, like, their contact number, email addresses, and also LinkedIn profiles, but apart from that, you can also check out the company’s information like employee strength, revenue, and more such categories.


Sales Buddy, our best B2B and Healthcare prospecting tool, goes through a process of three-layers verification. This makes our data trustworthy and relevant.

Using our sales prospecting tools, you can access:-

  • Data intelligence
  • B2B business leads
  • Contextual intelligence
  • Contact information of the lead
  • Custom prospect fit score

If you ask for the benefits of Sales Buddy, then let us give you a list of them:-

1. Ever-Increasing Revenue

When your number of customers increases, it automatically leads to more revenue. Every new prospect that you eventually convert to a customer, increases the sales production in your business.

This is a very important step for the growth of your company, and you can easily achieve this by using our sales prospecting tool, Sales Buddy. The increase in your performance eventually leads to the company getting more revenue, which is practically a win for your business.

2. Get More Customers!

With our best B2B prospecting tool, you get to attract more customers and also convert them into future buyers. It is normally seen that a typical salesperson loses almost 15 to 20 percent of the customer base, each and every year, because of gradual attrition.

With our healthcare sales prospecting tool, reduce the chance of customer-base erosion. Your buyer pool will gradually increase with more customers and will automatically allow everyone in your business to work with existing and new customers.

3. Gathering Data

Your work does not stop just after you have found your correct prospect, because that does not lead to immediate sales every time. Sometimes you need to gather data and also conduct market research.

Our direct mail and our wide database allow you to find out the reason behind why customers tend to buy specific products, how to sell best, and also so their primary focus during shopping.

Our data can also help you in developing sales strategies that can be applied for a long period of time, apart from helping you in contacting certain prospects.

4. Qualification

Qualifying prospects is a very essential part of prospecting. This basically deals with the list of qualifying criteria and basic questions, to draw out the most number of profitable potential customers.

Ampliz Sales Buddy, which is considered to be one of the best sales prospecting tools, helps you to find out the level of need, financial capabilities of prospects, and buy motivation, which can increase selling efficiency and find out the best prospects.

It helps you to find out ways to shorten your sales cycle by contacting as many potential customers as possible because that will allow you to make more contacts in a very short period of time.

Here is a list of the features of Ampliz Sales Buddy, your best sales prospecting tool.

  • At any time, get familiar matches for the personnel that you have selected.
  • Set your target customer’s personal and prospect fits score.
  • Access email IDs, direct dial, and get the LinkedIn profiles.
  • Get faster results from our best B2B prospecting tool.
  • You can export a huge bulk of your B2B prospect contact, that you have shortlisted, from your personal dashboard.
  • You can custom data sets with our contextual intelligence and add more and more data points.

Subscription Plans

  • Enjoy 10 free credits each month
  • Once you join, you can access LinkedIn contacts and prospect fit scores for free.

From Ampliz Sales Buddy, to scale your revenue, you get the accurate business leads that you need. By doing so, you can also save your precious time on focusing on the correct prospects.

Sales Buddy is also said to be the best sales prospecting tool because, with our prospect intelligence, you can build a very tough and strong sales pipeline.

Gradual reduction of man-hours and workflows, make your process smooth and effective. With the social data from key decision-makers, you can absolutely set fire to your ABM campaigns.

In a world full of constant unpredictability, between the marketing and sales teams, there is a huge amount of money that is invested in technology and exclusive tools. Please stand as a disturbance in customer outreach and workflows.

With part-time members, emerging roles, short tenures, and freelancers, new team cultures are interrupting the way of communication channels and instead, providing and promoting collaborative decisions.

Your Healthcare business team has to be armed with enough amount of Intelligence with financial growth and advanced technologies that will trigger the right prospects, leading to maximum closure of deals and also increase pipeline.

Ampliz provides you the best B2B prospecting tool which gives you a global B2B platform.

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