Outbound Sales

what is spin selling?

What is SPIN Selling? Definition and Questions

In the sales and marketing domain, there are lots of advice and tips many experts have provided. Though those are useful for all sales and marketing people, the book “SPIN‌ Selling” stands out in the crowd for its unique features. … Read More

What is outbound sales?

What are Outbound Sales and Its Type

“Outbound sales” is a process through will sales agents make sales calls or use other channels to reach prospects. Here, a seller, typically the outbound sales agent, initiates engagement with a potential buyer.  Outbound sales involve cold calling in the … Read More

B2B sales leads to closed leads

09 Effective Ways to Close Sales Deals Using B2B Intelligence

Despite the best efforts of your sales teams, results might not show up in terms of revenue generated and consistently takes a back seat. While there are many factors behind sales figures stagnating or spiralling downward, one significant reason could … Read More