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What Makes Email Marketing So Effective?

A White Paper By Ampliz

Today, the very definition of email is in a metamorphosis as email marketing champions the digital marketing zone by reaching out to most number of people. With hyper-personalization, marketing automation, cloud servers – email marketing has never been more alive! Quiz any marketer about the most popular and cost effective marketing tool in digital arena - the answer will be nothing but ‘email marketing’.

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What’s Inside?

• Introduction
• Top Email Marketing Challenges Of 2016
• Key Elements To Reduce Unsubscribe Rates
• How to Boost Deliverability?
• Major Types of Emails
• Conclusion

“Want to become the first brand your potential customers think of when they are in look out for a product or service? If your answer is yes, say ‘yes’ to Email newsletters!”

Actionable Tips

  • Email List Hygiene
  • Opt-in Process
  • Why are marketers so afraid of low deliverability rates?
  • Dedicated Email Server
  • Email Newsletter
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Transactional Emails
  • Promotional Emails

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