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We have Verified and updated Volusion Users Email List. Our database consists of contacts of all users of the platform, including free trail and all the paid ecommerce platform plans. The platform has been used by multiple industries such as food & beverage, business management consultancies, Telecommunication etc.

Major companies using it are: Shipstation, Harmony Business Supplies, Mac of all Trades, Hungate Business Services, Tea dog, Techie Warehouse. Etc. Volusion customers include Web retailers who are the largest users of this platform running in at 40,000 and they have been categorized as small businesses. Volusion is listed as the most favored e-commerce platform provider for two large format retailers in the Internet Retailer Top 500. We have contact details of all of these users with updated information and any other details you will need to run your campaigns.

Data Details

The List contains the contact details of Volusion partners, resellers and vendors from USA, UK, Canada, Australia and many other countries.

Job Title

Our data contains counts for various levels within an organization. For the Volusion Customers List we have -

  1. Director level - 2584
  2. C level - 3992
  3. Manager level - 9739
  4. VP level - 946
  5. Other levels - 18049
  6. Staff - 4700


The Ampliz platform allows you to search for entries within the data card as it is divided according to the various industries that it contains. The UI is designed for faster search and easy deployment of contacts for running marketing campaigns. Industries you can find and not limited to -

  • Home & Garden
  • Sports & Outdoor
  • Food & Beverage
  • Healthcare
  • Electronics
  • Auto & Industrial


Department wise breakdowns are provided within the dataset to make things smoother and easier for you. Run campaigns with highly segmented data that gives you exact counts based on various departments with a company.

  • Sales- 1908
  • Marketing - 3730
  • Finance - 3169
  • Human Resources - 953
  • Sales & Marketing - 409
  • Operation - 4056
  • IT & IS - 4146
  • Architect -194
  • Purchasing - 750
  • Medical - 1013
  • BD - 1700
  • R & D - 1566
  • Top Level Management - 3147
  • Sub level management - 3602
  • Education - 1313
  • Engineering - 1580
  • Legal - 622
  • Customer service - 479
  • Arts & Entertainment - 356
  • Others - 5317

What you get?

We provide over 70 selects as general and customized selects as per your need.

  • Contact name
  • Title
  • Email address
  • Business contact number
  • Company name
  • Physical address
  • Revenue
  • Company size
  • SIC code
  • City
  • State
  • Industry
  • Department
  • Level
  • Phone Number


90% Email Accuracy Guarantee
SIC and NAICS Organized

Unlimited Usage
High Deliverability


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Marketers Insights

Some of the ways where you can use our email list are:

  • You can use the list to send newsletters to subscribers, using iconography and language that reflects your brand while promoting your products and services.
  • You can increase customer loyalty with exclusive content and offers that are only available to your mailing-list subscribers.
  • Earn Money promoting Affiliate products on your email list.

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