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Validate Customer Email addresses in real time,
before you send

Validate your customer email database in real-time using Ampliz email validation tool and increase your marketing results by sending your email campaigns to valid, accurate, active and existent email address.

Protect Your Email Sender Reputation Using Email Validation

Avoid fraud and spam trap hits and get maximum delivery rates using Ampliz Email Validation tool.
No More Spam Traps
No More Spam Traps

Protect your email sender reputation with reduced spam complaints, bounce rates using our email validating tool.

Self-Serve Software
Self-Serve Software

Our email validating tool has user friendly interface, enables you to access and control server from anywhere using web browser.

Cost Effective
Cost Effective

Send your email marketing campaigns to the correct, accurate, valid and active inbox by validating your email list at Ampliz.

Real-Time Validation
Real-Time Validation

With Ampliz Multiple API keys, you can validate your customer email list in less than two minutes for 10,000 email entries. Our Five-APIs delivers high quality and accurate email validation process.

High Delivery Rate
High Delivery Rate

Maximize your inbox delivery and marketing results with 100% validated Email list. Thus, email your messages deliver right into your subscribers inbox, resulting more opens, clicks, and response rates.

Reduce Bounce Rate
Reduce Bounce Rate

Removing invalid email addresses from your list (or preventing them from getting there in The first place) means a greater percentage of the emails you send will be delivered.

Increase Email Deliverability & Marketing Results

100% Deliverability

Get maximum email deliverability with 100% accurate and valid email addresses by checking whether the email ID has correct syntax format as defined by RFC and checking it’s domain existence using our updated domain database.

100% CAN-Spam

Ampliz email validation process and encryption activities are in 100% compliance CAN-SPAM Act 2003.

100% Real time

All are email validating process is carried with APIs endpoints in real time giving you validated email list within 2 minutes to maximum two business working days.

How does it works?

We Validate Your Email List by Checking it’s Syntax format, Inbox Existence

Upload entire customer Email List, we validates all email address in real-time on the
basis on syntax formatting as defined by RFC, and it's DNS existences.

1. Syntax Correction As Defined by RFC

Syntax Errors in the email addresses may appear due to mistyping or incorrectly entered by customer service representatives. Although the RFC defines the usage of syntax to create an email address, and most of the ISPs enforce their own set of rules, there are various email address formats are used in practice that do not meet the standard.

Our email validating tool ensures that the email validation that we integrate are in accurate ISP email format rules to reduce the junk and result maximum number of valid email addresses.

For an instance, entering instead of or typing comma (,) instead of period (.). With Ampliz Premium Email Validation you can recover the correct emails by correcting spelling and syntax errors. Take a look at the few more examples of email list validation on the basis of ‘Correct Usage of Syntax’

  • Invalid email Addresses
  • 1. “William, Smith”
  • 2. superstory;billings!
  • 3.
  • 4.
  • 5. ulrika.harpé
  • Valid Email Addresses
  • 1.
  • 2.
  • 3.
  • 4.
  • 5.

2. DNS (Domain Name System)Validation

Our API end-point will also ensure that your email list is precisely validated with correct domain name, i.e the suffix after '@' symbol, the inbox exist and it accepts email.
The Internet is littered with domains that have never set up an email server and thus cannot receive mail. Ampliz DNS Validation Ampliz validation service that maintains a domain database, and invigilate the domain status not only for few seconds but for many number if days. Thus, your data is protected from the temporary breakdown, resulting the invalid email addresses only after being tested for several days.

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“Use our email validation tool according to your business size, requirements and the objective. Ampliz offers you three methods to get your email list validated”

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