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Stop Emailing To Do-Not-Mail Lists

Ampliz’ Suppression service helps you stop unsolicited email campaigns and avoid the unsubscribed and the deceased. That is what enables you to comply with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.

Reduce Redundancy & Enhance Customer Reputation

Ampliz helps you secure your reputation as an email campaigner with Email Suppression service.

Our Email Append software is flexible enough to fit your requirements. Select the subscription as per your business type, size, and email marketing goals.

Self-Service Software
Self-Service Software

Append your email list hassle-free with our easy-to-use and Self-Service Software. Our interface is user friendly, enabling you to access the server and control your email lists from anywhere using a web browser.

100% opt-in Email Database
100% opt-in Email Database

Add missing email addresses and update your customer database with 100% legally obtained business email addresses.

Real-Time Multiple APIs
Real-Time Multiple APIs

With Ampliz’ API keys, you can match against broad, rich sets of data in real time, and thus get the high-quality, accurate business email addresses.

Maximum Match Rate
Maximum Match Rate

Get the highest match rate by using our in-house database having more than 7 million customer records and other reliable data.

Safe To Use
Safe To Use

We match your customer data against a complete permission-based email database. Our Email Append Software operates in full compliance with CAN-SPAM Act Guidelines.

How do we add subscribers to Suppression List?

Subscribers Are Added To Suppression List Using Automated & Manual Methods

As part of Ampliz Suppression service, we auto-suppress email subscribers under security parameters like Spam & Abuse Complaints. After you upload Your Data, we auto-match it against our in-house database, send permission requests, delete opt-out responders, and isolate out-of-use email addresses. Ampliz ensures clean and accurate Email Append for your customer database.


By adding email addresses manually, we ensure that subscribers marked in your database as 'do-not-mail' are not added to the list inaccurately by any external system. To suppress manually, you need to add subscribers based on email address ( and domain (

To add or remove subscribers from the suppression list, we follow a few steps:

Due to security reasons, email addresses cannot be removed from the suppression list. Following are the four criteria by which the subscribers are added automatically to the email suppression:

1. Spam:

When a subscriber marks one of your emails under spam category, the email address is automatically added to the suppression list.

2. Unsubscribe:

When a subscriber does not wish to receive any emails from your company in future, they click on to the [UNSUBSCRIBE] button and unsubscribe from the email list. Once they click on ‘unsubscribe’, requesting the link, their status is automatically changed to ‘unsubscribed’ through your email list account and added to the Suppressed List.

3. Abuse Complaint:

For subscribers who have reported one of your emails as 'Abuse', the email addresses are automatically marked and transferred to the campaign database.

4. Bounce Rate:

When a subscriber’s email address returns a series of soft bounces, it's automatically marked as hard bounce and thus, automatically added to the Suppression List.

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Ampliz SupPresses Email List Beyond Unsubscribed Email Addresses

“We record not only unsubscribed email addresses but also opt-outs, undelivered, deceased, unengaged, unqualified leads, to create optimal Email Subscription List.”

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