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Engage With Customers Like Never Before

Social Media Appending broadens your business network through multiple social media platforms and thus helps you to launch an integrated marketing campaigns. Ampliz social append software not only helps you to stay connected and engaged with your loyal customers but also enables you to meet right prospects.

Keep In Touch 24*7 with Your Customers & Prospects

Ampliz social media appending service connects with new customers, enables you to send engaging social media campaign and maximize your customer reach through multiple social media platforms.
Reach Relevant Users
Reach Relevant Users

With Ampliz Social Media Appending tool connect with new, yet relevant users, and convert them into profitable customers.

Customer Engagement
Customer Engagement

Our social appending service enables you to stay in touch with loyal and active customers and also connects you with prospect

Build Brand Image
Build Brand Image

Target right users with custom audiences’ on Facebook pages and Twitter handle. Increase your followers, shares, likes, etc and keep trending on social media to build strong brand reputation.

How does it works?

Connect with Market Influencer & Reach Maximum Customers

“Our Social Media Append tool is very quick and easy-to-use. Just upload customer information with us, define your appending rules, and we will auto-match it with help of expert team matching it against millions of active social accounts.”

1. Upload Email

Upload your customers’ email list via our secure FTP server.

2. Match Against Social Database

Once your customer data is uploaded, our expert team will match it against our proprietary social database.

3. Appends Your File

After your data is match processed, we will append your customer file with accurate, active, and updated social media profiles.

4. Multiple Social Appending

Once your file is appended our team at Ampliz will ensure that each email address is appended with multiple social media profiles from our master social database.

5. Download the appended file:

Once the file is appended, we will send a notification mail and appended file is shared via our secure FTP site, you can download it with single click.

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Get Maximum Results With Minimal Investment

“Meet social media Influencer, create an interactive industry specific online communities, and strengthen your brand reputation using Ampliz Social Appending Tool”

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Extract Valuable Data from just a Web Address

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