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Drive Maximum Return On Investment

Boost your marketing efforts by adding names, and mailing addresses to your phone lists. Ampliz Reverse Phone Append eliminates incompetency of a call centre, and makes the customer interaction more proficient leading to sales conversion.

Reverse Phone Append Accelerates Transaction Process

Our real-time software identifies callers, tracks responses, geographical locations, and thus, starts on-time transaction process and keeps it moving forward.

We provide ‘24/7 Automation’ and ‘Batch Processing’ for Reverse Phone Append both type of services. You may select any one as per your business size and the marketing goals.

Omni-Channel Marketing
Omni-channel Marketing

Append your customer phone records with other information like email address, mailing address, to launch an effective Omni-Channel Marketing campaigns.

Multi-Source Database
Multi-Source Database

Complete your customer database by matching your customers’ phone records with millions of in-house and other multi-sourced database.

Get Complete Customers’ Contact Information Using Your Phone List

Geographical Tracking

Ampliz not only identifies callers but it also helps you to track the real time geographical location of your customers.

Million of database

Match your phone records against millions of internal & external database.

ID Callers

With Reverse phone append we can identify the callers’ name, and thus, you can send personalized Omni-Channel marketing campaigns.

How does it works?

We Append Your Phone Records With Missing Customer Information

Upload customers’ phone records, we auto-match it and append it with missing mailing address, name, email addresses.
Complete your customer database with Ampliz Reverse Phone Append

1. Upload Phone records

Upload your customer data containing customer phone records including all line types business, residential and personal via online secure link.

2. Auto-match

Once you upload your customers’ phone records, it undergoes data processing and matched against the in-house and other external multi-sourced database.

3. Appends

When an exact match is found, we append your customer file with missing name, email addresses, mailing addresses. Once the database is appended, we will send you a notification for the same, and you purchase the subscription and the Appended file is ready to download.

4. Download the appended file

When you receive any notification from our side, you may purchase the appended file and download it with single click.

Upload Your Customer Data

Remove Flagged Phone Records using Ampliz Do-Not-Call List

Our Do-Not-Call data processing service ensures that you maintain good brand reputation with your existing customers and prospects by deleting flagged Phone records registered in US National Do-Not-Call registries, Direct Marketing Association (DMA) registries, and Canadian registries. Thus, Ampliz DNCL service appends your customer list with the updated, accurate, and valid phone numbers.

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