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Know Your Customers better

Strengthen your customer relationship by adding all business and consumer phone numbers, postal address, and other customer contacts to your email records. Send cross-channel marketing messages to your existing customers on their preferred multiple platforms by using Ampliz Reverse Email Append Software.

Open New Marketing Channels

Know more information about your customers using Ampliz Reverse Email Appending. Reconnect and re-engage with your existing customers by adding various contact information.
Know Your Customers
Know Your Customers

Know more about your customers and understand them better by updating your email lists with other contact information like Full name, address, city, state, five-digit pin code and other.

Multi-channel Marketing
Multi-channel Marketing

Our Reverse Email Append optimizes your email lists by adding other missing customer information, and thus enables you to launch a multi-channel marketing campaigns.


Use our easy-to-use reverse email appending tool, and update your email lists effortlessly. Our interface is user friendly, enabling you to access your account, and control your Email lists from anywhere using a web browser.

Get Personalized
Get Personalized

Send effective and personalized email campaigns by knowing more information about your existing customers.

High Quality Data
High Quality Data

Match your customers’ business email records against a high quality and legally obtained in-house customer database.

Keep Your Data Safe
Keep Your Data Safe

We keep your customer email database safe and secure at each and every step of data processing.

Expand & Improve Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns

35% Match Rate

Your customers’ business email addresses are matched with huge database and appended with complete customer information. Maximize the match rate around 35% with our reverse append tool.

100% CAN-SPAM Compliance

Our data processing and encryption follows 100% of CAN-SPAM Act.

Millions of Database

We have around millions of in-house database, match your email list against it and update your customer database missing mailing address, business phone numbers.

How does it works?

Get Complete Customer Information Using Reverse Email Append

Just upload your customers’ email address, we will auto-match it with our system database, and append it with missing business phone numbers, mailing addresses. Ampliz updates your email database with comprehensive customer information.

1. Customer Data Acquisition

Upload your data containing customer email addresses via online secure link. We receive data in all formats, out team at Ampliz is competent to process files in all formats.

2. Match Against Database

Once we receive your customer email records, our team matches it against our database. We have massive database having in-house and other multi-sourced customer contacts.

3. Add Missing Customer Information

After the match is found, we append your email list by adding missing contact information like Full name, address, city, state, five-digit pin code.

4. Purchase

Once your Email database is appended with complete customer information, we will send you a notification and you can purchase the Appended File.

5. Download the appended file

After purchasing the appended file, you download it with single click.

Upload Your Customer Data



Optimize Your Email List To Launch Multi-channel Marketing Campaigns

“Ampliz reverse email append updates your email list with direct and valid mailing addresses, phone numbers, and thus makes your multi-channel marketing strategies more effective and efficient.”

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Extract Valuable Data from just a Web Address

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