Top 50 Largest HCA Hospitals Based on Net Patient Service Revenue

When we talk about the most influential and largely operated healthcare system in the US, HCA is the name that floats on the top. HCA stands for Healthcare Corporation of America that serves 21 states in the US, some parts of the UK, and different parts of the world. With185 HCA hospitals, 2000 sites of care, and a capacity of staffed beds 40000 has served millions of people to date and is still counting. 

The 2000 sites of care include surgery centers, freestanding ERs, urgent care centers, diagnostic and imaging centers, walk-in clinics, and physician clinics. The leading healthcare service providers and one of the largest Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) of the US have to date registered 28 million patients encounters, and 8.6 million emergency room visits in a year. 

Before you proceed to read this blog further, we just want to clarify that this blog is for those who want to know the top 50 HCA hospitals and reach out to the key decision-makers of these hospitals for business partnerships, investments, or any other commercial purpose. 

This blog would probably help you to get an insight into these hospitals’ know-hows and how to reach out to their top decision-makers frictionlessly. So before you make a decision let’s understand these hospitals’ financial status in brief.

HCA Hospitals have a Commanding Net Patient Revenue

While taking a look at HCA’s net patient revenue, we found the count to be $39 billion, which itself says how strong is their financial status. One of the main reasons behind its robust financial strength is its investment. 

Blacked by a team of the big private investor groups, and a few individual investors like Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and Bain Capital, together with Merrill Lynch and HCA Healthcare founder Thomas F. Some reputed private payors like United Healthcare, and Humana are also in the list of investors for HCA.

Even today the list of top 50 HCA hospitals that we are going to enlist here is based on the net patient revenue of thee hospitals. The intent is to help you find the hospital that best fits your requirement.

Top 50 HCA Hospitals

Here we are going to list down the top 50 best HCA hospitals sorted according to the net patient revenue. Let’s have a look at this list and understand the financial strength of these individual hospitals to explore them better.

[From Left to Right: Serial No., Hospital Name, Net Patient Revenue, Staffed Beds]

So what are they? Here we go. 

1. Methodist Hospital (TX) $1,499,642,523 1,548

2. Mission Hospital – Asheville (NC) $1,209,452,518 665

3. Medical City Dallas (TX) $891,748,599 723

4. TriStar Centennial Medical Center (TN) $754,040,800 525

5. Johnston-Willis Hospital (VA) $721,229,000 292

6. St. David’s Medical Center (TX) $681,294,002 350

7. Good Samaritan Hospital (CA) $638,715,289 300

8. Swedish Medical Center (CO) $619,211,405 356

9. Wesley Medical Center (KS) $608,392,801 552

10. Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center (NV) $602,446,949 557

11. Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center (CO) $600,019,534 337

12. JFK Medical Center (FL) $599,622,690 486

13. Henrico Doctor’s Hospital (VA) $545,346,507 340

14. Medical City Plano (TX) $544,453,348 438

15. Riverside Community Hospital (CA) $510,163,505 456

16. Trident Medical Center (SC) $506,104,421 296

17. Sky Ridge Medical Center (CO) $499,682,464 284

18. North Florida Regional Medical Center (FL) $491,899,553 381

19. Memorial Health University Medical Center (GA) $486,802,747 517

20. Los Robles Health System (CA) $471,034,233 287

21. Las Palmas Medical Center (TX) $470,227,675 287

22. Tulane Medical Center (LA) $460,410,316 235

23 Clear Lake Regional Medical Center (TX) $454,634,642 556

24. St. David’s North Austin Medical Center (TX) $440,149,022 350

25. Ocala Regional Medical Center (FL) $434,661,844 200

26. Kendall Regional Medical Center (FL) $429,961,666 394

27. Grand Strand Medical Center (SC) $415,330,721 369

28. Doctor’s Hospital of Augusta (GA) $406,504,563 259

29. Research Medical Center (MO) $403,412,597 374

30. Regional Medical Center of San Jose (CA) $402,530,165 258

31. The Woman’s Hospital of Texas (TX) $401,691,768 257

32. MountainView Hospital (NV) $392,725,332 301

33. Plantation General Hospital (FL) $391,494,846 264

34. Brandon Regional Hospital (FL) $381,813,223 397

35. Osceola Regional Medical Center (FL) $366,104,541 371

36. St. Mark’s Hospital (UT) $365,408,405 233

37. Memorial Hospital Jacksonville (FL) $358,942,261 377

38. The Medical Center of Aurora (CO) $346,583,925 308

39. Corpus Christi Medical Center (TX) $344,151,192 250

40. Aventura Hospital and Medical Center (FL) $343,850,638 351

41. Lawnwood Regional Medical Center & Heart Institute (FL) $341,283,145 312

42. Orange Park Medical Center (FL) $332,208,906 273

43. St. David’s South Austin Medical Center (TX) $328,058,993 299

44. Parkridge Medical Center (TN) $315,563,790 275

45. Reston Hospital Center (VA) $312,802,416 199

46. Overland Park Regional Medical Center (KS) $310,554,568 262

47. Kingwood Medical Center (TX) $306,660,206 494

48. Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center (ID) $304,458,809 226

49. Rose Medical Center (CO) $303,723,166 231

50. LewisGale Medical Center (VA) $301,908,831 330

The above top 50 hospitals are among the 185 but the count is still going on for HCA. Putting a focus on some recent achievements by HCA, in February 2019, it has purchased a six-hospital system named Mision Health in Asheville and Western North Carolina worth $1.5 billion. 

Then sooner in May 2019, it has released its new Sepsis Prediction and Optimization Therapy (SPOT) technology. It is an algorithm and an alert system designed for detecting sepsis quicker than ever before. So far it has saved an estimated 8000 lives.

So how many hospitals and other health centers are currently operating under HCA? Here’s an analyzed figure.

Sites of Care 20000

Hospitals 185

Physician groups 127

Ambulatory surgery centers 157

Imaging centers 129

Urgent care clinic 150

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