Startups from Europe at Web Summit 2019

Startups from Europe at Web Summit 2019

Web Summit 2019, arguably the largest tech fest in the world, had a massive event this year as well. This massive tech event in Lisbon, Portugal witnessed a flurry of startups flocking from all over the world.
Companies of all sizes, demarcated on the basis of alpha, beta and growth startups, and the variety of industry verticals present was absolutely crazy.

We, at Ampliz, had a great show this year at Web Summit, 2019 as well. We met some amazing startups from various countries and absolutely enjoyed our time there. Our Ampliz booth on Day 4 of Web Summit was an absolute hit. People loved our product as well as our #BeingSuperCharged community.

In this article, we have listed down a few startups from Europe who were present at Web Summit, Lisbon 2019.
This article lists down only a handful of USA and Canada startups. To get the full list, click on the button below.

Startups in Europe

We came across a lot of startups from Europe, especially from the UK, Italy, France, and Portugal. The diversity in ideas and the underlying tech of these startups was simply overwhelming. These are some of the best startups from Europe that we have listed down below.

Startups from United Kingdom

This year, there were more than 70 startups from the UK participating in Web Summit 2019. AI & machine learning, Fintech, Clothing & Lifestyle, Advertising & marketing – All of these verticals had at least 1 startup from the United Kingdom. We have listed down a few:


Pitch: Cybersecurity Comparison Website that makes buying security Quick, Simple & Affordable for small & medium businesses. Bringing back trust!
Industry: AI & Machine learning
Social Handles: Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook


Pitch: The global social network for people, companies, and nonprofits taking action on social and environmental issues. UN SDG-focussed.
Industry:  Social media & networking.
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Pitch: The Business Events Marketplace.
Industry:  Advertising, content & marketing
Social Handles: Twitter | Facebook


Pitch:  An emotional intelligence coaching app.
Industry: Lifestyle & fashion
Social Handles: Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook


Pitch: mashroom makes renting easy by connecting incoming and departing tenants directly, removing the need for agents.
Industry: Fintech
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Pitch:  Leading global mobility marketplace focusing on pre-booked airport transfers.
Industry: Travel & hospitality
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Startups from Italy

When it came to new ideas, Italy was not far behind. We saw more than 40 startups (alpha, beta and growth stages) exhibiting at Web Summit, Lisbon. Here are a few of those Italian startups at Web Summit:


Pitch: Maximising creator’s revenue through an exclusive, brand new, private social platform.
Industry: Entertainment & media
Social Handles: LinkedIn


Pitch: Meeters = Dating + Travel + Community 😉
Industry: Travel & hospitality
Social Handles: LinkedIn | Facebook

Athlos S.r.l.

Pitch: Athlos develops Artificial Intelligence technologies based on natural language.
Industry: AI & machine learning
Social Handles: TwitterFacebook

NUWA Technologies S.r.l.

Pitch: Innovative tech solutions and cloud services for Music Industry in order to become the reference point for anyone who lives on music.
Industry: Entertainment & media
Social Handles: Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook


Pitch: A decentralized fashion platform for a new economy that changes the relationship between consumers, service providers, and retailers.
Industry: Lifestyle & fashion
Social Handles: Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook


Pitch: The cloud platform for IT professionals to operate Wi-Fi networks with extreme levels of flexibility and no hardware lock-in.
Industry: Enterprise software solutions.
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Startups from France

Web summit 2019 witnessed 60+ startups exhibiting in Lisbon. From Travel & hospitality to Security, France had some really amazing startups at display. Here is a handful of them:

The Bar Corner

Pitch: Meet people into bars based on your profile. Order and pay with your smartphone. Designated as a top 5 French start-up. 30 countries covered.
Industry: Travel & hospitality
Social Handles: Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook


Pitch: Digital styling solution for fashion retailers: get your customers to purchase consciously by knowing what flatters & empowers them.
Industry: eCommerce & retail
Social Handles: LinkedIn

Cryptonext Security

Pitch: We protect your data against the quantum computer.
Industry: Security
Social Handles: LinkedIn


Pitch: Automated SaaS solution that completes your external technical vision of the information system by adopting the hacker’s point-of-view.
Industry: Enterprise software solutions
Social Handles: Twitter | LinkedIn


Pitch: Acquire the most engaged mobile users thanks to mobile advertising driven by AI.
Industry: Advertising, content & marketing
Social Handles: LinkedIn


Pitch: 1st web-based solution to bring a higher level of interactivity for virtual classrooms. How? By mimicking the human learning interactions.
Industry: Education
Social Handles: Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook

Startups from Portugal

There were close to 60 startups from Portugal who put up stalls at Web Summit, Lisbon. Portugal being the home country, had some of the best Big data, advertising & marketing startups at the tech exhibition. Here are some of the home country startups at the event:


Pitch: Ticolas makes it easy for businesses and consumers to order and get fresh flowers and plants delivered to their door.
Industry: eCommerce & retail
Social Handles: LinkedIn | Facebook


Pitch: A blockchain platform to manage open innovation challenges for organizations solved by a community of innovators.
Industry: Social media & networking
Social Handles: Twitter LinkedIn | Facebook

Sprint CV

Pitch: Do you hate updating CVs? We are here to make IT recruitment more efficient and automate all the processes around the CV.
Industry: HR & recruitment
Social Handles: LinkedIn | Facebook


Pitch: PackIOT is an Industry 4.0 software that allows manufacturing companies to easily get their production data and turn it into action.
Industry: Big data & analytics
Social Handles: LinkedIn


Pitch: Smart Offline Marketing Networks.
Industry: Advertising, content & marketing
Social Handles: Facebook


Pitch: Sikur is defining the future of secure communication. We believe that security is not only about platforms or systems but is a mindset.
Industry: Security
Social Handles: Twitter LinkedIn | Facebook

These were only a few startups from Europe that we mentioned. To get the full list of European startups at Web Summit 2019, fill-up the form below!

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