List Of Email Finder Tools

Top 21 Email Finder Tools to Help You Find Emails Online

Top 21 Email Finder Tools to Help You Find Emails Online

List of the top 21 best email finder tools

You may consider that finding an email address is like the last piece of the great puzzle that you are trying to solve. There are times where you know exactly who you want to contact with, but you lack the contact information for you to reach out to them.

Some of the prospects make their email publicly available on one of their profiles online, and thus, it’s easy to access them. But you need to do a little more digging in order to find email addresses for others, who you want to contact.

Every marketer continuously searches for an “Email Finder“, because when you have a bigger and updated email list, there pops up new customers and you are likely to generate more revenue for your business. It is quite common that everyone, once, tried to email a founder, or an investor, a friend from high school who’s long-lost or a very hard-to-reach CEO. It is extremely difficult to find out their email addresses and in the professional world, it affects the marketing and sales area on a large scale.

To make your work much easier, we have combed the web for the best email finding tools. Here is the definitive list of the top 21 best email finder tools to help you find emails online.

  1. Ampliz Sales Buddy
  2. Datanyze Insider
  3. Hiretual
  4. Lusha
  5. Sellhack
  6. Headreach
  7. AnyMail Finder
  8. Hunter
  9. Clearbit Connect
  10. Discoverly
  11. ContactOut
  12. Find That Email
  13. Prophet
  14. AeroLeads
  15. LeadGrabber
  16. Skrapp
  19. Advanced Twitter Search 
  20. Rapportive
  21. Rocket reach

1. Ampliz Sales Buddy – Email Finder Chrome Extension (Free plan: 10 credits per month)

Ampliz Sales Buddy

In just one click, You can find B2B email addresses, emails, contact numbers, and many more from Ampliz Sales buddy. Apart from providing the ones mentioned above, you can also easily find your prospect’s LinkedIn profile, view their company’s information and direct dials.

Ampliz Sales Buddy DEMO


The B2B data that is made available in this global data platform, completes a three-step verification process, and makes it the best email finder tool in the whole industry.

If you are finding :

(1) Contextual intelligence,

(2) Data intelligence,

(3) Lead’s contact information, and

(4) Custom prospect fit score, then hop in to Ampliz Sales buddy, to get your work done in no time.

2. Datanyze Insider (Free plan: 10 credits)

Email Finder Tool Datanyze

Datanyze Insider’s browser follows a neat and clear trick that lets you search and find email addresses by highlighting the name wherever it appears online.

This email finding tool then shows a variety of possible email addresses and figures out the one that matches the most with the search. It is not only a technological tool for marketing and sales, but Datanyze has a free Chrome extension that extracts email addresses for prospecting purposes, from the present web window. With a single click, you can export the new contacts to your Sheets, CRM and other sales email tools.

Ampliz is the best alternative of Datanyze Insider.

3. Hiretual (paid plans: $59 per month, Free: 15 credits per month)

Best Email Finder Tool Hiretual

Hiretual is a powerful Chrome extension that finds out email addresses, and also additional information like compensation range, experience and seniority level. It works across all the popular sites which includes Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

It also comes up with an AI sourcing facility. You can simply submit your tasks related to sourcing and leave the rest with an AI assistant, which will do the sourcing for you, while you can take a short nap or enjoy a cup of coffee.

Hiretual, being an email prospecting tool, helps you to find out prospect information from various social media channels.

The best alternative of Hiretual is AMPLIZ SALES BUDDY.

4. Lusha (paid plans: $25 per month, Free: 5 credits per month)

Find B2b Contact Lusha

Lusha targets on finding personal email addresses and serves as a better pathway to reach candidates other than their business emails. It not only provides email addresses but also provides contact numbers. You can use the free package of Lusha at the beginning. Lusha currently supports Gmail,  LinkedIn and Salesforce.

But If you compare Ampliz Sales Buddy with Lusha, Then Ampliz will be the winner. Ampliz Sales Buddy has approximately 99% of Accurate and Verified APAC and US Email lists.

5. Sellhack (paid plans: $19 per month, Free: 10 credits per month)


Sellhack is designed for sales terms and lets you find emails, build prospects and create lead lists. The features consist of an engine with 12-step verification and finds the top email addresses for you, in real time.

6. Headreach (paid plans: $19 per month, Free: 10 credits per month)


If you want to search for prospects by company or name aur website and job position, then Headreach has you covered. You can grab an email and social profile once you think that you have found a relevant candidate, and can add them to your contacts list.

7. AnyMail Finder (paid plans: £18 per month, Free: 20 credits per month)

Anymail FInder Tool

AnyMail Finder is a tool which can find emails in a bulk or on an individual basis. If you mention the name of your prospect and the website of their company, this tool will help you by guessing their email address and let you copy it in one click.

AnyMail Finder looks for millions and millions of web pages and executes direct server validation. And the best part is, they only charge you when they successfully verify the email address that you are probably looking for.

But if you are looking for Anymail finder alternative, Ampliz Sales Buddy will be the great choice in terms of Accuracy of Email Database.

8. Hunter (paid plans: $39 per month, Free: 150 credits per month)

Hunter Email Finder Tool

Hunter is another popular tool to help you find out any email address. It offers you a domain search, an email finder and email verification, where almost 95% of emails that are verified are deliverable.

Like for example, if you get in in a target domain, say, Twitter, then Hunter will bring you with all the verified emails that it can search for in that domain.

9. Clearbit Connect (paid plans: available on enquiry, Free: 40 credits per month)

Clearbit Connect Chrome Extension

Clearbit Connect is another extension that rests on your Gmail inbox and helps you to find a person’s email address directly from the compose screen. If you are not very familiar with Gmail or using Gmail, then Clearbit also provides you with a web browser as well.

10. Discoverly (free)

Discoverly Chrome Extension

Contexts stand as the ‘king’ when it rolls to candidate outreach and Discoverly is here to give you and the recruiters a better context, every time it is accessed.

The tool accumulates a person’s information from social media through Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and LinkedIn, and fills a tiny sidebar in the email inbox. If you want to find any email address, then the tool asks you to enter some possible email addresses, and eventually, Discoverly points out the most likely ones.

11. ContactOut (paid plans: available on enquiry, Free: 100 credits per month)

Contactout Chrome Extension

If you want to find out phone numbers and personal email addresses, then we bring before you ContactOut. This email finding tool triple verifies the email addresses and has a rating of 97% accuracy.

The company states that their extension has the capability to find a personal email for 65% in the Western world and is utilised by 30% of the Fortune 500.

12. FindThat.Email (paid plans: $29 per month)

Find That.Email is a very simple and easy marketing email finding tool that provides a higher accuracy rate. It goes through several cross-checks and uses data analytics to provide you with the best possible outcomes and results.

You just need the first and last names and the domain name, to get the email address that you are looking for. They have a Chrome extension as well, that works almost similarly if compared to other email finding tools. Find That.Email automatically pulls the email address when a visit is made to the prospect’s LinkedIn webpage.

You can upload email lists for verification and also create customised email lists. De supports Salesforce, Mailchimp, Pipedrive and Zoho CRM.

13. Prophet (paid plans: available on enquiry, Free: 15 credits per day)


This is another, very useful Chrome extension which helps to search social profiles, email addresses and phone numbers. It is noted that recently, it has stopped working on LinkedIn, but you can absolutely find candidate’s contact information on different websites.

14. AeroLeads (paid plans: $49 per month)

Aeroleads Email FInder

AeroLeads is a very popular email finding tool and works with many websites like AngelList, and LinkedIn, to find phone numbers as well as business emails when you enter a domain or prospective name to AeroLeads, it automatically checks for verified phone numbers and email addresses.

It is a very user-friendly software that operates in real-time and assures a 95% accuracy because the email addresses go through four levels of verification.

15. LeadGrabber (paid plans: available on enquiry, Free: 100 credits)


It is one of the best email finding tools. While using this tool to find email addresses, all you need to do is just entered the list of companies and it automatically rushes down to search LinkedIn, websites of different companies and Google for the names of VPs, CEOs and other different decision makers, and then fetches you a list of LinkedIn IDs, email addresses and phone numbers.

LeadGrabber also integrates with Salesforce. This tool gives you a total of 50 free records and after that for additional records, it costs $0.10.

16. Skrapp (paid plans: $39 per month, Free:150 emails search per month)


Skrapp is probably the most easy-to-use email finding tool among all the email finding tools available in the market. It is used by companies such as Adobe, Oracle, Siemens, Cisco and many more. It has a Chrome extension which is very handy, where it puts a Find Email button on the LinkedIn profile page of your prospect.

It allows you to share your current CSV leads databases and allows you to access the data from anywhere at any time. To allow faster workflow and flexibility for prospecting, you can sync the lead directory with your Email Service Provider and CRM.

17. Snovio (paid plans: $19 per month, Free: 100 credits per month)


The Chrome extension of Snovio makes your research much easier by helping you to find the prospect’s email address along with his or her job position and names, from various domains, and save many emails from LinkedIn profiles.

You can send emails as well to your list of prospects. If you use Snovio, you can check what are the different tech other businesses use and their marketplace allows you to connect to marketing experts, freelancers and employers.

18. (paid plans: $5 per month, Free: 30 day trial period) is an extension of Gmail that helps you to find anyone’s email address just using their domain name and their name.

Its targeted search is very efficient because it creates a collection of probable emails using the name and the domain name that is provided and runs each of the collection through their own mail verification that gives you the email address that you are searching for. helps you to find email addresses as well as lets you schedule emails that need to be sent later, merge emails, track emails and also set reminders.

19. Advanced Twitter Search (Free)

You can say that this is more of a trick and less of an email finding tool. People are always asked to give their email address on Twitter, almost the whole time.

The advanced search on Twitter allows you to find the last time a prospect responded to the request stated above. Search for the term “All these words” and put “at and dot”, enter the Twitter handle of the candidate in the “From these accounts” section. Do not use the word email or you just end up with a list of tweets based on the topic “email”.

20. Rapportive (Free)

Just like Discoverly, Rapportive presents before you everything that you need to keep a knowledge about the people inside your inbox and the increasing information from LinkedIn, in a very handy sidebar.

It necessarily does not find emails but there is a tricky way to get the work that you want to be done. Try to enter a few variations of the email of someone in “To” of the email composer page.

When it detects and you arrive at the email address you were searching for, it will automatically show in Rapportive. It is that simple!

21. Rocketreach (paid plans: $49 per month, Free: 5 credits per month)


You can use Rocketreach to find work and personal emails, full profile information and phone numbers from 50+ verified sites in just a single click. It has a database of above 250 million professionals, across more than 5 million companies.

The above mentioned list consists of the names of the best email finding tools. They serve as an efficient channel or way to discover emails very easily and take the stand to initiate conversations with various valuable contacts to expand and spread your network, increase sales and promote your brand.

There are many businesses which flourish initially, but down the way, face great difficulties, resulting in failing on all grounds, but with the email finding tools which are always at your service, you can achieve the greatest peaks of your business or the organisation that you are running. The best part of it is that it does not require a lot of work from your side and still, with just one click, you can access and reach whoever you want to through email addresses.

So, which one of the above mentioned email finders do you think suits you the best? Do you have other email finder tools?

If you do, then feel free to share with us. Till then, enjoy relaxing back and continue reaching heights.